Animal Jokes For Kids

The question and answer format of these animal jokes for kids are sure to get a laugh and a smile.

We all know kids love learning about animals. So it’s natural they will enjoy this animal-themed humor featuring knock knock jokes, funny puns, and surprising punch lines.


    Top 10 best animal jokes for kids

    Let’s begin with ten of our favorite animal jokes for kids.

    1.) How do you make an octopus laugh?
    With ten-tickles.

    2.) Why do monkeys love bananas?
    I guess they just find them appealing.

    3.) What do you call a cow with no legs?
    Ground beef.

    4.) What animal needs to wear a wig?
    A bald eagle.

    5.) How do you raise a baby elephant?
    With a forklift.

    6.) What kind of lion doesn’t roar?
    A dandelion.

    7.) Why do birds fly south in the winter?
    Because it’s too far to walk.

    8.) How do you know if there’s an elephant under your bed?
    Your head hits the ceiling.

    9.) What kind of key can never unlock a door?
    A monkey.

    10.) What did the snail say when it was riding on the turtle’s back?

    animal jokes for kids

    Funny animal jokes for kids

    1.) What do you call an alligator in a vest?
    An investigator.

    2.) Why do sharks swim in saltwater?
    Because pepper water makes them sneeze.

    3.) How do you celebrate Moby Dick’s birthday?
    With a whale of a party.

    4.) What did the elk say to his friend on his birthday?
    So I herd it’s your birthday.

    5.) How do you get a squirrel to like you?
    Act like a nut.

    6.) What do clams do on their birthdays?
    They shell-a-brate.

    7.) What animal is always at a baseball game?
    A bat.

    8.) What did the buffalo say to his kid when he dropped him off for school?

    9.) Why do porcupines always win the game?
    They have the most points.

    10.) Why do shrimp never share?
    They’re so shellfish.

    Bear jokes

    1.) What do you call a bear with no teeth?
    A gummy bear.

    2.) Where do polar bears keep their money?
    In a snow bank.

    3.) What do you call a bear with no ears?
    A “B”!

    4.) Why do pandas like old movies?
    Because they play in black-and-white.

    5.) Where do polar bears vote?
    The North Poll.

    6.) Where do polar bears keep their money?
    A snow bank.

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    Funny jokes for kids

    Bee jokes

    1.) Why do bees have sticky hair?
    Because they use a honeycomb.

    2.) What kind of haircuts do bees get?

    3.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Honey bee. – Honey bee who?
    Honey bee a dear and get that for me please!

    4.) What is the smartest kind of bee?
    A spelling bee.

    Bird jokes – Animal jokes for kids

    1.) Why do seagulls fly over the sea?
    Because if they flew over the bay they’d be bagels.

    2.) Why do hummingbirds hum?
    Because they don’t know the words.

    3.) What do you call two birds in love?

    4.) What does an evil hen lay?
    Deviled eggs.

    5.) What kind of birthday cakes do birds always pick?
    Chocolate chirp.

    6.) What do you get when you cross a centipede with a parrot?
    A walkie talkie.

    7.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Robin. – Robin who?
    Robin you. Give me your money!

    8.) What side of a turkey has the most feathers?
    The outside.

    9.) What’s another name for a clever duck?
    Wise quacker!

    10.) What has wings, a long colorful tail, and wears a bow?
    A birthday pheasant.

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    Cat jokes

    1.) Why can’t a cheetah play hide and seek?
    Because he’s always spotted.

    2.) How did the black cats end their fight?
    They hissed and made up.

    3.) Why did they quit giving tests at the zoo?
    Because it was full of cheetahs.

    4.) How does the cat celebrate its birthday?
    It turns up the mew-sic.

    5.) How do cats make a birthday cake?
    From scratch.

    6.) What do you get when you cross a lemon and a cat?
    A sour puss.

    7.) Why did the jaguar eat the tightrope walker?
    It was craving a well-balanced meal.

