Best WiFi Names

WiFi names are not something you probably think about very often. Yet, an amusing one can make your neighbors smile: a little gift of whimsy you share with the neighborhood.

Don’t be tempted to simply use your last name for your WiFi moniker. Add a little zest to your local area network with a punchy name that gets attention!

Just take a stroll through this list of best WiFi names and see if one catches your eye. If not, maybe the list will inspire you to come up with your own idea. Have fun!


    Best WiFi names for your home network

    These WiFi naming options are a good place to start your naming process. They are some of the best WiFi names you’ll find. We hope you enjoy them and have a laugh, too!

    • That’s What She SSID
    • Bohemian Raspberry
    • The Bluetooth Fairy
    • Paper or Plastic?
    • Wireless This Way
    • Jesus Saves — Crosby on the Rebound. Scores!
    • No More Mister WiFi
    • Bird on a Wireless
    • Winona Router
    • The Promised LAN
    • Don’t Ask for a Password
    • The Good Wifi
    • My Password is Taco
    • WiFi Art Thou Romeo
    • Please Keep It on the Download
    • Dora the Internet Explorer
    • Wi of the Tiger
    • You’ve Got Mail
    • Look Ma No Wires
    • Mom Push Here For Internet
    • WAN to Go Out
    • Lord of the Pings
    • Pretty Fly for WiFi
    • Not a Meth Lab
    • Take My WiFi, Please
    • Untrusted Network
    • Gone Wireless
    • Wifi the Feeling?
    • Buffering Worthy
    • Rhythm and Bluetooth
    • Bandwidth on the Run
    Best WiFi names

    How to pick a good WiFi name

    Here are six questions to ask yourself when thinking about a name for your WiFi network:

    1. Does the name sound good to you and your family?
    2. How easy is the name to say?
    3. How does the selection look when its written out?
    4. Is it appropriate for all audiences?
    5. Is the name something you’ll remember? You want to easily recall it when friends ask.
    6. What will your neighbors think? In addition to you and your guests, this is the audience that will be seeing it.

    Funny WiFi names

    Don’t let your neighbors take the high ground on funny wifi names! The list below will provide options for you to win the best name competition.

    • WiFi Fo Fum
    • Volvo Mafia Safehouse
    • Life in the Fast LAN
    • Nacho WiFi
    • Girls Gone Wireless
    • Winternet is Coming
    • The LAN Down Under
    • Viruses Abound
    • WiFi When You Can Drive
    • Guess Where We Live
    • Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?
    • The LAN Before Time
    • Area 51
    • I’m Under Your Bed
    • Knock Knock
    • That’s My Momma
    • The Bat-Signal
    • Martin Router King
    • Get Off My LAN
    • You Aren’t Just Here for the Hunting
    • Mom, Use This One!
    • Fellowship of the Ping
    • Bluetooth, the Pirate
    • 1 Forest 1 (Password: Gump)
    • This is Private Lan
    • Hair Bandwidth
    • Router 66
    • Hitch Hikers Wifi
    • Last Wifi and Testament
    • For Fun, Click Here
    • For a Good Time Wifi
    • New England Clam Router
    • I’m Feeling Downloaded
    • Benjamin FrankLAN
    • Nacho Internet
    • Just Go Away
    • How Wide Is Your Bandwidth?

    What Does WiFi Mean?

    WiFi is “a facility allowing smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices to wirelessly connect to the Internet in a particular area, e.g., a home or office.”

    Funny WiFi name list

    Good WiFi names for a laugh

    Here are even more good name ideas for your home network. Use them as-is or create your own spin on these naming ideas!

    • Shut Your Dog Up
    • IP Green
    • Classified
    • I Have Internet, and You Do Not
    • John Wilkes Bluetooth
    • Abraham Lynksys
    • Hot Spot Baby
    • Talk To Each Other
    • Byte Me
    • Wham Bam Thank You, LAN
    • Don’t Look Now
    • Every Day I’m Buffering
    • Bed, Bath and Beyonce
    • Virus No Why.
    • Wifi Names for Your Business
    • Titanic Synching
    • Lex Luther
    • Never Guess the Password
    • Man and Wifi
    • Buffering Bad
    • Access Denied
    • Nacho Hot Spot
    • DEA Surveillance
    • Hide Your Wifi and Kids
    • Black Sheep of the Neighborhood
    • I See You
    • Talk Into the Screen
    • The Samurai’s Wifi
    • Waffle Fries
    • BatLAN and Robin
    • LAN Calling
    • Smoke on the Wireless
    • You Really Got Megabytes
    • Don’t Fear the Router
    • Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
    • Pings Pong
    • Connect This
    • Any Portal in a Storm
    • Ping Me
    • One Way or a Wifi

    What Does LAN mean?

    LAN (Local Area Network) is a computer network confined to a small area, e.g., a room or a building.

