Best Songs About Eyes

What are your favorite songs about eyes? Whether they be about blue eyes, brown eyes, or just how beautiful they are, we have them for you here!

Many songwriters are inspired by the ‘windows to the soul,’ as the eyes are sometimes called. The songs listed here represent some of our favorite selections of songs dedicated to eyes and the emotional connection they create in love and relationships.

Here are eleven of the best songs about eyes, followed below by a longer list of songs for you to check out. Enjoy!

Songs about blue eyes

1.) Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground

Album: The Velvet Underground
Year: 1969

Frontman Lou Reed penned “Pale Blue Eyes” about his first love, who happened to have hazel eyes. The song is touching, raw, and personal—highlighted by Reed’s imperfectly perfect voice. Its calm tempo and sweet lyrics contrast with the band’s more aggressive musical style from their previous work.

“Pale Blue Eyes” has been covered since its debut in 1969 by such artists as Patti Smith, Hole, and R.E.M.

2.) Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain by Willie Nelson

Album: Red Headed Stranger
Year: 1975

Many people would be surprised to know that Roy Acuff first recorded “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain,” not Willie Nelson, in 1947. But Nelson made it a smash hit when he covered the classic country tune for his concept album “Red Headed Stranger.” The 1975 record, his first with Columbia Records, helped launch his public image as a musical outlaw and helped propel him to country superstardom.

Nelson’s version hit #1 on the Country chart, his first as a singer, and #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.

3.) Blue Eyed Soul by Wilco

Album: A.M.
Year: 1995

This moody song from Wilco’s debut album features straightforward and honest vocals by Jeff Tweedy, the band’s lead singer. Tweedy asks, “Can you keep it simple, can you let the snare crack?” in the song’s spare alt-country style.

Even though Wilco’s “A.M.” was met with lukewarm critical reception when it was released, the work features a solid lineup of songs throughout the album. Rolling Stone praised the album for its Gram Parsons and Neil Young influenced sound, calling it a “country-guts debut.”

About brown eyes

4.) Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Album: Blowin’ Your Mind!
Year: 1967

Van Morrison originally titled this hit song “Brown Skinned Girl,” with lyrics describing a mixed-race relationship. He made the change to “Brown Eyed Girl” with hopes that the song would receive more airplay at radio stations. But the song could not avoid controversy even after the title change with its suggestive lyric, “Making love in the green grass,” causing some stations to ban the song.

The hit song reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. and remains one of Van Morrison’s signature songs to this day (even though he once disparaged it as a “throwaway song.”)

Songs about beautiful eyes

5.) In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

Album: So
Year: 1986

The iconic scene featuring Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” from the 1989 movie “Say Anything” captured something meaningful for many fans of the film—a metaphor for young love. The scene became a defining romantic moment in pop culture: the broken-hearted Lloyd Dobler (played by John Cusack) on the street outside his ex-girlfriend’s house (Diane Court played by Ione Skye), holding a boombox above his head and playing the song as a statement of his love for her.

“In Your Eyes” peaked at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. and in 2005, the song became Peter Gabriel’s first Gold record.

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6.) Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish

Album: Don’t Smile At Me
Year: 2016

At the age of 13 years old, Billie Eilish released “Ocean Eyes” to the online music platform SoundCloud. It quickly went viral with fans clamoring for more from the young artist.

Eilish’s brother Finneas O’Connell wrote the song and gave it to her for her to use at a dance studio she attended. She told Vogue, “I sang it, and we both loved it. It’s just a beautiful song, and Finneas is an amazing writer. I loved it and I couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks. I’m in a dance company, and one of my teachers asked if I could record [the song] and send it to him so he could choreograph a dance. So all of the production is based off of lyrical contemporary dance.”

“Ocean Eyes” peaked at #84 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. and #72 in the U.K.

7.) Temptation Eyes by The Grass Roots

Album: More Golden Grass
Year: 1970

Many are aware that The Grass Roots rocked the ‘60s and ‘70s with such hits as “Midnight Confessions,” “Sooner or Later,” and “Temptation Eyes.” But did you know a cast member from TV’s hit series “The Office” was once the band’s lead singer and guitarist? Creed Bratton (who plays a quirky version of himself on the sitcom) is an accomplished musician and songwriter who was a member of The Grass Roots from 1967 to 1969.

“Temptation Eyes,” the song about a being enchanted by a beautiful temptress, reached #15 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

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8.) In Your Eyes by The Weeknd

Album: After Hours
Year: 2020

This revealing synth-pop song by The Weeknd is likely inspired by his on-again, off-again relationship with model Bella Hadid. In it, he tells about seeing distress in her eyes even though she tries to hide it from him. “You always try to hide the pain, you always know just what to say,” he sings in the song.

“In Your Eyes” topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. at #16 and #17 on the U.K. Singles chart.

Other famous songs about eyes

9.) These Eyes by The Guess Who

Album: Wheatfield Soul
Year: 1969

Songwriter and guitarist Randy Bachman was dating his future wife when he sat at the piano in the living room at her house one day, waiting for her to get ready so the two of them could go out. He began noodling with an idea for a song while he waited. It would become the beginning of The Guess Who’s song “These Eyes”. When he took the opening notes to bandmate Burton Cummings, it only took 15 minutes for them to finish writing the hit song.

The Canadian rockers’ song about Bachman’s girlfriend’s eyes charted at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. (The couple would later marry and have six children together.)

