Science Riddles: Good, Hard, Best

RiddleBees™ Science Riddles for Kids provide a great way for kids to learn about science while having fun in the process.

From the planets to concepts like gravity, we’ve got our future scientists covered. Read the questions out loud to your kid(s), and see who is the first one to answer correctly. If you children are stumped, feel free to give a hint or two.

By reviewing these science questions and answers, it might spark some interest in various topics that can be further explored at the library or bookstore. Enjoy!

Science Riddles For Kids

Science Riddles for Kids

1.) When a volcano erupts, it holds the potential to spew magma over the surrounding area. What type of rock is formed as the magma cools and solidifies?

2.) Earth is “the third rock from the sun,” and luckily that spot provides a perfect climate for our ecosystem. Can you name one of the other two much hotter “rocks” in between the earth and the sun?

3.) Originally, all the land on earth was connected as one big mass called Pangea. The earth’s plates have slowly shifted over time to form the seven ________ we live on today: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa, and Antarctica. Can you fill in the blank?

ANSWERS: 1.) Igneous rock 2.) Mercury and Venus 3.) Continents

Science Brain Teasers

Science questions

4.) Earth’s climate is an intricate system that involves many different parts. What part of earth’s system helps prevent the harmful UV rays of the sun from raising the temperature of the earth’s surface or from damaging our skin?

5.) The human race has grown and developed over time, just like thousands of other species on our planet. Can you name the process by which organisms develop traits to improve their survival in nature?

6.) Have you ever tripped and scratched your knee? Well, you can thank _______ for that. This scientist was sitting under a tree when he was hit on the head by an apple, leading him to discover the concept of gravity. Can you name him?

ANSWERS: 4.) Ozone layer 5.) Evolution 6.) Isaac Newton

Science Riddles and Answers for Kids

Science Riddles and Answers for Kids

7.) I am the oldest form of igneous rock. I make up the majority of the earth’s crust. And I am one of the hardest materials in the world. What type of rock am I?

8.) Earthquakes can be disastrous if the world is unprepared. Not only are some strong enough to shake the earth and bring down buildings, but they can also cause other natural disasters. What natural disaster commonly follows a large earthquake?

9.) This Italian artist/inventor created some of the most well-known pieces of art today, such as The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. He also created designs for a flying machine, a catapult, and a helicopter, all in 1485! Can you name him?

ANSWERS: 7.) Granite 8.) Tsunami 9.) Leonardo Da Vinci

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Brain Puzzles

Science Brain Puzzles

10.) Nature is shaped through many natural phenomena. What is the process that causes the breakdown of rocks over time through water and wind?

11.) All earthquakes are not the same. What scale do we use to measure the size and impact of earthquakes?

12.) Nature is organized on several different levels. How would scientists classify a group of the same species living in the same area?

ANSWERS: 10.) Erosion 11.) Seismic scale 12.) Population

Scientific Trivia

Science Trivia

13.) Have you ever been sick and had to put a ________ in your mouth? This device helps measure the temperature of things. Can you fill in the blank?

14.) Have you ever tried to lift something that seemed practically impossible to get off the ground? The struggle is due to the object’s ________, the measure of the force of gravity on the object. Can you fill in the blank?

15.) Everything takes up space in the world. Without space, there would be no place for anything, and that would be no fun! What unit do scientists use to measure how much space an object takes up?

ANSWERS: 13.) Thermometer 14.) Weight 15.) Volume

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Science Q & A For Children

Best Science Riddles

16.) I help protect the air you breathe, and I am made up of gases. You may know that I circle the entire earth, creating a protective barrier between humans and space. I am earth’s __________. Can you fill in the blank?

17.) I am your local weatherperson. I track storms and use weather satellites to provide you with an accurate forecast. What career did I choose?

18.) __________ occurs as the heat from the sun causes the water on earth to change from a liquid state to a gas state, rising to be absorbed into the clouds. Can you fill in the blank?

ANSWERS: 16.) Atmosphere 17.) Meteorologist 18.) Evaporation

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Good Science Riddles

Good Science Riddles

19.) Some people won’t eat this part of the pizza, but the ________ is also the name of the outermost layer of the rock that makes up the earth. Can you fill in the blank?

20.) Plants use _________ to perform photosynthesis and create food for themselves. Photosynthesis also releases oxygen into the environment for us to breathe! Can you fill in the blank?

21.) If a scientist wanted to find information about a pattern in nature, then he or she should design an __________. This involves making a hypothesis and is another step in the scientific process. Can you fill in the blank?

ANSWERS: 19.) Crust 20.) Sunlight 21.) Experiment

Hard Science Riddles With Answers

Hard questions

22.) Occasionally associated with stinky things, I am the state of matter where I am neither liquid nor solid. What state am I?

23.) I am the largest land animal on the earth. I usually live to be 70 years ols and drink water through my natural straw. What am I?

24.) Crack! You hear the crash of thunder and see a big bolt of lightning. You can also expect precipitation, which is the process of water turning from a gas back to a liquid and _______ back down on earth. Can you fill in the blank?

ANSWERS: 22.) Gas 23.) Elephant 24.) Raining

What Am I? Science Riddles

What am I?

25.) Plants aren’t born the same way as you and me. Most plants are born through a ________ planted in the earth, which creates roots then sprouts from the ground. Can you fill in the blank?

26.) I am the part of your body that controls all your decisions. I need to be nurtured and stimulated, but I will help you learn. What am I?

27.) Although our bones are strong, they still need the proper nutrients and vitamins to stay strong and healthy. This mineral strengthens our bones, and it is most commonly found in the drink that goes best with cookies.

ANSWERS: 25.) Seed 26.) Brain 27.) Calcium

Kid’s Science Quiz


28.) When you rub your hands together, you are creating ________. This is caused by one hand’s resistance to motion from the other hand, and it can be used to create heat. Can you fill in the blank?

29.) There is one difference in going to the beach and going to the lake, although both provide a great place to swim! A body of water that does not contain sea salt is known as ________ water. Can you fill in the blank?

30.) Resources that occur in nature such as minerals, forests, and lakes are known as _________ resources. These resources help us develop our communities for the better by providing a free source for much-needed materials. Can you fill in the blank?

ANSWERS: 28.) Friction 29.) Fresh 30.) Natural

Scoring Key

24 – 30 Correct Answers: A Honor Roll

17 – 23 Correct Answers: B — Hey, the world is run by B students.

< 17 Correct Answers: Needs improvement.

Hope you had fun taking our science quiz! Helping kids understand scientific concepts helps them understand the world around us. Scientific research and experiments leads to our knowledge of the universe and better lives.

By Greg Johnson, Casey O’Halloran and Mike O’Halloran | Published 7/7/2020

Greg, Casey, and Mike share a love of science.


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