Duck Jokes For Kids

If you think someone needs a laugh, here’s a collection of some of the funniest duck jokes for kids you’ll ever hear.

We’ve assembled this list of the most fun and creative jokes about ducks we could find. And best of all, they’re clean and kids will love them!


    Best duck jokes for kids

    If you like having fun conversations with children and making them laugh, you’ll love this collection of the best duck jokes. Whether you’re looking for a great bedtime reading or just something to keep the kids entertained, here are some jokes that work well for a wide range of ages.

    1.) What did one duck say as the second duck says “quack, quack, quack?”
    “That’s what I was about to say!”

    2.) Where do tough ducks come from?
    Hard-boiled eggs.

    3.) What should a duck wear to a fancy event?
    A duck-sedo (tuxedo)!

    4.) How do ducks propose?
    With a wedding wing.

    5.) Why are ducks good at budgeting?
    They know how to handle the bills.

    6.) Why do ducks quack?
    Well, because they can’t meow, chirp, or bark.

    7.) What is the favorite game of ducks in an arcade?
    Quack-A-Mole (Whack-a-Mole).

    8.) What does a duck with hiccups lay?
    Scrambled eggs.

    9.) What has fangs and webbed feet?
    Count Duck-ula.

    10.) What’s the name of Mr. Duck’s favorite drummer?
    Wingo Star.

    11.) What did Count Duckula say when he was given a snack?
    Fangs a lot!

    duck jokes for kids

    Good duck jokes

    When you’re tired of jokes about other animals like cows, chickens, hippos, and whales, why not try some duck jokes? Here are some good duck jokes you can share at any time.

    12.) What did the duck shopper say to the other duck in the mall?
    “My bill is bigger than yours.”

    13.) Why did Mickey Mouse get hit with a snowball?
    Because Donald ducked!

    14.) What did the duck say to the spider?
    “Why don’t you have webbed feet?”

    15.) What do you get when you cross a chicken with a duck?
    A chicken that lays down.

    16.) What is a duck’s favorite ballet?
    The Nutquacker.

    17.) If a duck says “Quack quack”, what says “Quick quick”?
    A duck with hiccups.

    18.) What sports game does a duck play?

    19.) How did the duck parents know their duckling was a prodigy?
    He was egg-celent from birth.

    20.) How do ducks make pancakes?
    They use Bisquack.

    21.) Why do ducks lay eggs?
    Because they break if they drop them.

    22.) What do you call a duck’s burp?
    A fowl smell.

    23.) What do you get if you cross Donald with a big whale?
    Moby Duck.

    24.) What was the goal of the detective duck?
    To quack the case.

    Short jokes

    Forget about those lame jokes that take forever to tell. If you’re looking for instant laughs, this list of short duck jokes is sure to bring your child (along with the whole family) to tears from laughing so hard.

    25.) Where can you find pictures of duck feet?
    They are on the web.

    26.) Which side of a duck has more feathers?
    The outside.

    27.) How do ducks talk?
    They don’t. They quack.

    28.) What do bad ducks lay?
    Deviled eggs.

    29.) Why do ducks check the news?
    For the feather forecast.

    30.) What do duck physicists say?
    Quark, quark.

    31.) What do you call Donald Duck standing in front of an orchestra?
    A conducktor.

    32.) Why are ducks so good at fixing things?
    They really know how to use duck tape.

    33.) What do you get when a duck lays an egg on a hill?
    An eggroll.

    34.) Why was the baby duck sad?
    He was feeling down.

    35.) What do you get if you cross a duck with an accountant?
    A bill with a bill.

    36.) Why don’t ducks grow up?
    Because they only grow down.

    Funny jokes for kids

    Clean duck jokes

    Never miss a chance to make your kids laugh and smile with duck jokes for kids. Even adults will find this collection of clean duck jokes entertaining.

    37.) Who stole the soap?
    The robber ducky.

    38.) What do you get if you cross a vampire, a duck, and a sheep?
    Count Duck-ewe-la.

    39.) Why did the duck cross the construction site?
    To see a person lay a brick.

    40.) Why do ducks hate reading directions?
    They prefer to wing it.

    41.) What is a duck’s favorite game?

    42.) What did the duck say to the clown?
    You quack me up!

    43.) What is a duck’s favorite sea monster?
    The Quacken (Kraken).

    44.) What do ducks have for lunch?
    Soup and quackers.

    45.) What’s a duck’s favorite fantasy movie?
    Lord of the Wings.

    46.) What type of food do you get when you cross a duck with a mole?
    Duck-amole (guacamole)!

    47.) What was the secret agent duck named?
    James Pond.

    48.) What do you get if you cross a duck with a cement mixer?
    A bricklayer.

    49.) Why did the duck cross the road?
    It was friends with the chicken.

    Funny duck jokes for kids

    Are you bored with reading and telling just any type of jokes for your kids? This is the best collection of funny duck jokes you’ll find at any time.

    50.) What do ducks get after they eat?
    A bill.

    51.) Why did the duck go to the river bank?
    To get a new bill.

    52.) What did the lawyer say to the duck in court?
    I demand an eggs-planation!

    53.) Why was the duck sent to the principal’s office?
    For quacking too many jokes during class.

    54.) What do you call a duck that’s very clever?
    A wise-quacker.

    55.) What show do ducks like to see every holiday season?
    Swan Lake.

    56.) Why did the duck cross the road?
    Because there was a quack in the pavement.

    57.) Why did the duckling almost fall on the sidewalk?
    She tripped on a quack.

    58.) What do you call the evil ruler of a small pond?
    A ducktator.

    59.) Why do people like dining out with Donald Duck?
    He always takes care of the bill.

