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Songs About Dreams

We all dream, but some people do much more than that. They make songs about their dreams. Here is a list of some of the best songs we've found about dreaming. The best songs about dreams and dreaming Dreams are often an inspiration.

Songs With Dance Steps In The Lyrics

Dance crazes dominated the music scene from their heyday in 1950s dance halls and sock hops to their peak in 1970s discotheques. This playlist features our favorite songs with dance steps in the lyrics from that era in music history.

Songs With Gibberish Lyrics

Why do so many musical artists and songwriters write songs with gibberish lyrics and nonsense phrases? Well, for one, they are fun to sing. (Sometimes to the point of becoming an annoying earworm.) But maybe more importantly, gibberish

Music of the 1960s Pop Quiz

In this pop quiz on 1960s music, we test your knowledge of music lyrics of some billboard chart-toppers. Songs from The Temptations, Van Morrison, and Johnny Cash are featured, plus plenty of others. Sure, you might remember the tune

Best Songs With Numbers In The Title

Check out this list of popular songs with numbers in the title. You’ll recognize many of these hit songs that share a common feature — they are all named after a number! Songs with numbers in the title, from 1 to 10 Numerals and

Most Romantic Outlander Scenes

The most romantic Outlander scenes showcased below are a big reason for the show’s popularity. Outlander is a story of an English nurse, Claire Randall, living in 1945. While on her honeymoon with Frank Randall, she mysteriously travels