    8.) What did the tiger say to her cub on his birthday?
    It’s roar birthday.

    9.) Why is it dangerous to play cards in the jungle?
    Because there are so many cheetahs!

    10.) How do baby cats learn how to swim?
    The kitty pool.

    11.) What did the cat ask to eat on her birthday?

    12.) What is worse than raining cats and dogs?
    Hailing taxis.

    13.) Where do you get the birthday present for a cat?
    From a cat-alogue.

    Animal jokes

    Chicken jokes

    1.) Why did Mozart sell his chickens?
    They kept saying, “Bach, Bach, Bach.”

    2.) What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn?
    An eggroll.

    3.) Why did the gum cross the road?
    It was stuck to the chicken’s foot.

    4.) Why did the chicken cross the playground?
    To get to the other slide.

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    Cow jokes

    1.) What do you call a cow with three legs?
    Lean beef.

    2.) What do you call a cow that can’t moo?
    A milk dud.

    3.) What do cows order from?

    4.) Where do cows go for entertainment?
    To the moo-vies.

    5.) What did the farmer call the cow that had no milk?
    An udder failure.

    6.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Cows go – Cows go who?
    No, cows go moo!

    7.) What do you sing to a cow on their birthday?
    Happy birthday to moo.

    8.) Did you see they made round bails of hay illegal?
    It’s because the cows weren’t getting a square meal.

    9.) How does a cow do math?
    With a cow-culator.

    10.) What do you get from a pampered cow?
    Spoiled milk.

    11.) What do you call a sleeping bull?
    A bull-dozer.

    12.) How do you keep a bull from charging?
    Take away its credit card.

    Dog jokes

    1.) Which city does Paw Patrol like the most?
    New Yorkie.

    2.) Why did the hot dog wear a sweater?
    Because it was a chili dog.

    3.) What did the Dalmatian say after lunch?
    That hit the spot.

    4.) What do you call a dog with a fever?
    A hot dog.

    5.) Which place should you never consider taking a dog?
    We should never take a dog to a Flea Market.

    6.) What do you call a dog magician?
    A labracadabrador.

    7.) What goes tick-tock and woof-woof?
    A watchdog.

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    Kids humor about animals

    Dinosaur jokes

    1.) What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?
    A dino-snore.

    2.) Why don’t dinosaurs eat clowns?
    Because they taste funny.

    3.) What do you call a dinosaur fart?
    A blast from the past.

    4.) Why did the dinosaur cross the road?
    Because the chicken wasn’t born yet.

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    Elephant jokes – Animal jokes for kids

    1.) What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence?
    Time to get a new fence.

    2.) What did the young elephant want for her birthday?
    A trunk full of toys.

    3.) How do you know if an elephant is under your bed?
    Your nose is touching the ceiling.

    4.) What time is it when an elephant sits in your chair?
    Time to buy a new chair.

    5.) How can you tell if an elephant has been in your refrigerator?
    By the footprints in the butter.

    6.) Where would you find an elephant?
    The same place you lost it.

    7.) How can you tell if an elephant’s been to your birthday party?
    He left footprints in the ice cream.

    8.) What did the elephant mother say to her son when he misbehaved?
    Tusk, tusk.

    9.) What’s gray and goes round and round?
    An elephant in a washing machine.

    10.) What did the grapes say when the elephant stepped on them?
    Nothing… they just let out a little wine.

    11.) What do you get when you cross an elephant and a potato?
    Mashed potatoes.

    12.) Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?
    Because they are really good at it.

    13.) Why are elephants so wrinkled?
    Because they take too long to iron.

    14.) Where do you find elephants?
    Well, that depends on where you lost them.

    15.) How do you stop an elephant from charging?
    Take away its credit card.

    Fish jokes

    1.) Why are fish so smart?
    Because they live in schools.

    2.) How do you catch a whole school of fish?
    With bookworms.

    3.) How do you pass a message to a fish?
    Drop it a line.

