Creative Social Distancing Hacks

Tips to help you not only survive, but also thrive in these times.

These social distancing hacks are especially for those of you who found the first couple of days staying home fun, but now, you are running out of things to do.

In these days of voluntary and required quarantines, it helps to have a plan of attack to keep yourself in good spirits, good health, and the right frame of mind. Here are a few things that our friends like to do to stay sane and feel good about themselves.

13 Social Distancing Hacks

From the computer world where a hack means a creative solution or work-around to a computing problem, the term is now applied to non-computing challenges. Think of these hacks as creative ideas and shortcuts to make the most of your time social distancing.

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1.) Virtual happy hour with Quarantini’s

Do you have lots of family members spread out across the country (or world)? What better way to connect in these times than to have a virtual happy hour once a week via Face Time.

The drink of choice is the Quarantini.

What’s in a Quarantini?

.> A shot of vodka or gin.

.> 1/3 a shot of Lillet Blanc (a slightly bitter and sweet orange taste)

.> A dash of orange bitters.

.> Stir and strain. Add a lemon twist.

Beer, soda, or water also work for your virtual happy hours. The whole idea is to get a group of family members or friends together at the same time, see each others’ faces, converse, update each other, and have fun!

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2.) Walking and biking — social distancing hacks

Getting some exercise checks off a few boxes. It burns some calories off, is great for improving one’s mood, and makes you feel connected to others. The paths at the local parks are much more crowded now than pre-virus, so keep that six feet of distance. But, don’t be afraid to say hi to neighbors. Bonus points for you if you can take your dog out on a walk.


3.) Zoom video conferences for book club meetings

Don’t let the social distancing stop your book club activity. Get together via a Zoom video conference, discuss your chosen book, and carry on like a regular get-together. Each member is responsible for their own food and drink. Hey, it’s possible to get a lot done by video-conferencing. Business people know that. So, should book club members.

4.) Online museum tours and virtual concerts

Several museums offer virtual tours to enrich your art knowledge and appreciation. Check out the British Museum (London) virtual tour. Or, check out the Guggenheim’s collection. Or, one of my favorites, the Musee d’Orsay (Paris).

In terms of virtual concerts, lots of performers including Lizzo, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Johnny Legend to Garth Brooks are offering virtual concerts. Check Twitter and Google for up to date schedules.

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5.) Netflix Party — group watching app

Check out this Netflix Party app that enables you to synchronize video playback of a movie on Netflix and provides a group chat room. Have a long-distance movie night with friends from all over the world. How cool is that?

Do you need to put your love life on hold during the stay-at-home days? Nope. What about a virtual Netflix movie date? Don’t have a date? Check out our social distancing pick up lines?

6.) Support your local restaurants — social distancing hacks

We all know that local restaurants are going through a very difficult time. Take out or delivery orders may help your local favorites stay in business. If you can, support them. And, tip generously.

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7.) Instacart for grocery shopping

Instacart provides same-day delivery of your groceries from some of your favorite stores like Costco, CVS, and local grocery stores. When you’re hunkering down, Instacart can be a game-changer, especially for elderly or high-risk customers.

8.) Neighborhood 10-foot pole gathering

To keep in touch with your neighbors, have some fun by meeting out in the street, cul-de-sac, or park, but keep a safe distance. You can still hear people from 10 feet away. Bring some megaphones and have some fun with it.

9.) Home gardening — social distancing hacks

Spring is gardening time. Get a jump on planting season by starting some plant off indoors (if you’re living in a long-winter area of the country). Gardening is a great activity to reduce anxiety — and we all could use a little less anxiety in these times.


10.) Scholastic and homeschooling

Scholastic’s Learn at Home program provides 20 days worth of learning activities for students unable to attend their regular schools. Way to step up your game, Scholastic.

11.) Get away from your screens — social distancing hacks

With watching news updates on the world situation, Netflix, and computer screens, your eyes need a break. Let’s call it screen distancing. Give your eyes some well-deserved time off. Try not to watch any monitor for an hour after you wake up and an hour before you go to bed. Your eyes will thank you.

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12.) Grocery shop at the right times

First of all, there’s no shortage of food. Folks are just eating it at different locations — mostly at home.

If you’re looking for a good time to go grocery shopping, early to mid-morning on weekdays is usually pretty good for stores being recently restocked. Or, Friday and Saturday nights typically have low traffic.

13.) Meditation, yoga, and pray — social distancing hacks

In difficult times, take time to take care of yourself. Lots of at-home time usually means you can carve away some time for self-reflection. Meditation and yoga are great exercises to ease tension. Prayers are needed now more than ever. Look for group prayer activities led by the Pope and churches by Googling the topic or checking Facebook.

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Coping by implementing social distancing hacks

My high school teacher used to always say, “Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.” How long this stay-at-home world continues is a bit of guessing game. Try to make the best of the situation. Are there home projects that you’ve never got around to? Now is the time!

A friend of mine just painted her bathroom. Another friend is finally getting around to taxes (or, what he calls “Hell Week.”) What else can you do? Organize your garage. Spring cleaning. Read that long book you never got around to. Or, let the kids test drive a Zamboni on ice. The options are limitless.

Remember, if the way to win this battle for most people is to stay home and watch TV, is your country asking that much of you? It’s not the event, but how you respond to the event. Be creative. Have fun. Be safe.

— Mike O’Halloran

Mike writes about pop culture, sports, and history. He’s the co-founder of Listcaboodle.


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