    60.) What do you call two ducks and a cow?
    Quackers and milk.

    61.) What did the duck say to the waiter when the check came?
    “Put it on my bill, please.”

    Funny duck tape joke

    Top duck jokes

    Funny duck jokes are a great way to get anyone laughing if they need a bright spot in their day. Read through this list of the top duck jokes for kids today and share them with whoever might need them!

    62.) What did the flying golf ball yell to the mallards in the pond?

    63.) What is story time called when you read to ducklings?

    64.) What kind of music does a rubber duck listen to?

    65.) What do you get when you cross a duck and a wiener dog?
    A ducks-hund.

    66.) A duck and a man are walking in a park.
    Suddenly, the man notices a frisbee flying in the air and yells “Duck!”
    The duck looks back at the man and yells “Man!”

    67.) Why didn’t the duck have any money?
    Because he already had a big bill.

    68.) Ducks can’t carry up to four fish in their bill.
    But a pelican.

    69.) What sound does the son of a chicken and a duck make?

    70.) What language can a duck who converses with geese speak fluently?

    71.) Why did the duck go to the chiropractor?
    To get its back quacked.

    72.) What kind of egg does a calm and collected duckling come from?
    Over easy.

    73.) What point of a view does a duck write a book in?
    Bird person.

    74.) Why do ducks don’t enjoy being stressed?
    They quack under pressure.

    Silly duck jokes for kids

    Find out how many laughs these silly duck jokes bring. Entertain friends and family at any type of gathering.

    75.) At the mall today I saw a toddler gnawing on a small rubber duck.
    I asked him if it tasted like quackers.

    76.) When is a roast duck not good for your health?
    When you’re the duck.

    77.) Why do all ducks fly south for the winter?
    Because it’s too far to waddle.

    78.) Where did the duck go when he hurt his back?
    To the chiro-quack-tor.

    79.) Why did the duck cross the road?
    He was tied to the chicken.

    80.) Why did Donald Duck call the doctor?
    He was feeling under the feather.

    81.) What do you call a duck that’s biting someone?
    Peking Duck.

    82.) What is it called when a duck steals your ball in water polo?
    A water fowl.

    83.) What did Santa give the duck for Christmas?
    A Christmas quacker.

    84.) Why do ducks have webbed feet?
    To stomp out fires.

    85.) Why do elephants have big feet?
    To stomp out burning ducks.

    86.) How can you tell rubber ducks apart?
    You can’t, they look eggs-actly the same!

    87.) How did the mommy duck break her back?
    Her son stepped on a quack.

    88.) What do you call a crate full of ducks?
    A box of quackers.

    Duck jokes for kids list

    Hilarious duck jokes

    Here are more duck jokes that are not only clean and kid-friendly but are also hilarious! They are the perfect choice for anyone who loves these cute little animals.

    89.) What do you call a sarcastic duck?
    A wise quacker.

    90.) Why are ducks, bad drivers?
    Their windshields are quacked.

    91.) What did the slow duck say when his mother told him to speed up?
    I’m waddling as quack as I can!

    92.) What did the duck say when he dropped the dishes?
    “I hope I didn’t quack any!”

    93.) What do you call slang between young ducks?

    94.) What do pre-teen ducks hate?
    When their voice quacks.

    95.) What do you get when you cross a duck and a reptile?

    96.) What do you call a kind and successful duck?
    A waddle citizen.

    97.) What time is it when people start throwing pieces of bread at your head?
    Time to duck!

    98.) What happens when you tell a duck a funny joke?
    They always quack up.

    99.) Why did the duck cross the road?
    To show the chicken how to do it.

    100.) A man walks into the pet store and says, “How much for the duck?”
    The pet store clerk says, “30 dollars.”
    The man says, “Ok, just send me the bill.”
    The pet store clerk replies, “Sorry but you have to take the whole bird!”

    Duck puns

    With silly puns and wacky wordplay, laugh along as your young reader is introduced to the joys of quacking out uncontrollable laughter. This compilation of duck puns will have kids laughing until they lay an egg.

    101.) What do you get if you cross fireworks with a duck?
    A firequacker.

    102.) Most ducks live in what state?

    103.) What did the ducks carry their school books in?
    Their quack-packs.

    104.) What do ducks put in their soup?

    105.) What type of TV shows do ducks like to watch?

    106.) What do you call a rude duck?
    A duck with a quack-itude (attitude).

    107.) What position did the duck play in football?
    Quacker-back (quarterback).

    108.) Why was the duck put into the basketball game?
    To make a fowl shot.

    109.) What does a duck say when they disagree with someone?
    “That’s re-duck-ulous.”

    110.) Where did the duck go when he felt sick?
    To his ducktor.

    111.) Where do ducks live?
    In bill-dings.

    112.) What time does a duck wake up?
    At the quack of dawn!

    113.) What do you call it when it rains chickens and ducks?
    Fowl weather.

    Knock knock jokes

    Make use of these humorous knock-knock jokes as conversation starters or to demonstrate your sense of humor at the office, home, or anyplace else.

    114.) Knock knock. – Who’s there?
    Duck. – Duck who?
    Duck quick! The ball is heading towards you!

    115.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Waddle. – Waddle who?
    The door’s locked, waddle you do about it?

    116.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Beak. – Beak who?
    Beak careful, that pan is hot!

    117.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Ducks go. – Ducks go who?
    No silly, ducks go “Quack.”

    118.) Knock knock. – Who’s there?
    Quack. – Quack who?
    Quack open the door and you’ll see.

    119.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Kenya. – Kenya who?
    Kenya stop with the duck jokes already?

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