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Animals In Children’s Books Trivia Quiz

The Children's Books Trivia Quiz is fun for kids of all ages! Animals in kids' books go together like peanut butter and jelly. Children can really relate to animal characters given human-like qualities. And, the characters can

Geography Trivia For Kids: U.S. Cities, States

These geography trivia questions for kids will put their knowledge of the United States to the test. Quiz them on car rides, at dinner time, or whenever you have a few extra minutes in the classroom. Children will learn about cities and

Funny Monkey Jokes To Make You Go Bananas

You'll have more fun than a barrel of monkeys when you get a load of these funny monkey jokes, puns, and riddles. Perfect for kids of all ages. Teachers might find time for a few in their classrooms when lessons finish up early. Parents

Funny Dog Puns Unleashed To Raise the Woof

Hit the paws button and check out this Ulti-mutt Funny Dog Puns collection that we've assembled. Yes, needless to say, we worked like a dog to get here, but we think it was worth the effort. We hope you do, too. But, if we're barking up

57 Cat Puns That Will Have You Feline Good

Cat puns can head in a lot of different directions. There are play-on-words involving cats' sounds like "How do you like these puns meow?" You can also consider words related to kittens, what they eat, and words that contain the letters

Math Riddles

With these math riddles, we put some fun into a subject that some folks find to be a bit dry. Math is the subject that many kids need some additional assistance or tutoring on. The subject matter can be difficult. In most cases, kids