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Great Lakes Quiz for Kids

A Great Lakes Quiz to test your knowledge of these freshwater lakes on or near the Canada/U.S. border? Ok, we’ll give it a go. Along the way, you might learn a thing or two about the importance of these lakes that connect to the

Mississippi River Quiz For Kids

A Mississippi River Quiz for Kids? Bring it on. The Mississippi River is the best-known river in our nation. Why is this so? Books have been written on it, and songs have been sung about it. It could be because it cuts right through the

Units of Time

Units of time and the whole concept of tracking time are important to people for different reasons. A baker must know how long to keep her bread in the oven. A parent has to have a good understanding when his son is coming home from

47 Funny Elephant Jokes

This collection of funny elephant jokes is big. Perhaps it's only fitting that the biggest land animal - the elephant - should have a grand collection of humorous jokes, riddles, captions, and puns. And, after you've reviewed the jokes,

Funny Pirate Jokes

Aye, aye, me mateys, are you ready for some funny pirate jokes? Truth be told, pirates weren't very nice people. They committed criminal violence upon others with the goal of stealing cargo and worse. But, for some reason, jokes about

Animals In Children’s Books Trivia Quiz

The Children's Books Trivia Quiz is fun for kids of all ages! Animals in kids' books go together like peanut butter and jelly. Children can really relate to animal characters given human-like qualities. And, the characters can