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Maybe you have interests in thrifting and finding hidden treasures. We’ve got you covered. You’ll find fascinating tales of people uncovering all sorts of valuable finds in the most unexpected places.

Or maybe you have a curious mind and are wondering where a certain word comes from. Check out the articles covering Idiom Origins or the cheeky look at Strange Body Part Names. You may or may not learn something new, but you’ll definitely walk away with some useless trivia to drop on your friends.

History lovers will enjoy our list articles with a nod to the past. Learn more about the little-known facts of World War II and identify the most Famous American Flags. There is truly something for everyone in the Cool Stuff category of ListCaboodle!

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Do a Barrel Roll and 16 Amazing Google Easter Eggs

Who doesn't like some great Google Easter eggs? It’s said that over time, every company’s offerings reflect the make-up of their workforce. You get the sense that the folks who work at Google have a sense of humor, enjoy knowledge, and are

11 Most Common Dreams and What They Mean

Many of us share common dreams like the experience of falling, being in a car that you can't control, or being chased by a bad person. Sometimes we experience the same type of dream over and over again. What do these common dreams mean?

37 Common Idiom Origins and Fun Facts

This list of 37 common idiom origins will shed light on some very familiar sayings. These expressions have been used for centuries, but you may not have known why they came to be or the history behind each saying. Origins for familiar