Animals In Children’s Books Trivia Quiz

The Children’s Books Trivia Quiz is fun for kids of all ages!

Animals in kids’ books go together like peanut butter and jelly. Children can really relate to animal characters given human-like qualities. And, the characters can frequently become perennial favorites.

Let’s see how much you and your kids know about animal characters from notable children’s books.

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Animals in children’s books – 27 questions and answers

Fun children's books trivia

1.) What type of animal was Babar in the famous French children’s book series?

2.) What monkey was a friend of the man in the yellow hat? Hint: This monkey can’t seem to stop getting into trouble.

3.) Everyone knows that Charlotte was the spider in Charlotte’s Web, but what was the name of the pig?

ANSWERS: 1.) An Elephant 2.) Curious George 3.) Wilbur

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Animals in kids' books quiz

4.) What type of animal does the two-inch high boy, Stuart Little, look like?

5.) This character wears a blue jacket with brass buttons and has three sisters named Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail. He’s made a habit of sneaking into Mr. McGregor’s garden to eat his vegetables. Who is he?

6.) This royal animal is in the title of C.S. Lewis’s book that also includes “The Witch and the Wardrobe.” What animal is it?

ANSWERS: 4.) A Mouse 5.) Peter Rabbit 6.) The Lion

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7.) What is the name of the donkey in Winnie the Pooh books?

8.) In Kenneth Grahame’s classic book The Wind in the Willows, there are four main characters: Mole, Ratty, Badger, and this animal. Who is the missing animal?

9.) What type of animal is Black Beauty in the famous children’s book?

ANSWERS: 7.) Eeyore 8.) Toad 9.) A Horse

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Children’s books trivia quiz

Animals in kids' book quiz

10.) This slippery slope of a book tells of the escalating outcomes of giving a cookie to this type of animal. What animal is it?

11.) This fictional animal in Alice in Wonderland, named Chessur, is known for its mischievous grin. What type of animal is it?

12.) What’s the name of the fictional, friendly bear from darkest Peru who wears an old red had, blue duffel coat and carries an old suitcase? Hint: He loves marmalade.

ANSWERS: 10.) The Mouse from “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” 11.) A Cat. Specifically, the Cheshire Cat 12.) Paddington Bear

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Children's books trivia quiz: Dr Seuss question

13.) This fictional rat dreams of being a gourmet chef. What’s the rat’s name?

14.) What type of animal is Bambi from the noted children’s book?

15.) This Dr. Seuss character wears a red and white-striped hat and a red bow tie. What character is it? Hint: A type of animal starts his name.

ANSWERS: 13.) Ratatouille 14.) A Deer 15.) Cat in the Hat

Caterpillar quiz question

16.) The insect featured in this book is “very hungry” and turns into a butterfly? What type of insect is it?

17.) In the book “Guess How Much I Love You”, a father and son discuss their love for each other. What type of animals are the father and son?

18.) In this book, the lead character Simba has an uncle named Scar. What book is it?

ANSWERS: 16.) The Caterpillar from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book” 17.) Hares 18.) The Lion King

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Kids book trivia

19.) What type of animal is featured in the popular children’s book Corduroy?

20.) What animal does Hiccup attempt to train in his journey of “Becoming a Hero, the Hard Way”?

21.) What type of animal is Baloo in The Jungle Book?

ANSWERS: 19.) A Bear (a Teddy Bear) 20.) The Dragon from “How To Train Your Dragon” 21.) A Sloth Bear

Animals in children's books quiz

22.) In the book “The Little Red Hen,” the hen sets about doing all the work to bake a product because the other animals do not help. What is the food item that many folks eat daily?

23.) I’m a type of fish who tells a story about sharing and selfishness. What type of fish am I? Hint: Leprachauns look for me in hopes of finding gold.

24.) Cruella Deville is the villain in this kidnapping story. What is the name of the book (and movie)?

ANSWERS: 22.) Bread 23.) The Rainbow Fish 24.) 101 Dalmations

Quiz your kids! Children’s books trivia

Take the children's books trivia quiz

25.) The title character’s pet dog is named Genevieve. What is the name of the title character? Hint: She and Genevieve may walk “in two straight lines.”

26.) Do you know my name? I’m giant-sized and red in color. Yes, I’m a dog and Emily Elizabeth looks after me. Who am I?

27.) “Make Way For Ducklings” tells the story of some famous mallard ducks that live in this city. What city am I?

ANSWERS: 25.) Madeline 26.) Clifford 27.) Boston

So how did you do in the Animals in Children’s Books Trivia Quiz? Our experts say if you got 20 or more correct, you are a star student with excellent reading comprehension and recall!

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By Greg Johnson | Published 3/16/2021