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One of our favorite topics here at ListCaboodle is Words. After all, this site is built on words. We love them so much, we often organize them into tidy and satisfying lists.

The Words category features all kinds of words from all kinds of sources. You’ll find quotes, toasts, and sayings from famous, infamous and historically-important figures. Or maybe you are looking for the proper toast to finish your best man or bridesmaid speech at your best friend’s wedding. There are even lists of funny dating quotes and pick up lines that are good for a laugh from the toughest of customers.

Those looking for inspiring quotes and sayings may enjoy the passionate and artful thoughts in Frida Kahlo Quotes. Or check out some of the wise sayings in the list article of Famous Chinese Proverbs.

Here are some of our favorite lists in the Words category. We think you’ll find them both interesting and entertaining.

1.) Short Toasts and Sayings
2.) Famous Songs with Lists in the Lyrics
3.) Girl Power Quotes

This category in particular is an example of the power of the list. Most people who are searching for a certain quote on a given topic or a sentimental toast to cheer the new bride and groom will find it easy to scan these lists and find exactly what they need quickly.

We strive to be a useful, fun, and informative tool in finding the information  you need, when you need it. Thanks for checking out the ListCaboodle website – enjoy!

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