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11 Weird, Creepy Character Actors

They are the villains and murderers of Hollywood movies, the unsuspecting loner who turns out to be a deranged mad man. Their names may not even appear on the cinema marquee. Without leading man looks, they are often relegated to lesser

The Best Catholic Songs of All Time

Our collection of great Catholic songs will have all you parochial school products, former altar boys, and uniform wearers, humming along. And, really, any lovers of religious music will find it enjoyable. This list is very subjective,

Fun Super Bowl Party Games

Super Bowl party games can make the big day even better — especially for those of your guests who are not huge football fans. You've sent out invitations. You've prepared the food and drinks. The big screen is ready to go. So what can

17 Classic Dad Jokes to Embarrass Your Kids

What do you think of when you hear the expression, Dad Jokes? Cringe-worthy. Simplistic. Predictable. Dad jokes are the realm of the man who reaches for the easy laugh. He won't hesitate to use a pun if he has to. Usually, it's your