Bee Jokes For Kids

Laugh and learn with these bee jokes for kids!

Bees are fascinating creatures that capture the imagination of children of all ages. Kids love them because they are cute and fuzzy, they fly, they pollinate flowers, and make honey.

So make education fun with a little humor. These bee jokes are the perfect way to keep kids interested in learning while sharing a laugh along the way!


    Best bee jokes for kids

    Let’s begin with some of our favorite bee jokes for children.

    1.) Why do bees hum?
    Because they can’t remember the words.

    2.) What kind of bee can’t make up its mind?
    A maybe.

    3.) What kind of bee is good for you?
    Vitamin B.

    4.) What do you get if you cross a bee with a doorbell?
    A Hum-Dinger.

    5.) What do you call a bee that lives in America?
    A USB.

    6.) How do you know that bees are happy?
    Because they hum while they work.

    7.) What do you call a proud bee?

    8.) What’s another name for a baby bee?
    A little humbug.

    9.) What do you call a bee that can’t quit talking?

    bee jokes for kids

    Silly bee jokes for kids

    10.) What do you call a bee who is having a bad hair day?
    A frizz-bee.

    11.) Where do bees sit?
    On their bee-hinds.

    12.) When can bees fly in the rain?
    When they are wearing their little yellow jackets.

    13.) What is a bee’s favorite line of Shakespeare?
    To bee or not to bee.

    14.) Did you hear about the two bees in love?
    It was love at first flight.

    15.) What do bees use to build roads?

    16.) What do you call a bee who has the blues?
    Bee Bee King.

    17.) Why do bees stay in the hive in the winter?
    To stay swarm.

    18.) What do bees like with their sushi?

    19.) Why did the bees all gather together?
    To throw a big house-swarming party.

    Corny bee jokes for kids

    20.) Who says zzub-zzub-zzub?
    A bee flying backwards.

    21.) Which singers do bees love?
    Bee-yonce and Sting.

    22.) What is a bee’s favorite type of music?
    R & B.

    23.) What’s another name for a fly?
    A wanna-bee.

    24.) What did the bee say to the flower?
    Hey bud.

    25.) What do bees watch on TV?
    The Bee Bee Cee.

    26.) What do bees order at McDonalds?

    27.) What’s a bee’s favorite novel?
    The Great Gats-bee.

    28.) I went to the bee keepers to buy some bees. All the bees had price tags on them except one.
    It was a freebie.

    29.) What does a bee use to style its messy hair?
    A honey comb.

    funny bee jokes for kids

    Bee puns

    30.) What do bees chew?
    Bumble gum.

    31.) What’s a honey bee’s favorite kind of flower?
    A Bee-gonia.

    32.) What is a bee’s favorite sport?

    33.) Who protects the Queen Bee?
    Her hub-bee.

    34.) What do bees use for bird watching?

    35.) Where do bees go on holiday?
    Stingapore or Beejing.

    36.) What do you call a bee that’s been put under a spell?

    37.) What do you call a bee that works for the government?
    A pollentician.

    38.) What do you call a little bee?
    A babee.

    39.) What did the little bee say to the prankster on April Fool’s?
    Quit pollen my leg.

    40.) What is a bee’s favorite fruit?

    Bee riddles

    41.) What would bears be without bees?
    Just ears.

    42.) What is smarter than a talking parrot?
    A spelling bee.

    43.) Why are A’s like flowers?
    Because bee’s come after them.

    44.) What do you call a bee that lives in San Francisco?
    A Bay-bee.

    45.) What’s black and yellow and flies at 30,000 feet?
    A bee on an airplane.

    46.) What buzzes, is black and yellow, and goes along the bottom of the sea?
    A bee in a submarine.

    Bee knock knock jokes

    47.) Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Abby – Abby who?
    A bee just stung me!

    48.) Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Honey bee – Honey bee who?
    Honey bee a dear and get me some water.

    More bee jokes

    Bumble bee jokes for kids

    49.) What’s a happy bumblebee’s blood type?
    Bee positive.

    50.) What do you call a bee that falls down all the time?
    A stumble bee.

    51.) What do you call a bee that’s hard to understand?
    A mumble bee.

    52.) What kind of bees are always dropping things?
    Fumble bees.

    Bee hive jokes

    53.) What did the teacher bee say to the student bees?
    Bee-hive yourself.

    54.) Why did the bee go to the doctor?
    It got hives.

    55.) What is the first thing a bee does when it moves into a new hive?
    It throws a house swarming party.

    56.) What does a bee say when he is in the prime of his life?
    Hive never felt better.

    57.) Where did Noah keep his bees?
    In the ark hives.

    Buzzing bee jokes for kids

    58.) Why do bees buzz?
    Because they can’t whistle.

    59.) What is a bee’s favorite hairstyle?
    The buzz-cut.

    60.) What do you call the bees who live next door?

    61.) Who is a bee’s favorite astronaut?
    Buzz Aldrin.

    62.) Why are bees good at job interviews?
    Because they know how to use all the buzz-words.

    63.) How do bees get to school?
    They take the school buzz.

    64.) What do you call a bee explorer?
    Christopher Colum-buzz.

    Honey jokes

    65.) How do bees learn to make honey?
    They wing it.

    66.) Why do bees have sticky hair?
    Because they use honey combs.

    67.) Why did the bee decide to get married?
    Because he had found his honey.

    68.) What do you call a group of bee that always hang out together?
    A honeybunch.

    69.) What did the bee say when he got home from work?
    Hi honey, I’m home.

    70.) Did you hear about the students who got their grades back for their honey project?
    It was mostly bees.

    71.) What did the bees do after they got married?
    They went on a honeymoon.

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 6/16/2023

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