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The People category follows celebrities, actors, musicians, scientists, comedians and artists of all kinds. Current and up-and-coming stars like Maisie Williams and Billy Eilish are a favorite subject matter in this corner of ListCaboodle. You’ll also find well-known historical figures like Leonardo da Vinci and Mark Twain covered here.

And you won’t just find standard biographies in the People category like some sites. We go in-depth with behind-the-scenes information. Much of it is presented in a popular frequently-asked-questions format. Or you may be interested in the odd behaviors of a celebrity’s life. What were they really like? We reveal their hidden secrets.

Looking to take a deep dive into a celebrity’s background? Or do you just have a specific question you are looking to get answered? The People section of ListCaboodle is where you want to be. Check back often for updates and new additions. We are frequently updating and adding new content.

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Since her career began in 1986, Jennifer Lopez has become an icon when it comes to her work as a singer, dancer, and actress as well as her incredible body and looks. Understandably so, as she looks just as good as she did 20 years ago.

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Mark Twain was one of America's first celebrities, known for his biting wit and irascible personality—not to mention his iconic white suit and ever-present cigar. Discover fifteen of the many Mark Twain secrets and surprising facts here!

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Leonardo da Vinci was a master of observation. He had very little formal education as an illegitimate child growing up in Vinci, Italy. In order to satisfy his ever-curious mind, he learned to observe the world around him. He'd watch