Benjamin Franklin’s List of 13 Virtues

At the tender age of 20, Benjamin Franklin wrote down a system to develop his character. Benjamin Franklin’s List of 13 Virtues was listed in The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin’s quest to be a better person led to a set of

Things a 12-Year-Old Should Know

There are certain things a 12-year-old should know. A good parent tries to expose their children to new and different experiences. Over the course of early and middle childhood, a kid picks up a lot from living in a household. We've

Tricky Number Sequence Puzzles Game

Our list of number sequence puzzles will put curious minds to the test. Long a favorite of math teachers, sequence puzzles not only give your math abilities a workout but also your pattern recognition and critical thinking skills. To

Music of the 1960s Pop Quiz

In this pop quiz on 1960s music, we test your knowledge of music lyrics of some billboard chart-toppers. Songs from The Temptations, Van Morrison, and Johnny Cash are featured, plus plenty of others. Sure, you might remember the tune

7 YouTube Videos That Can Save You $500

YouTube videos are a source that more and more do-it-yourselfers — and even the not-so-handy — are turning to in order to fix everyday problems with their home, appliances, cars, phones, and computers. In the past, unless you were handy

Inspirational Volodymyr Zelensky Quotes

These Volodymyr Zelensky quotes showcase the leader of Ukraine’s grit, courage, and leadership. With Russia’s unwarranted invasion of his country, Volodymyr Zelensky was thrust into a position of leading his country in their heroic

17 Funny St. Patrick’s Day Jokes For Kids

These 17 St. Patrick’s Day jokes for kids are the perfect way to add some fun and humor to the classroom, dinner table, or car ride. You’ll find some of the traditional sources of Irish humor like leprechauns, shamrocks, and the wearing

Most Romantic Outlander Scenes

The most romantic Outlander scenes showcased below are a big reason for the show’s popularity. Outlander is a story of an English nurse, Claire Randall, living in 1945. While on her honeymoon with Frank Randall, she mysteriously travels

Semordnilap: Definition, List of Examples, Fun Facts

A semordnilap is a word like pan that when spelled backward make a different word – in this case, nap. On the other hand, words spelled backward that form the exact same word, e.g. level backward is level, are called palindromes.

Wordle Word Game: How To Play and Strategy

The omnipresent Wordle game seemingly came out of nowhere. Perhaps you’ve seen Wordle scoreboards on friends’ Facebook posts, in texts, on Twitter, or even the New York Times. The graphic Wordle image showcases a series of grey, yellow,