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    About the Author

    Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson has been a website editor, writer, and content designer for over 10 years. He writes about pop culture, music, sports, history, famous quotes, and kids jokes. He is co-founder and editor of ListCaboodle.

    His areas of interest include art, fishing, sports, and history.

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    About ListCaboodle

    Here is a quick look at the timeline of our company:

    • Began in 2017.

    • Co-founded by Michael O’Halloran and Greg Johnson.

    • Our Mission/Purpose: Offer fun and entertaining content in an easy-to-read list format.

    Find out more about ListCaboodle on our About Us page.

    ListCaboodle editor’s picks

    Here is a selection of some of our favorite pages on ListCaboodle:

    Father of the Bride Toasts

    Funny Aging Quotes

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    ListCaboodle Team

    Our team members and supporting writers:

    Michael O’Halloran, co-founder, writer, and editor

    • Greg Johnson, co-founder, writer, and editor

    • Guest authors include Tim Moodie, Art Novak, Anne Matea, and more.

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