Math Riddles

With these math riddles, we put some fun into a subject that some folks find to be a bit dry. Math is the subject that many kids need some additional assistance or tutoring on. The subject matter can be difficult. In most cases, kids

Science Riddles: Good, Hard, Best

RiddleBees™ Science Riddles for Kids provide a great way for kids to learn about science while having fun in the process. From the planets to concepts like gravity, we've got our future scientists covered. Read the questions out loud to

Brain Teasers For Kids

Three brain teasers for kids per card and nine cards translates to 27 stumpers for you to put your best thinking and creativity to the test. See how many you can get right and look at our grading curve at the end. Trying to answer brain

Black History Facts Quiz

For this Black History Facts Quiz, we're going to play a little game called, "Who am I?" The clues will provide background information on notable black history figures. Your task is to identify the person. There are 27 "Who Am I"

Funny Jokes For Kids

Looking for the best funny jokes for kids? We’ve got them for you. Kids of all ages will love these family-friendly jokes. The silly humor in these jokes will bring a laugh and a smile to your children’s faces. Tell them one and they’ll

Mnemonic Device Challenge

Our Mnemonic Device Challenge will put your memory to test. If you know the devices, this quiz will be a snap. If not, in addition to learning answers to commonly asked pieces of knowledge, you'll also learn easy ways to remember them.

Famous Women Riddles

This collection of famous women riddles will teach you about some of the accomplishments of notable women from history. From days gone by to modern times, learn about women who made a difference. These riddles are great for impromptu

Best Dorothy Parker Quotes, Sayings, Lines

ListCaboodle presents a look at the best Dorothy Parker quotes and sayings from her lifetime. Dorothy Parker is best known for her witty takes and sometimes stinging critiques of 20th-century culture and society. Her legacy

Thank You Nurses – Quotes, Captions, Messages

In these challenging times we look to those who are doing the hard work on the front lines at hospitals and clinics and say with heartfelt conviction, "Thank you nurses for all that you do!". In that spirit, we have assembled a list of