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Best Wedding Songs

You’ve chosen the venue, your wedding dress, the flowers, and the date for your special day. But how do you best tie it all together in a beautiful bow? Selecting the perfect songs for your wedding will make the day extra special. Here is

7 YouTube Videos That Can Save You $500

YouTube videos are a source that more and more do-it-yourselfers — and even the not-so-handy — are turning to in order to fix everyday problems with their home, appliances, cars, phones, and computers. In the past, unless you were handy

List Of Emotions And Feelings

An important part of the human experience are the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that comprise a shared set of common feelings, or what we call our list of emotions. Let's take a look at these emotions that co-exist with and shape

Pet Peeves, Deal Breakers, Annoyances

This is about things we find a bit annoying, exasperating, frustrating, irritating. But just to a selected few. Some can live with them without thinking twice about it. Others can't. These are pet peeves, and they do bug us each and every

State Birds: List, Fabulous Fun Facts, FAQs

Selecting state birds came about in 1927 when the legislatures for several states - Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Oregon, Texas and Wyoming - selected their own state birds. What's the most popular state bird? Well, the northern cardinal

13 Ways To Limit Screen Time (And Enjoy Life)

Looking for ways to limit screen time? Maybe you've found yourself watching so much tv that nothing catches your eye anymore? Or, you've gone down the rabbit hole of spending too much unproductive time on Facebook? One of the biggest