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Famous Songs With Celebrities In Lyrics

Do you ever hear songs with celebrities name-dropped in the lyrics and ask yourself, "Hmm, I wonder how many songs are there with famous people in the lyrics?" Here are 17 of our favorite songs that mention celebrity names.

The Best of Awards 2020 (The BOAs)

Each year The Best Of Awards - The BOAs - takes a look at the best books, music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts for the year. In looking back at entertainment media to recognize the efforts that stand out from the crowd, it's also our

Best Christmas Singers of All Time

To countdown the Best 30 Christmas Singers of All Time we put together a panel of Christmas music lovers to choose the top artists. Christmas music is unique in that for many fans it takes over their music listening time - in the car,

The Queens Gambit Quotes

A list of the best The Queen’s Gambit quotes. The hit Netflix coming-of-age drama has captured the imagination of people everywhere. Here are some of the most notable lines from the miniseries. TITLE: The Queen's GambitRELEASE DATE:

The Marshall Tucker Band: Fascinating Fun Facts

For many, the Marshall Tucker Band was the start of Southern Rock. Their debut album jumpstarted things back in 1973. With classics like “Heard It in a Love Song,” “Can’t You See,” and “Fire on the Mountain,” the group was a hit machine.

The Chi-Lites Seven Best Songs

With mega-hits including “Have You Seen Her” and “Oh Girl,” The Chi-Lites’ was the 1960s and 1970s band that sang soulful blues melodies that made a name for themselves on Soul, R&B, and Pop charts. Previously known as the Hi-Lites

Best Songs With Girl Names in the Title

Ever wonder how many songs with girl names in the title were ever written? It’s a lot. As long as humankind has put pen to paper and strummed a few chords, there has often been a female inspiration. With that in mind, our crack

43 Things a Karen Says

We've probably all seen a Karen or two out in the wild — and by wild, I mean a retail store environment — think Costco or Starbucks. Karens are known for their demanding and entitled ways that go well beyond the scope of what is

Do you Know Your TV Show Openings Quiz

Let me start by giving you the origin of the "Do You Know Your TV Show Openings" quiz. My cousin Boris comes from the old country but is staying with me for a few weeks before heading to Los Angeles. Boris is still working on his