10.) Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne

Album: Jackson Browne
Year: 1972

Jackson Browne’s first single is about someone who has faced a lot of challenges in life but learns to accept it for what it is. Browne is joined by Graham Nash and David Crosby (of Crosby, Stills and Nash) on backing vocals for this song.

“Doctor My Eyes” reached #8 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1972.

11.) Naked Eye by Luscious Jackson

Album: Fever In Fever Out
Year: 1996

You could fairly say Luscious Jackson was a one-hit-wonder with their song “Naked Eye.” It was their only Hot 100 entry, peaking at #36 in the U.S. (#25 in the U.K.).

Lead singer Jill Cunniff wrote the song about seeing through the facades of life’s relationships, being emotionally naked and honest. “(I)t takes a lot of courage to be open. It’s much easier to hide behind fences and wish the world understood,” she told Billboard in 1997.

More famous songs about eyes by music genre

Pop songs

  • Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes
  • Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson
  • Eyes Open by Taylor Swift
  • Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons
  • When You Look Me In The Eyes by Jonas Brothers
  • Beautiful In My Eyes by Joshua Madison
  • My Eyes Adored You by Frankie Valli
  • Sad Eyes by Robert John
  • Lost In Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson
  • For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton
  • The Man With The Child In His Eyes by Kate Bush
  • Eye Of The Needle by Sia
  • Music To My Eyes by Lady Gaga
  • Eyes Closed by Halsey

R&B songs about eyes

  • Brown Eyes by Destiny’s Child
  • I Only Have Eyes For You by The Flamingos
  • History Has Its Eyes On You by John Legend
  • Breaking’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) by Mint Condition
  • Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by The Platters
  • When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes by The Supremes

Classic rock / alternative rock songs

  • Lyin’ Eyes by the Eagles
  • Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol
  • Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
  • Blue Eyes Blue by Eric Clapton
  • Angel Eyes by The Jeff Healey Band
  • Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor
  • My Eyes Have Seen You by The Doors
  • Ebony Eyes by Bob Welch
  • Private Eyes by Hall & Oates
  • Eye In The Sky by The Alan Parsons Project
  • Suite: Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby, Stills & Nash
  • My Father’s Eyes by Eric Clapton
  • Crush With Eyeliner by R.E.M.
  • Glass Eyes by Radiohead
  • The Story In Your Eyes by The Moody Blues
  • Big Eyes by Lana Del Rey
  • Rosalinda’s Eyes by Billy Joel
  • Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by Ultravox
  • When I Look Into Your Eyes by FireHouse
  • Sexy Eyes by Dr. Hook
  • Green Eyes by Coldplay
  • Brown Eyed Handsome Man by Chuck Berry
  • Close My Eyes Forever by Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne
  • Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol
  • Green-Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf
  • Gypsy Eyes by Jimi Hendrix
  • Eyes Wide Open by Gotye
  • Electric Eye by Judas Priest

Hip Hop songs

  • All Eyes On You by Meek Mill featuring Nicki Minaj
  • Rhinestone Eyes by Gorillaz
  • Caught Their Eyes by Jay-Z
  • Eyes Closed by Snoop Dogg

Country songs about eyes

  • Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by Crystal Gayle
  • In Another’s Eye by Trisha Yearwood
  • Hungry Eyes by Merle Haggard
  • Looking Through Your Eyes by LeAnn Rimes
  • My Eyes by Blake Shelton
  • Ebony Eyes by The Everly Brothers
  • Goodbye In Her Eyes by Zac Brown Band
  • Look In Her Eyes And Lie by Alan Jackson
  • The Bluest Eyes In Texas by Restless Heart
  • Eyes On You by Chase Rice
  • Smoke In Her Eyes by Big & Rich

Even more songs about eyes

Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath

Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding

All Eyez by Game featuring Jeremih

Close My Eyes by Mariah Carey

When You Close Your Eyes by Night Ranger

Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed by Shania Twain

Open Your Eyes by Alter Bridge

Blind Eye by Uriah Heep

Pretty Brown Eyes by Cody Simpson

Angel in My Eyes by John Michael Montgomery

Never Close Our Eyes by Adam Lambert

Sad Eyes by Bruce Springsteen

Eye Know by De La Soul

Queenie Eye by Paul McCartney

Close Your Eyes by Parmalee

Eyes of Silver by Doobie Brothers

A Pair of Brown Eyes by The Pogues

Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand

Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex

Eye of the Beholder by Metallica

The Story in Your Eyes by The Moody Blues

My Mind’s Eye by Small Faces

Even more eye songs for you to discover

Far Away Eyes by The Rolling Stones

If We Had Your Eyes by Michelle Williams

My Eyes by Travis

Blackened Blue Eyes by The Charlatans

Eyesight to the Blind by Sonny Boy Williamson

Starz in Their Eyes by Just Jack

Starry Eyed Surprise by Paul Oakenfold featuring Shifty Shellshock

Angel Eyes by Roxy Music

You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor

Pretty Little Angel Eyes by Curtis Lee

Evil Eye by KT Tunstall

Gee Whiz (Look at His Eyes) by Carla Thomas

Earache My Eye by Cheech & Chong

Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands by Bob Dylan

Black Eyes Blue by Corey Taylor

The Light in Your Eyes by LeAnn Rimes

Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel

Dry Your Eyes by The Streets

Million Eyes by Loic Nottet

I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes by Dierks Bentley

Mystic Eyes by Them

Eyes Shut by Years & Years

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