11 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean

Do you dream of falling, of flying, or being unprepared for an exam? These are common dreams. Learn more about why you dream what you do.

Many of us share common dreams like the experience of falling, being in a car that you can’t control, or being chased by a bad person. Sometimes we experience the same type of dream over and over again. What do these common dreams mean?

Many people ignore their dreams and never realize what they could indicate or signal to them. Dreams can be much more meaningful than you may have thought about them.

Dreams can be seen as a way for your subconscious to give a message to you, and you should try to make the most of the message. Some dreams can be enjoyable, but others can be nightmares, and then some dreams seem to be meaningless.


    What do dreams mean?

    Here are 11 of the most common dreams people see and what they mean.

    1. Dreaming of Falling

    If you dream of falling, it is considered a warning signal from your subconscious.

    What it Can Mean
    Having such a dream means that you are already having a major issue in your life that may be associated with relationships, work, or other important things. The dream means that in your real life, you are hanging on tightly to something or a situation.

    What to Do
    It is recommended to relax and feel lighter about the pressing issues in your life. You should stop being too concerned about things and trust life to put everything into its natural place.

    It is worth noting that not all dreams of falling are negative. There are some dreams where you are in a slow falling motion. Such dreams indicate the act of letting something go.

    2. Dreaming of Being Naked

    Many times, you may dream of being naked and feeling embarrassed. You may dream of showing up to work or school without wearing anything. Nudity in dreams is often a way to an expression of emotional or psychological vulnerability.

    What it Can Mean
    Such dreams are more common in those who have got a new job or have received a promotion. To your subconscious, your clothes help you in presenting a specific image to those around you. When you dream of being naked in your dreams, it means that you are concerned about a situation in real life that makes you feel exposed, anxious, or vulnerable.

    What to Do
    If dreams of being naked disturb you often, you should start opening up to others in your professional and personal life. Your goal should be to show everyone your real talents.

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    3. Dreaming of Death or Dying

    If you dream of anything related to death, you may be thinking of terminating something in your life. This can be a job, a relationship, your past, or even changing your career. Dreams of death or dying shouldn’t be seen as negative. They can be meant to encourage you to cut off from something that has been concerning you and embark on something new. Such dreams are mostly related to some major changes in your life or changes required in your life. In simple terms, it means the end of something that has been bothering you for some time.

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    4. Dreaming of Flying

    Do you dream of flying? Such a dream can mean many things depending on your life situation.

    What it Can Mean

    • According to one interpretation, it encourages you to let go of the concerning issues that currently exist in your life.
    • Flying in dreams can also mean that you have an out of control situation in your life.
    • Another interpretation is that you have left behind certain situations or situations in your life that have had been a burden for you for some time.

    How well you can fly in your dream has something to do with your control over the key issues in your life. It can also indicate how confident you are in achieving your goals. You may dream of flying low or getting caught in things, or you may fly high and have an ecstatic dream. A flying dream may feel to be a liberating experience. It often appears when you have taken a big decision to get rid of a burden.

    5. Dreaming of Out of Control Vehicle

    You may dream of any vehicle that is out of control. And the interpretations can be as varied. A vehicle in a dream represents your ability to progressing and achieving your goals. You may be controlling a car, train, two-wheeler, ship, or airplane. Driving a vehicle in a dream means that you are envisioning yourself getting to your destination.

    What it Can Mean

    • One interpretation of driving an out of control vehicle are that you don’t feel that you have the desired control over that path you have chosen.
    • Another interpretation is that you are struggling with a bad habit that may turn into a big problem in the long run.
    • The lack of control can also mean that you are facing obstacles in your path to success.

    What to Do
    What should you do if you are dreaming of a vehicle that is not fully in your control? It is recommended not to emphasize the importance of over control of any situation in your life. You should relax your hold on situations and let your basic instincts steer things in the right direction.

    6. Appearing Unprepared for an Exam

    This is a common dream where you find yourself appearing unprepared for an exam or test. What college student hasn’t experienced these types of common dreams? Dreaming of exams is related to how you judge your own performance in real life. It is often considered that such dreams are more common to people who are categorized more or less as perfectionists and set a high standard for their life and endeavors.

