Animal Riddles For Kids

I'm the only bird on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar... do you know what kind of bird I am? 27 riddles like these for the true animal lover.

These animal riddles for kids will put your knowledge of the animal kingdom to the test. Great for car rides, dinner time, or when you have a few extra minutes in the classroom.

Children will learn unique and fun traits about animals and begin to think of riddles of their own. Quizzing the kids in your life with a few of these questions will stir their curiosity to find out more.

There are 27 questions in all. Most of the folks we tested scored less than 20 on this riddle quiz. See if you can beat ’em!

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Good Animal Riddles

1.) I’m bigger than a cow, can peel my own bananas, and don’t eat meat. What animal am I?
ANSWER: An elephant.

2.) Only polar bears and brown bears are bigger than me amongst land carnivores. One more thing, I have a tail that is about three feet long. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A tiger.

3.) The height of my legs – usually around 6 feet – is taller than most humans. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A giraffe.

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What animal am I?

4.) I can eat up to 20 pounds per day of meat from animals like deer, elk, and moose. I can sometimes roam up to 12 miles a day. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A wolf.

5.) I am the only bird in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. Hint: I’m an early riser. What bird am I?
ANSWER: A rooster.

6.) When I’m born, I have white spots that disappear as I get older. The spots help me blend into my surroundings. My coat is usually light brown in color. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A deer.

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Fun Animal Riddles For Kids

7.) I’m the only cat that lives in groups – royal bloodlines deserve a court. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A lion.

8.) I fly faster than any other bird. In fact, I’ve been clocked at 242 miles per hour. What bird am I?
ANSWER: The Peregrine falcon.

9.) My arms are longer than my legs. I’ve been taught to use sign language. Most experts believe that my strength is 10X my body weight. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A gorilla.

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Do You Know Your Animal Trivia?

10.) I’m able to turn my head around 270 degrees and I’m noted for being quiet in flight. What bird am I?
ANSWER: An owl.

11.) I have the bill of a duck, webbed feet, a tail like a beaver, and I lay eggs. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A platypus.

12.)My name comes from the Greeks and means “river horse.” I’m widely regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. Despite my girth and short legs, I can outrun humans. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A hippopotamus.

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What Am I Animal Riddles

13.) I’m the only mammal that can’t jump. What animal am I?
ANSWER: The elephant.

14.) You know I spend about 70% of my life sleeping (and not just my teenage years). I can jump 5 times my heigh, and I walk like camels and giraffes — both right feet and then both left feet. I can make up to 100 sounds, but I’m known for just one. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A cat.

15.) I have bigger eyes than any other mammal that lives on land. I’m an animal whose height is measured in hands (about 4 inches = one hand). Most of my kin are about 15.2 hands tall or 5 feet, 2 inches. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A horse.

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Fun Facts About Animals

16.) It takes me two weeks to digest food, but then again, I’m not noted for being fast. What animal am I?
Answer: The sloth.

17.) I always turn left when leaving my home. I’m the only mammal capable of continued flight. What animal am I?
ANSWER: The bat.

18.) I’m an animal that holds the distinction of being the first word in many English dictionaries. What animal am I?
ANSWER: The aardvark.

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The Animal Kingdom Quiz

19.) I’m the biggest reptile on earth. Humans wear shoes named after me. What animal am I?
ANSWER: Crocodiles.

20.) I have four noses and thousands of teeth. You can hold me in your hand, although most folks usually don’t — they say I’m too gooey. Some of my brothers can break off a piece of their tail if they’re attacked by a predator. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A snail.

21.) Let’s face it, everyone knows I’m the prettiest bird. Heck, even NBC chose me for their logo. What animal am I?
ANSWER: The peacock.

Really Tough Animal Riddles

22.) My bite is strong enough to crush a bowling ball. I’m one of the biggest land mammals and will eat meat. But, about ¾ of my diet is berries, leaves, and nuts. What animal am I?
ANSWER: The grizzly bear.

23.) I can’t taste sugar because I don’t have sweet taste buds. But, I’m a very popular pet and have been for a very long time. What animal am I?
ANSWER: The cat.

24.) One of my teeth can weigh up to 9 pounds. I sometimes use mud for sunscreen. What animal am I?
ANSWER: The elephant.

Do You Know What Animal I Am?

25.) I’m born pink in color but then change to black and white. I’m a cheap date as my favorite food is bamboo. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A panda bear.

26.) I’m the world’s fastest land animal, but I can’t climb trees. What animal am I?
ANSWER: A cheetah.

27.) I have about 5,000 feathers and Benjamin Franklin wanted to make me the national bird of the United States over the bald eagle. I wish you get this answer right What bird am I?
Answer: The turkey.

Tally up your correct answers and see if you reached a “20” score. If you did, well done. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. And, look for more riddle quizzes on our site coming soon.

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