Best Hulk Quotes and Sayings

These Hulk quotes capture the essence of the superhero character created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. It is published by Marvel Comics.

The character is both the Hulk, a muscular green-skinned humanoid with massive physical strength, and also Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. Banner works as a physicist and he is physically weak and socially withdrawn.

When Dr. Banner was accidentally exposed to gamma rays, he turned into the Hulk. Going forward, whenever Banner is under stress, his transformation to the Hulk can take place. The Incredible Hulk is a 2008 film based on the Marvel Comics character, the Hulk.

The Hulk character has appeared in numerous films and many of his quotes are legendary with fans of the character. Read on to get a taste of what the Hulk says.


    Good Hulk Quotes

    • Maybe here… in the place called Florida… Hulk can find the quiet he wants.
    • I’m changing… but I musn’t change – I musn’t – Yes, I must! HULK MUST LIVE!
    • I put the brains and brawn together and now look at me. Best of both worlds.
    • That’s the thing, what no one ever understands. It’s never been me, it’s never about control. It’s simpler. Hulk is the strongest one there is
    • Ummm- Hulk Like beans–
    • This time Thing won’t escape me! This time Thing must die!
    • Hulk is not sorry, Hulk is Hulk.
    • Unstoppable? Let me show you what this word means!
    Good Hulk Quotes and Sayings

    Bruce Banner Quotations about Himself

    Why do you attack Hulk? Hulk does not want to fight you. Hulk does not even know you!

    Wherever Hulk goes, People are afraid of the hulk!

    It’ll be worth dying, Betty — if that’ll rid this planet forever of the Hulk.

    Now monster man knows –Hulk is the strongest monster there is.

    Hulk only fights those that threaten him!

    Katrina must not see Hulk! Hulk is big … ugly!

    I eat dumbells for breakfast.

    Any last words?

    Hulk’s job? Hulk’s Baddie!

    Don’t make me angry!

    Everybody always needs Hulk for something.

    Smashing is what Hulk does best!

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    Short Quotations by Hulk

    1. Hulk is going now! Don’t try to follow!
    2. Puny God
    3. Winning.
    4. Hulk has no friends! Not in this world!
    5. Hulk breaks your claws this time, little man.
    6. Time to break stuff.
    7. They shall all be afraid of Hulk.
    8. Scared is for Humans! I’m the Hulk.
    9. Power feels good. I want more.
    10. Hulk barely touched that!
    11. Hulk’s job? Hulk’s Baddie!
    12. Well, those I actively try to avoid.
    13. Hulk doesn’t care about your stuff!
    14. Hulk does not smash….children.
    15. Now the Hulk will be the Hunter instead of the hunted.
    16. I’ve got things to do!
    17. Really? They want me in a submerged, pressurized, metal container?
    18. He wanted me to change into that mindless ‘Hulk’.
    19. This better not be a trick to trap Hulk.
    20. You found me!

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    Hulk Sayings About Being Angry

    Don’t make me angry!

    That’s my secret, Captain: I’m always angry.

    You dare attack the Hulk? Now you taste the sting of your weapon!

    Law cannot make Hulk leave! Hulk will smash stupid law!

    The angrier I get, the stronger I get! I’m the strongest one there is! Hulk Smash!

    I know, I’m sorry! I just get so angry all the time! Hulk always — always angry.

    I have got a compelling reason not to lose my cool.

    But you know what scares me most? When I can’t fight it anymore when it takes over when I totally lose control…I like it.

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    Quotations about Fighting by Hulk

    Woo. A dozen tough guys. Doesn’t look good for me, does it?

    Thanks, but the last time I was in New York, I kind of broke…Harlem.

    Now Hulk will smash other Illuminati.

    I see this as an absolute win.

    You are strong, Thing! But not as strong as the Hulk! Nothing is as strong as the Hulk!

    To beat Hulk, you must be stronger than Hulk– and no one is Stronger than Hulk!