    Such a dream can be seen as a reminder that you should stay alert. If you are an adult, it can draw a comparison between both school and a job. This is especially because stress is an integral part of both situations. So this kind of dream can be seen to be related to stress.

    What to Do
    If you dream of appearing unprepared in exams, you should change your perception of self-examination. Accept all your talents and knowledge and stop judging yourself.

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    7. Dreaming of Partner Cheating

    Many people dream of their partner cheating on them and interpret it as a genuine threat in their real life. Interestingly, such dreams don’t refer to actual cheating by your partner. The interpretation is entirely different. You can have cheating dreams when your partner spends a lot of time and attention on something else that doesn’t involve you. At the same time, it can also be triggered by the factor that there is a lack of trust in your relationship.

    What it Can Mean
    The simplest meaning of such a dream is that there is something that is hampering your relationship – something that is not allowing you to make the most of your companionship together. It can be work, sport or some other engagement.

    What to Do
    If you are dreaming of your partner cheating on you, you shouldn’t confront and accuse them. Instead, you should find the underlying cause that keeps them away from you or draws their attention away. The cause may even be your own engagement with something – sports, TV, work, studies, or something else. You should find more time for each other.

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    8. Dreaming of Being Chased

    If you dream of being chased, you shouldn’t take it as a nightmare. It means that you have been trying to evade a problem or a thing that has had been lurking in your mind. Such a dream encourages you to face that problem. This is one of the most common dreams people have.

    What it Can Mean
    The fear of such a dream doesn’t come from being chased, but from the thing, you are running from. Such dreams are more common in women.

    What to Do
    Chase dreams should be seen as a wakeup call to face the problems or concerns in your life. It can also mean that you are avoiding a challenging opportunity and should take initiatives to pursue your goals.

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    9. Dreaming of Teeth Falling Out

    If you dream of your teeth falling out, it means that something has happened in your life that has caused you to lose your confidence. Your teeth are a sign of your confidence. However, this dream has other interpretations too. According to another school of thought, dreaming of falling teeth can refer to a broken relationship.

    Another interpretation claims that when women have such dreams, it indicates the fulfillment of a wish. In the case of men, it may be related to the fulfillment of sexual desire.

    Dreaming of teeth falling out can also mean that you have said something in your real life that you regret having said. It means that you allowed something to fall out of your mouth – something that shouldn’t have been done. If you dream of your teeth breaking, it means that you are not confident that you made your point effectively in a real-life argument. It can also be related to when you didn’t say anything when you think you should have.

    What to Do
    If the dream seems to be related to your confidence levels, you should think calmly about the relevant facts. Please take it as a challenge to improve the concerning aspects of your life. If it is related to what you said in real life, you should improve your communication skills.

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    10. Dreaming of Not Finding a Toilet

    This is another common dream that makes many people feel bad or embarrassing. If you dream of being unable to find a toilet, you cannot clearly express your basic needs in real life. This is because toilets refer to some of the most basic human needs.

    What to Do
    The simplest thing you can do to address such dreams is to spend more effort and time taking care of your own needs. It is great if you take care of other’s needs, but you can always do so after having addressed your own.

    11. Dreaming of Coming Across an Unused Room

    Dreaming of finding an unused room means that you are finding new talents in yourself. Rooms in dreams are parts of your own character. There is nothing negative about such a dream.

    What to Do
    If you are seeing such dreams, you should spend more time exploring your hidden talents. It is highly likely that you will discover new things about yourself.

    These are some of the most common dreams that people see. If you see these dreams, make sure to interpret their meaning. These dreams often give you signs about important aspects of your life and point to opportunities where you can improve.


    The most common dreams

    These are just some of the common dreams that many experiences. Consider creating a dream journal where you track your dream activity for an extended period of time. Look for reoccurring dreams and revisit this article to dive into their meaning.

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    By Mike O’Halloran

    Mike is a writer and co-founder of ListCaboodle.


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