Otter Jokes For Kids

Looking for a sure way to put a smile on the little ones faces? You really ‘otter’ look into these funny otter jokes for kids.

These jokes are clean and fun for the whole family. Share a laugh on road trips, after school, at meal time, or any time you please. They’re otterly delightful!


    Best otter jokes for kids

    1.) What do you call an otter that just got glasses?
    A see otter.

    2.) What do you call an otter with a cold?
    A snotter.

    3.) Did you hear about the stampede of otters that broke free from the aquarium?
    It was otter chaos.

    4.) How did the otter fly the plane?
    He put it on otterpilot.

    5.) What advice did the seal give to the beaver?
    Always be kind to otters.

    otter jokes for kids

    Silly otter jokes for kids

    6.) What do you call a kids’ book about otters?
    Harry Otter.

    7.) Why did walrus marry the whale?
    Because she wasn’t like all the otters.

    8.) What do you call an otter with a carrot in each ear?
    Anything you want — he can’t hear you.

    9.) What did Noah say when he realized some animals were missing from the ark?
    We need to wait for the otters.

    10.) What is an otter’s favorite video game?
    Grand Theft Otter.

    11.) What did the otter husband call his spouse?
    His otter half.

    12.) What did the otter mom say to her pups?
    I’ve had it up to here with your otter nonsense.

    13.) What did the seal say to the walrus after dating him for three months?
    I think we should sea otter people.

    14.) I called the zookeeper to check on the otter pups.
    She said they’re coming along swimmingly.

    Corny otter jokes for kids

    15.) Where do otters come from?
    Otter space.

    16.) Where do otters keep their money?
    In a river bank.

    17.) Where do otters sleep?
    The river bed.

    18.) What did the grape say when the otter stood on it?
    Nothing, it just let out a little wine.

    19.) What kind of car does an otter drive?
    A Furrari.

    20.) What animal would you most like to be on a cold day?
    A little (h)otter.

    21.) What’s got a tail, swims, and will defend you in court?
    An otterney.

    22.) Why are otters so great?
    They’re otterly delightful.

    23.) What did the principal say to the two otters in his office?
    You otter be ashamed of yourselves.

    24.) Two otter siblings got into a fight, and one ran to their mother to tattle. What did she say?
    Honey, sometimes you have to turn the otter cheek.

    Funny otter jokes for kids

    Otter puns

    25.) What do you drive in a river?
    An otter-mobile.

    26.) Who did the otter bring to the wedding?
    His significant otter.

    27.) Why did the otter cross the river?
    To get to the otter side.

    28.) What do you do when you see a famous otter?
    Ask for their ottergraph.

    29.) What did the otter say to her boyfriend?
    I feel like we’re drifting apart. Maybe it’s time to see otter people.

    30.) Did you hear about the otter who could talk to ghosts?
    He was in touch with the otter side.

    31.) Why was the penguin allowed to go into the otter enclosure at the zoo?
    He played well with otters.

    32.) What road do German otters drive on?
    The otter-bahn.

    Otter riddles

    33.) What does a shaved otter look like?

    34.) When does a otter go “moo”?
    When it is learning a new language.

    35.) What do you call a sea otter that can pick up an elephant?

    36.) Two otters are in a car. Who’s driving?
    Animal control.

    Knock knock otter jokes for kids

    37.) Knock knock – Who’s there?
    Otter – Otter who?
    Otter apologize for some of these jokes!

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 4/4/2023

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