    Hulk will break metal man open like a tin can. Metalman thinks he is stronger than Hulk. Metalman wrong.

    Oh, no, we’re way past that. I could choke the life out of you and never change a shade.

    They will hound me no longer! For now, the Hulk will fight back! …on my own terms.

    “I hate fighting stupid robots! You don’t scream or bleed or nothing! It’s no fun!

    Give me a real fight.

    I don’t want to fight your sister. That’s a family issue.

    Powerful Sayings by Hulk

    Any last words? Hulk…SMASH!

    Where is your power now, leader? Tell Hulk again you will defeat him– so Hulk can have a chance to laugh!

    Well, that’s because I don’t want to get to know you. Properly or Improperly.

    Should I dazzle with more cliches? Or go straight to the breaking of major organs.

    All puny humans are Hulk enemies, and Hulk will smash them all!

    All right, stupid monsters. Come and fight Hulk if that is what you want. Hulk is ready. Hulk is always ready!

    Crush hulk? Nobody crushes Hulk.

    Don’t Make Me Hungry. You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Hungry.

    Is Smoke-thing afraid of Hulk’s little wind?

    Why are Magic man and stupid fish-man staring at the Hulk?

    Funny Quotes by Hulk

    This statue is Hulk’s now – Hulk like it –Hulk will keep it!

    No, no, not control it, but, I don’t know, maybe aim it.

    Doesn’t sound right.

    [Speaking Portuguese badly] Don’t make me…hungry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry. [Pause, in English] Wait, that’s not right.

    You got lousy taste in men, kid.

    I know it’s crazy. I’m wearing shirts now.

    That man has a brain full of cats. You can smell crazy on him.

    Me in metal tube, deep underground with hundreds of people in the most aggressive city in the world?

    You want to go to the review board on Monday and tell them we have developed a brand new method for exploding frogs?

    When Hulk smashes something, it stays smashed.

    I got low. I didn’t see an end. So, I put a bullet in my mouth….and the other guy spits it out.

    Hulk is getting tired chasing stupid magic rock.

    Room is too small…and bed is too soft! makes Hulk Nervous!

    There’s an Ant-Man AND a Spider-Man?

    Hulk don’t know why Hairy lady hit Hulk with lightning…but Hulk don’t like it.

    Why does head always hurt…when Hulk tries to think?

    Hulk wants to go…home.

    Hulk Talking To and About the Avengers

    Yeah, same. Hulk like fire…Thor like water.

    Tony Stark. My “friend.” You sabotaged the Gamma Bomb, Tony. You made me into the Hulk!

    Where is your power now, Leader? Tell Hulk again how you will defeat him — so Hulk will have a chance to laugh!

    No team, only Hulk.

    I don’t think we should be focusing on Loki. That guy’s brain is a bag full of cats. You can smell crazy on him.

    You cannot be my friend… Nobody’s friend! You are a robot!

    This ain’t another one of our throwdowns, Wolverine; things ‘re different.

    Strange was Hulk’s friend once! If Hulk needs help, Strange will help Hulk – or Hulk will smash!

    Fish-Man is hurt — and Hulk cannot help him. Hulk hates to say it — But Hulk needs you.

    Broke up? Like a band? Like the Beatles?

    But Hulk like real fire. Like… raging fire. Thor like smoldering fire

    What If I Told You We Were Putting A Team Together?

    We are not a team; we are a time bomb.

    S.H.I.E.L.D. Resources Quotation

    I’m proud to say I’ve put S.H.I.E.L.D. resources to good use for the world. Which is surprising, as I managed to improve myself not at all. I keep swearing it’s all about “Hulk destroys, Banner builds,” but… But this last episode… Jessup becomes a monster because he broke quarantine to look for me because the Hulk escaped…

    Because the Avengers tried to disable my bomb because I built it hastily… Because I needed the credit. All those years on the run, I didn’t grow up much. But I know I can do better than that. I will do better. From here on out, I leave the jealousy and the bitterness all behind me. Starting now.

