How to Host A Tiger King Virtual Happy Hour

When you want to talk about Joe Exotic, big cats, and the total bizarreness of the Netflix series, you might want to have a drink in hand.

(Editor’s Note: Our “How to host a Tiger King Virtual Cocktail Party” might just be the dose of fun you need during these anxiety-filled times. Read on…)

What do you get when you cross one of the most popular social activities in these quarantine days with the most popular (and talked about) TV show on right now?

That’s right… a Tiger King Virtual Happy Hour.

If you’ve been cut off from all media and friends – ouch, the latter hits too close to home – you should know something about the Netflix show, Tiger King.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is a seven series documentary on Netflix that has people talking. It showcases the exotic world of owning big cats, notably a few owners of small private zoos, and their crazy personalities and backgrounds.

Let’s face it, this show has just about everything. There’s wild fashion choices, a gay throuple, surprisingly good country music from Joe Exotic, a crazy cat lady, alleged murder, alligator arson, sex slaves, an accidental killing, and a main character’s husband disappearance.

Perhaps even more surprising than the fact that there are more than twice as many tigers held in captivity in the U.S. than in natural surroundings around the world is this point. You won’t believe how much of the footage was shot on the topics above. Apparently, owning a tiger goes hand-in-hand with the love of being on camera.

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How to Host A Tiger King Virtual Happy Hour

So, here’s what we envision: a virtual happy hour dedicated to the show where happy hour participants get involved in a manner like the How to Host a Murder game at the high end, or in a less involved manner, where the party discussion focuses on the show. The choice is up to you, but here are some ideas.

Tiger King Party Invite

Your invitation sets the tone for the party.

Invite some of your friends or family members to the happy hour using Zoom (link to Zoom) or Facetime for Apple fans. If you’re using Zoom, make sure to have your virtual background of a favorite image from the show ready to go. Maybe it’s Joe Exotic cozying up to a ferocious tiger? Or, a photo of whistleblower James Garretson zooming around on his Jet Ski?

Tiger King party invite image

What to Wear?

Take your cue from Carol Baskin and wear anything with a tiger skin pattern. Consider wearing fake fur. Or, go shirtless with tattoos.

Or, go full-mullet, and picture yourself as Joe Exotic. There’s a lot of material there, your only limitation is your own imagination.

Tiger King Cocktails

Here are a couple of cocktail creations that we’ve blended, and a drink suggestion that fit the theme.

1.) The Tigerita King – An orange margarita

1.5 oz. tequila

2 oz. club soda or sparkling water

1 oz. maple syrup

1.5 oz. fresh-squeezed orange

1 oz. fresh-squeezed lime

(Stir ingredients lightly, and serve with one of those fancy umbrellas.)

2.) Cool Cats and Kittens Cocktail

2 oz. champagne

1/2 oz. orange liquor

2 oz. club soda

Slide of orange for decoration

3.) Shock Top Beer in the orange can

Serve it in a glass with an orange slice.

What to Eat?

Hey, if you’re not eating meat purchased from Wal-mart, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Ok, skip that. How about these ideas:

.> Cheese pizza with pieces of bologna on top.

.> Cheetos.

.> Animal crackers.

.> Tony the Tiger’s Frosted Flakes.

Tiger King Party Ideas

1.) Give a character name to each person attending or just have fun with it and let people decide for themselves!

2.) Music is essential for the virtual happy hour. Why not try playing some of Joe Exotic’s own songs:

· Here Kitty Kitty — How did Joe Exotic find Carol Baskin’s doppelganger?

· Because You Love Me — The YouTube description, “A fun song with some fun customers from the zoo.”

Great Tiger King Questions

Conversations on Zoom can be awkward at first, so it’s important for the host(s) to get everyone talking. To get the conversation going on the series, here are some moderating talking points:

1. Did Carol kill her husband?

2. Who was your favorite character?

3. Does John Finlay own a shirt?

4. What was the most bizarre moment of the show?

5. Did you find this series exploitive?

6. What episode was your favorite?

7. Why was Allen Glover interviewed in a bathtub?

8. You’re quarantined for three months, which character do you choose to spend that time with (and, you have to pick one)? What character do you avoid?

9. Which scares you the most: Joe Exotic’s hair or his eyebrow ring?

10. Is Carol Baskin’s approach to big cat care different from Joe Exotic’s?

Leading the Discussion

11. What was the most awkward moment of the whole series?

12. Should the documentary be extended for additional episodes?

13. Which Hollywood actor should play Joe Exotic if there’s a movie?

14. Who should play Carol Baskin?

15.) Would you work for Doc Antle?

16.) What was the meaning of James Garretson’s jet ski scene?

Or, quiz them on fun tiger facts.

Protocol Considerations

The host(s) should think through the invitation clearly. Advise folks on what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, and to come ready to discuss Tiger King.

.> Consider offering prizes for the best costumes, drinks, and character interpretation.

.> Add a fun drink time component, e.g., every time someone says, “Bizarre,” or “Tiger,” everyone must drink from their cocktail.

.> Be sure to take a screenshot of your party for laughs down the road!

So, hey, cool cats and kittens, the ball is in your court. Have fun with it!

By Mike O’Halloran

Mike is a writer and co-founder of ListCaboodle.


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