The Ultimate Grand Canyon Quiz for Kids

Learn more about the largest canyon in the United States (it can be seen from outer space!) by taking this Grand Canyon quiz for kids!

Take the Grand Canyon quiz for kids!

Ready to test your Grand Canyon knowledge? Let’s begin…

What river cuts through the Grand Canyon?

1.) What river cuts through the Grand Canyon?

A.) Missouri River
B.) Mississippi River
C.) Colorado River
D.) Columbia River

ANSWER: C.) Colorado River. Some 1,450 miles long, the Colorado River goes through seven U.S. states and two Mexican states.

2.) Where is the Grand Canyon located?

A.) Arizona
B.) Colorado
C.) Utah
D.) Nevada

ANSWER: A.) Arizona. The Grand Canyon is located in the Northwest corner of Arizona — not far from Utah and Nevada. Many folks fly into Las Vegas or Phoenix to visit the Grand Canyon. If driving, the Grand Canyon is just north of the famous Route 66.

How many visitors each year?

3.) About how many annual visitors does the giant gorge attract each year?

A.) About one million
B.) Three to six million
C.) Seven to nine million
D.) Over 10 million

ANSWER: B.) From about three to six million visitors come to the Grand Canyon.

4.) True or False: The Grand Canyon is bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

ANSWER: True. Grand Canyon park encompasses over 1,900 square miles while Rhode Island is around 1,200 square miles.

How long is the Grand Canyon?

5.) How many miles long is The Grand Canyon?

A.) 10 miles
B.) 27.5 miles
C.) 47.3 miles
D.) 277 miles

ANSWER: D.) 277 miles. The Grand Canyon’s widest point is about 18 miles long.

6.) How many dinosaur bones have been found at the Grand Canyon?

A.) 0
B.) Over 1,000
C.) Over 10,000
D.) Over one million

ANSWER: A.) 0. The canyon walls are made of rock which is more ancient than dinosaurs. It is believed that the Grand Canyon didn’t form until dinosaurs were gone off the face of the earth.

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What animal is used at the Grand Canyon?

7.) What animal, known for its sure-footedness, is used to transport supplies and people down the Grand Canyon?

A.) Mules
B.) Cows
C.) Llamas
D.) Alpacas

ANSWER: A.) Mules. You can take a ride down the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch on a mule. More than 600,000 people have taken a Grand Canyon mule ride.

8.) Most scientists believe the Grand Canyon to be how old?

A.) One million years old
B.) Two million years old
C.) Six million years old
D.) 20 million years old

ANSWER: C.) Six million years old. However, it is believed that the oldest rocks are 1.8 billion years old. Wowsa!

How many people are rescued each year?

9.) About how many people need to be rescued within the park each year?

A.) About 10
B.) About 50
C.) About 250
D.) About 500

ANSWER: C.) About 250. Most folks needing rescue efforts fail to bring enough water. Another major reason is wearing inadequate footwear. Flip-flops don’t cut it in the rocky terrain.

10.) True or False: The Grand Canyon is over five miles deep.

ANSWER: False. The Grand Canyon is 6,093 feet deep. One mile equals 5,280 feet so it’s over a mile deep — but not over five miles deep.

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Test Results

Add up the number of correct answers you had on the Grand Canyon Quiz and check the key below to see how you scored.

8 – 10 Correct: You earned your Grand Canyon expert badge. Way to go!

4 – 7 Correct: You possess a good understanding of the Grand Canyon (or you’re a good guesser!)

0 – 3 Correct: You’ll probably do better next time. And hopefully you’ve learned something new just by taking this quiz!

By Mike O’Halloran and Greg Johnson

Mike and Greg are co-founders of ListCaboodle.

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