    Clever WiFi names

    Try one of these names for your WiFi and impress your neighbors with how clever you can be.

    • Network Unavailable
    • This LAN is My LAN
    • Make it Snappy
    • I’m Hot. Spot
    • Wifi the Inevitable?
    • Quit Stealing my Newspaper
    • The LANisters Send Their Regards
    • Bandwidth Together
    • Cheeses Take the Wheel
    • WiFi When You Can Drive?
    • Abraham Linksys
    • Drop It Like It’s a Hotspot
    • I Believe We Can WiFi
    • Your WiFi Is Not the Issue
    • One
    • The Internet
    • Try Again
    • Chance the Router
    • Alice in WonderLAN
    • Missed Connections
    • Free Bird Is Not Played Here
    • It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
    • Sponge Bob Square Squips
    • You’re Watching My Wifi
    • Disk Space Low
    • Game of Drones
    • You Are the Weakest Linkys!
    • My Wifi Wants a Divorce
    • Smile You’re on Candid Camera
    • Threes a Network
    • Have You Stopped Beating Your WiFi?
    • The LAN of the Free
    • Virus-Free for 36 Hours

    Witty WiFi names

    Outwit fellow LANers with one of these unique WiFi names.

    • And Don’t Call Me Shirley
    • Bill Wi the Science Fi
    • Race Against Time
    • Vance Refrigeration
    • The Fast Track
    • My Password is Easy
    • IP Frequently
    • Not Suitable for Networking
    • American Bandwidth
    • You Complete Me
    • Pine for Not Thy Neighbor’s WiFi
    • Wu-Tang Lan
    • Connection Lost
    • Not the WiFi You’re Looking For
    • WiFi? Wi-not?
    • Not in Range
    • Step on the Gas
    • Share Your Password With Me
    • Cupcake Connection
    • Pick Me!
    • Password is Popcorn
    • Fast and Curious
    • Unsafe at Any Speed
    • Not a Free Wifi
    • No Free Password
    • Al Gore’s WonderLAN
    • King of the Wifi
    • Mega Bite Me
    • May the Hot Spot be With You
    • Who What Where How Wifi
    • Mapquest Directions to My Router
    • Knock Knock Who’s Wifi
    • Just Take an SSIP
    • Dialup to Download
    • Gateway to Heaven
    • Lord Voldemodem
    • No Wifi For You!
    • LAN Down Under
    • Wi Believe I Can Fi
    • You’re Under Surveillance
    • Test Results
    • That’s Do Dialup
    • Crazy Rich Squips
    • The Little Router That Could
    • Pirate Hot Spot
    • The Love Shack
    • The Router of My Dreams
    • It’s a Small Worldwide Web
    • LANs Solo
    • No Moochers Allowed
    More clever WiFi names

    Humorous WiFi names to make you chuckle

    These WiFi names are just plain funny. Get ready to chuckle!

    • You’re Being Watched
    • Been There and Seen That
    • Hot Hits the Spot
    • Is This Your WiFi?
    • Let’s Re Router
    • The Horse Was Named Friday
    • Worlds of WonderLAN
    • Running on the Lan
    • You’ll Never Guess the Password
    • Connection Found
    • Security Recommendation
    • WebMaster Says No
    • Declined
    • Back Away From the WiFi
    • I’m With the Bandwidth
    • FBI Van 3
    • Super Bowl Ping
    • Surveillance Van
    • Loading…
    • Even With My Eyes Closed
    • My Dog Created the Password
    • Stairway to WiFi
    • Free Trial
    • Snap It Up
    • IP in the Shower
    • This Love Shack is a Hot Spot
    • Router This
    • SSIP Your Drink
    • Get Off My Wifi
    • Zuckerberg Who?
    • Business in the Front, Party in the Back
    • It Could Be Wifi
    • Slam This LAN
    • Hack This
    • This is My Network
    • Vladimir Routin
    • My Amish Network
    • Run Far Away
    • You Found My Hot Spot
    • Network Broadcast
    • Connecting…
    • HP Laserjet
    • My Other Wifi Is Radioactive
    • Oh, My LANta
    • Wifi of the Tiger
    • I’m On the Download
    • Unrestricted Wifi
    • IP Downloads
    • Water Cooler Hot Spot
    • My Other Wifi is a Hot Spot
    • Wifi Not

    WiFi terms to use for naming ideas

    Want to create your own fun WiFi name? Start with one of these common networking terms.

    • Access Point
    • Bandwidth
    • Bridge
    • Channel
    • Encryption
    • Firewall
    • Gateway
    • Hotspot
    • Hub
    • IP Address
    • LAN
    • Network
    • Repeater
    • Router
    • USB
    • WAN

    We hope this list of best WiFi names helped you come up with your own fantastic name. For more naming ideas, check out the following lists:

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    About the authors | Published 12/13/2023

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