    Inspirational Quotes by the Hullk

    Maybe the real reason I became the Hulk…was to protect the world from Banner.

    Avoiding stress isn’t the secret.

    Man said Hulk looks dumb, but men act dumb. Maybe Hulk acts dumb, too, sometimes. Hulk always thinks all humans bad -thinks everything humans do is bad. But humans a lot like Hulk –sometimes hurt –sometimes help.

    Top Quotes Said by Hulk in Marvel Movies

    Sorry guys looks like you don’t get to see my party trick after all.

    Hulk knew that magician would into trouble; Hulk always knows, and no one ever listens.

    What’s those things on her eyes? Are those for the people she’s killed? She’s so beautiful and strong and courageous.

    I’ve been alone for a long time. Not because I want to be, but because until I solve this problem, I have to be.

    They don’t need to be protected. They need to evolve. Ultron’s going to evolve.

    I can’t believe this nightmare is still going on! I thought it was over. And, I thought I was dead! But I’m not… I’m here, wherever here is -still alive… still half man, half Hulk!

    If we do this, how do we know it’s gonna end any differently than it did before.

    A warm light for all mankind.’ Loki’s jab at fury about the cube.

    You know, sometimes exactly what I want to hear isn’t exactly what I want to hear.

    Ah, that’s right, I forgot you’re not the monster anymore, are you? I am.

    None of them are for flying alien spaceships.

    Why are you always hitting people?

    Is that the only word on me?

    Best Hulk Quotes

    And something went very wrong… Or it went very right.

    Even now, I can feel it. Buried somewhere deep inside. Watching me. Waiting. But you know what scares me the most? When I can’t fight it anymore when it takes over when I totally lose control….” “I like it.”

    So you’re saying that the Hulk…the other guy…saved my life? That’s nice. It’s nice sentiment. Save it for what?

    You cant break a man who’s already been broken.

    Sorry, it’s just… Tony Stark and Reed Richards use their genius to save the world every other week. That’s how they’ll be remembered in history. Meanwhile, I — I, who, forgive me, have just as much to contribute — will be lucky if my tombstone doesn’t simply say “Hulk Smash.”

    Bah! If puny god is all that makes ground shake, Hulk will climb to top of mountain – and make god stop!

    I don’t want to control it; I want to get rid of it.

    Oh, S**T.

    For years, I have been treating the Hulk-like he’s some kind of disease, something to get rid of. But then I start looking at him as a cure.

    Leave me alone.

    I mean, what are we, a team? No, no, no. We are a chemical mixture that makes chaos. We are a time bomb.

    Hulk Saying about Life

    I don’t get always what I want.

    I don’t know why everyone believes that, but that isn’t true. Think about it. If you go into the past, that past becomes your future, and your former present becomes the past, which can’t now be changed by your new future.

    You don’t. But the radiation’s mostly gamma. It’s like I was made for this.

    Top Quotes Said by Hulk in Marvel Comic Books

    Hulk doesn’t understand. First little man fights Hulk… and now he fights Hulk’s enemy? But if Hulk’s enemy is little man’s enemy… then little man is Hulk’s friend!

    Can’t — let myself become — The Hulk –For if I do — The Defenders are dead for sure! But I — I Don’t know how long — I can hold out!

    Remember this, puny humans. We came here for justice, not murder. So no one on your planet has died by our hands. And no one will. But we will make sure no one on earth will ever forget what you are. Liars. Traitors. And Killers.

    Huh? Is Sword-Girl — with Cape-Man! Cape-Man is one who sent Hulk here– and now Cape-Man steals Hulk’s friend! … Hulk will not let Cape-Man steal friends from Hulk.

    With Frank Sinatra retired and me on the inactive list, I’m afraid the Jet Set’s had it.

    Hulk is Hulk-not Wendigo. Hulk doesn’t even know what Wendigo is. And Hulk doesn’t hurt people who don’t hurt him back.

    Katrina must not see Hulk! Hulk is big … ugly!

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