Hippo Jokes For Kids

Hippos are some of the most interesting and unique animals on the planet. They are also known for being quite funny, as these hippo jokes for kids will show.

These jokes are sure to make your kids laugh and at the same time learn a little bit about these amazing animals.

So sit back and prepare to laugh with these funny hippo jokes for kids!


    Best hippo jokes for kids

    1.) What do you call a one-legged hippo?
    A hoppo.

    2.) How do you say hello to a hippopotamus?

    3.) What’s a hippos favorite kind of music?

    4.) What do you call a starving hippo in Budapest?
    A hungry Hungary hippo.

    5.) How do you hire a hippopotamus?
    By putting it on stilts.

    6.) What do you call a hippo in a phone booth?

    7.) How do you raise a baby hippopotamus?
    A fork lift.

    8.) How can you get a hippo to do whatever you want?
    Try hipponotism.

    9.) What time is it when a hippopotamus sits on your hat?
    Time to get a new hat.

    hippo jokes for kids

    Hippopotamus jokes

    1.) What do you call a self governing group of hippos?

    2.) What’s big, Irish, and likes to splash in rivers?
    A hip O’Potamus.

    3.) What game do you never want to play with an hippopotamus?

    4.) What animal can put you in a trance?
    A hypnopotamus.

    5.) How can you tell if a hippopotamus is in the refrigerator?
    The door won’t close.

    6.) What do you call a hippo who always thinks she’s sick?
    A hippochondriac.

    7.) What African animal is big, grey, has flippers and a bill?
    A Hippoplatypus.

    8.) Why did the hippopotamus cross the road?
    It was the chicken’s day off.

    9.) What did the dog say to the hippopotamus?

    Clean, kid-friendly jokes

    1.) What did the grape say when the hippopotamus stood on it?
    Nothing, it just let out a little wine.

    2.) Why are hippos so wrinkled?
    Because it takes too long to iron them.

    3.) What did the seven hippos sing on the way to work?
    Hippo, hippo, it’s off to work we go.

    4.) What’s the best thing to do if a hippo sneezes?
    Get out of the way.

    5.) What do hippos make when they form a band?

    6.) What do you get when you cross a dog with a hippo?
    A hippo-paw-tamus.

    7.) How does a hippopotamus get out of the water?
    Wet and wrinkled.

    8.) What do hippos smell like after taking a bath?
    Wet hippos.

    9.) What’s grey with red spots?
    A hippopotamus with measles.

    funny hippo jokes

    Silly hippo jokes for kids

    1.) What’s more amazing than a talking hippo?
    A spelling bee.

    2.) When does a hippo go “mooooo”?
    When it is learning a new language.

    3.) Why do you never see hippos hiding in trees?
    Because they’re very good at it.

    4.) What do you call a hippo that says another is fat?
    A hippo-crite.

    5.) What do you call a long haired hippo?
    A hippy.

    6.) What’s more difficult than getting a hippo your car?
    Getting TWO hippos into your car.

    7.) What did the hippopotamus get when he stopped shaving?
    A hippopotamustache.

    8.) What do you give a seasick hippopotamus?
    Lots of room.

    9.) How do hippos commute?
    In a hippopotabus.

    10.) What do you call an orange hippo?
    An hipporangutan.

    11.) What did the old hippo need after falling down?
    A hippoperation.

    Corny hippo jokes for kids

    1.) What do you call a hippo with a carrot in each ear?
    Anything you want as he can’t hear you.

    2.) What do you give a hippo who feels sick?
    Plenty of room.

    3.) What do you get if you cross an elk with a hippo?
    A hippopota-moose.

    4.) What was the name of the hippo transformer?
    Hippo-optimus Prime.

    5.) What do you call two hippos riding the same bicycle?

    6.) What is a hippos favorite dessert?

    7.) Why did the hippo cross the road?
    To show he wasn’t chicken.

    8.) What do you call an elephant that makes fun of a hippo’s weight?

    9.) How can you be sure that a hippo is telling you the truth?

    Have him take the Hippocratic Oath.

    10.) What kind of hippos live at the North Pole?
    Really cold ones.

    11.) What do you call a fashionable hippopotamus?
    A Hippo-ster.

    Hippo puns

    1.) What public transport does a hippo use?
    A hippopotabus.

    2.) What do you call a hippo with a runny nose?
    A hipposnotamous.

    3.) What do you call hippo who never cleans his room?
    A hippopota-mess.

    4.) What did the hippo call his father?

    5.) What do you call a jolly hippo?

    6.) What happens to hippos who they get too cold?
    They get hippo-thermia.

    7.) What do you call a dirty hippo?
    A hippopota-mess.

    8.) Why did the hippo get a ticket?
    He ran through the stomp sign.

    more hippo jokes for kids

    Hippo riddles

    1.) What is as big as a hippo but weighs nothing?
    Its shadow.

    2.) What has 100 legs, 25 noses and is very loud?
    A herd of stampeding hippos.

    3.) Why are hippos such bad dancers?
    Because they have 2 left feet.

    4.) What do hippos have that no other animal has?
    Baby hippos.

    5.) Where do hippos always come before penguins?
    In the dictionary.

    6.) How do you stop a hippopotamus from charging?
    Take away it’s credit card.

    7.) What time is it when a hippo sits on your bed?
    Time to get a new bed.

    8.) How does an hippopotamus get down from a ladder?
    He can’t – you get down from a goose.

    Hippo knock knock joke

    Knock knock – Who’s there?
    Hip – Hip who?
    It’s not hipwho, it’s hippo.

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 5/17/2023