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About ListCaboodle: What’s with the name?

The name ListCaboodle is derived from combining the word “list” with “caboodle.” While most everyone knows the meaning of the list, the word caboodle is not as well known. Caboodle comes from an expression used in the United States in the 1800s, “The whole kit and caboodle.”

Kit refers to a soldier’s kit for keeping personal items and means a collection of items. Caboodle originally meant a large group of people. It evolved to mean a large amount of something, a group. It is sometimes spelled with a “k” and looks like this: “kaboodle.”

So, by our way of thinking, “ListCaboodle” means many lists, which we think describes our humble website pretty well.

A couple of years back, we discovered that many of the articles and posts we were reading from our favorite websites followed a similar format. Articles like “33 Ways to Save on Taxes,” “17 Tips to Impress your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day,” and “13 Hacks to Save Money Around the House” looked a lot alike format-wise. Numbered lists were popular.

All about lists

What makes the list format so interesting? Well, this format makes for an easy read. If you don’t like one of the numbered items, it’s simple to skip over it and proceed to the others. It’s a way of feeding your brain a lot of facts in a short amount of time. And, with numbered list articles, at any point in the reading process, you have a sense as to how much longer you need to keep reading to finish the article. It’s like walking around a small lake. You have a general sense of how far you’ve come and how far you have left to go.

So, we came up with the concept of a website that just featured lists. Why fight the trend?

We weren’t just going to have a sprinkling of list articles, but virtually every post would feature the format. The unifying element of the site would be the list concept.

Now, on our navigational menu, we break down the lists into groupings like people, entertainment, lifestyle, cool stuff, history, words (which might include quotes, toasts, or something related to the written word), bizarre, business, and travel.

Upon introducing our website to the general public, the response has been incredibly positive. People love lists! Here are some of our favorites on our site:

The following list describes some of the content you’ll find here at Listcaboodle.com. We are always updating and adding new lists, so check back often.

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Top ten facts about listcaboodle.com

Listcaboodle features:

1.) Interesting articles.

2.) Funny, unusual, and notable lists.

3.) Top ten lists—and sometimes more!

4.) A great way to kill time at work.

5.) Tools to sharpen your trivia knowledge.

6.) A quick source for learning something new.

7.) Bizarre and unusual lists.

8.) Historical facts and hearsay.

9.) Entertaining lists.

10.) The whole kit and caboodle!

Here’s our privacy policy.


The content of this website, including any published lists, articles, and comments, are not the views or opinions of ListCaboodle.com or its staff. ListCaboodle.com is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the material presented on this site and will not accept liability for such content. Reliance on information posted on ListCaboodle.com is done at your own risk.


The goal of our lists is to inform and entertain. We hope you enjoy our series of lists that are continually expanding. Please check back frequently to see the latest and greatest. To contact ListCaboodle, please use the email on the Contact Us page.


Mike O’Halloran & Greg Johnson, ListCaboodle co-founders

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