    4.) What fish only swims at night?
    A starfish.

    5.) Where do fish keep their money?
    In the river bank.

    6.) What did the fish say to the birthday girl?
    I hope your party goes swimmingly.

    7.) What is a knight’s favorite fish?
    A swordfish.

    8.) What did the fisherman say to the magician?
    Pick a cod, any cod.

    9.) What do you call a fish without eyes?
    A fsh.

    10.) What do fish play on the piano?

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    Frog jokes

    1.) What do you call an illegally parked frog?

    2.) What did the frog order for lunch?
    A burger and a diet croak.

    3.) What kind of footwear do frogs prefer?

    4.) Why are frogs happy?
    They eat whatever bugs them.

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    Horse jokes – Animal jokes for kids

    1.) Why couldn’t the pony sing in the choir?
    Because she was a little horse.

    2.) What do you call the horse that lives next door?
    Your neighbor.

    3.) Why did the pony get sent to his room?
    He wouldn’t stop horsing around.

    4.) What did the horse say after it tripped?
    “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup!”

    5.) What did one horse say to the other at the dance?
    “You mustang-o with me.”

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    Monkey jokes

    1.) What does a gorilla learn first in school?
    The A-Pe-Cees!

    2.) Do monkeys like bananas?

    3.) What do you call an easily scared monkey?
    A chimp-pansy.

    4.) What’s a monkey’s favorite store?
    The Banana Republic.

    5.) What type of monkey should have eight legs?
    A spider monkey.

    6.) What do monkey cooks wear when they are working in the kitchen?
    They wear the Ape-rons.

    7.) What do you call a monkey that loves potato chips?
    A chipmonk.

    8.) If you throw a monkey into salty water what will it become?

    9.) Where do apes go to relax after a long week?
    The monkey bars.

    10.) What kind of key opens a banana?
    A mon-key.

    11.) Why are baboons considered the life of the party?
    Because they’re more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

    Owl jokes

    1.) Why does no one wish owls a happy birthday?
    Because they don’t give a hoot.

    2.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Owls say. – Owls say who?
    Yes, they do!

    3.) What is the kind of math that owls love the most?

    4.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Who. – Who who?
    I didn’t know you were an owl!

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    Pig jokes

    1.) What do you call a pig that knows karate?
    A pork chop.

    2.) Knock knock. – Who’s there?
    Oink oink. – Oink oink who?
    Are you a pig or an owl?

    3.) Why can’t you play hockey with pigs?
    They always hog the puck.

    4.) How do you fit more pigs on your farm?
    Build a sty-scraper.

    5.) Why should you never trust a pig with a secret?
    Because it’s bound to squeal.

    Snake jokes

    1.) What do you get when you cross a snake and a pie?
    A pie-thon.

    2.) What do snakes like to study in school?

    3.) What do you call a snake wearing a hard hat?
    A boa constructor.

    4.) Why did the snake cross the road?
    To get to the other ssssssside.

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    Just a few more… silly animal jokes for kids

    1.) What did the judge say when the skunk walked in the court room?
    Odor in the court.

    2.) What did the coyote do when he found out it was your birthday?
    He howled with delight.

    3.) Where did the sheep go on vacation?
    The Baaaahamas.

    4.) What do you give a 3600 pound rhino for his birthday?
    I don’t know but you better hope he likes it.

    5.) Which birthday party game do rabbits like most?
    Musical hares.

    6.) Why did the daddy rabbit go to the barber?
    He had a lot of little hares.

    7.) Why did the girl get a pair of bunny ears as a gift?
    So she could have a hoppy birthday.

    8.) What’s a mouse’s favorite kind of cake?

    9.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Kanga. – Kanga who?
    No, it’s kangaroo!

    10.) What do you get when you cross a turtle with a porcupine?
    A slowpoke.

    11.) Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building?
    Of course! The Empire State Building can’t jump.

    12.) What do you call a fly without wings?
    A walk.

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 2/22/2022