RiddleBees™ Original Game

Introducing: RiddleBees — The fun question and answer game!

Get over 200 riddles, brainteasers, and jokes to challenge kids ages 8-12 years old with this 40-page PDF download. Each page of the PDF features approximately six RiddleBees questions with fun colors and graphics.

RiddleBees cover
The RiddleBees PDF contains 40 pages of fun and learning!

Trivia and quiz game for kids

Kids can play by themselves, or a teacher or parent can play the role of a game show host and read each question out loud. RiddleBees are great for car rids, post-dinner time conversations, and for classrooms.

For teachers, if you have a few minutes before lunch or recess, asking your class a few of these questions can make a great transition. Play as little or as much as you’d like.

The best part: kids have fun while they learn!

RiddleBees™ Original Topics & Sample Questions

This edition includes brain teasers, idioms, Black Americans who am I? riddles, jokes, mnemonic devices, famous women quiz, and animal riddles.


1.) Brain Teasers
2.) Idioms
3.) Who Am I? Famous Black Americans
4.) Kid Jokes
5.) Mnemonic Devices
6.) Who Am I? Famous Women
7.) Animal Riddles

Brain Teasers page
You can print out the PDF on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper or use on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
Animal Riddles
Learn about all kinds of animals with these Animal Riddles!

Each page of the PDF document features question cards. Read just one card or tackle them all!

Pages of the PDF generally include six RiddleBees. The document is designed to be printed on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

RiddleBees -350

RiddleBees™ PDF Instant Download – Price: $7.99

RiddleBees How to Play — Preparation

To begin, you have two options:

1.) Print Option: Print out the playing cards (all of the content of this PDF) on a printer. Please note that you should designate the landscape or horizontal page setting so that two cards print out per page. Print out the entire document and staple them together in order.

2.) Smartphone Option: Access the PDF from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Pull up the first card on your screen and read the questions aloud.

RiddleBees Gameplay (1-20 players)

This is a question and answer game that at its simplest level can be played alone, or with a handful of friends, or with a big group or class.

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Ways To Play RiddleBees — Game Options

1.) Teacher Quick Hitter

When you have a few minutes of transition time, perhaps before lunch or recess, instead of starting something more involving, play the Shout Out game with one or several cards.

2.) Shout Out Game

With a small or big group of players, designate one person to read the question and the first person to give the right answer wins that round. The winner takes over reading the question. Whoever answers the first five questions correctly wins.

3.) Play for Fun

Don’t keep track of the correct responses and just rotate the reader of the questions. It’s less competitive, but you learn just as much!

4.) Play by Yourself

Read the questions to yourself and try to answer correctly. Fold part of the page or use a separate piece of paper to block the answers. See how many you can answer correctly on each card.

5.) Boredom Buster

When kids are on that long car ride or in the waiting room at the dentist’s office, pull out a few of these cards and quizzes them directly.

6.) Play the “RiddleBee” Game

Play just like a spelling bee with three or more people. Select one reader of the questions. It could be a teacher, a parent, a family member, or a friend. Contestants line up and a question is read to the first player. If that player answers correctly, they stay in the game and go to the back of the line.

If not, that player is out of the game and play continues with the second contestant. Play proceeds until only one player is left. This player is deemed the winner of the Riddle Bee!


RiddleBees™ PDF Instant Download – Price: $7.99

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