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If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, the Bizarre category might be right where you want to be. A couple of our favorites are the Zombie Survival Guide Important Facts article and 10 Scary Urban Legends to Make You Tremble. Really, there’s something for everyone here. But, you just might not want to share these topics with youngsters or read a lot of these just before bedtime.

The topics range from frightening commutes to famous sideshow performers, and just about everything in between. If reading about strange people, odd habits, and weird wonders of nature is something you can get your head around, well, look no further.

What is it that attracts people to the unusual and bizarre? There seems to be some basic instinct for people to want to see and experience things that not everyone else has the opportunity to view. P.T. Barnum recognized this. He collected and then exhibited a collection of human oddities. His collection included foreign curiosities, historical artifacts, animal oddities, and more. It started more or less like a sideshow, but quickly grew to become “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Why? People liked the experience and were willing to pay for it.

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