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Our purpose

Listcaboodle brings its readers lists that entertain, educate and answer questions. We are more than just a top 10 site. You’ll find in-depth lists that cover a wide range of topics like People, Entertainment, History, Lifestyle, Cool Stuff, Words, Bizarre, Business, and Travel.

What’s in a name?

What is Listcaboodle? The name derives from a combination of the word “list” and “caboodle.” The first part of our name deals with our main focus: we are a list-oriented website. Caboodle comes from a 1800s-era expression that continues to be used today, “The whole kit and caboodle.” Kit means a collection of things. It originated from the term used for a soldier’s kit for keeping personal items. Caboodle means a large amount of something, like a group.

In our world, “Listcaboodle” means a large number of lists of various interesting topics. We think that describes our humble website pretty well.


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