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Human Food Dogs Can Eat

Wondering what human foods dogs can eat? Think twice before sharing your lunch with your dog. You may be doing more harm than good when it comes to Fido's long-term health. And, as always, check with your dog's vet to get expert advice.

Understanding Dogs and Canine Behavior

Understanding dogs requires a little study. Everybody knows what dogs are like. But not everybody knows why dogs are like that. Well, what if dogs could tell you the doggone truth about themselves. The facts might surprise you.

What is Bitcoin, How it Works and Risk

What is Bitcoin? It’s seemingly everywhere. You’ve read the headlines, heard the news, and might even know something about the cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Let’s shore up that knowledge with 13 questions and answers that will provide you

How Kawaii Has Affected the Japan Design Culture

Most people are familiar with "Hello Kitty," but draw a blank when it comes to the term "Kawaii." The creation of the Hello Kitty cartoon by Sanrio was a big contributor to the rise of the Japanese Kawaii tradition and Kawaii characters.

Onion Quotes, Tips, Health Benefits, Fun Facts

Onion quotes are not always given the level of attention they deserve. We've assembled a fun and interesting list of quotes about the vegetable that provides so much value to so many meals. It's easy to take for granted the ubiquitous

Your Guide to Picking the Perfect Pepper

Whether you like the kick of hot pepper or you prefer a more gentle heat, it pays to know your peppers. There's a big difference between a banana pepper and ghost pepper. Of the thousands of varieties of peppers, each has its own