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Funny Jokes For Kids

Looking for the best funny jokes for kids? We’ve got them for you. Kids of all ages will love these family-friendly jokes. The silly humor in these jokes will bring a laugh and a smile to your children’s faces. Tell them one and they’ll

Mnemonic Device Challenge

Our Mnemonic Device Challenge will put your memory to test. If you know the devices, this quiz will be a snap. If not, in addition to learning answers to commonly asked pieces of knowledge, you'll also learn easy ways to remember them.

Famous Women Riddles

This collection of famous women riddles will teach you about some of the accomplishments of notable women from history. From days gone by to modern times, learn about women who made a difference. These riddles are great for impromptu

Animal Riddles For Kids

These animal riddles for kids will put your knowledge of the animal kingdom to the test. Great for car rides, dinner time, or when you have a few extra minutes in the classroom. Children will learn unique and fun traits about animals

Tiger Fun Facts And Trivia

Our tiger fun facts will give you some perspective on the national animal of India, South Korea, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. Tigers are all the rage these days with the popularity of Netflix’s Tiger King. The biggest of the cat species,

15 Fun Halloween Songs for Kids and Parties

These fun Halloween songs for kids will set the mood for any spook-tacular occasion. They are perfect for costume parties, trick-or-treat events or just jamming to a great haunting tune. The 15 Best Halloween Songs for Kids Kids

Girl Power Quotes: Inspiring, Empowering Words

These girl power quotes cover a wide range of thoughts, ideas, and advice on what it means to be a strong woman. You'll find thoughtful messages of inspiration and hope for all women, but especially for young girls looking for words of

15 Cool Optical Illusions Videos

Optical illusions are usually two-dimensional images that “trick” our eyes into seeing something that isn’t really there. This is because our eyes have evolved to function in the three-dimensional world we live in. We are constantly making

Unique Cat Names Kids Will Love

Unique cat names add a little pizzazz to your feline head of the household. We've compiled some great lists below. One of the fun things to do when you get a new kitten or cat is to involve your children in coming up with unique cat

Funny Dog Videos For Kids – 10 To Make Them Smile

Kids love to watch funny dog videos because of all the unexpected things dogs do. These ten funny dog videos feature cute dogs and puppies doing all sorts of entertaining things—from playing to talking to just being adorable. Funny dog