Unicorn Jokes For Kids

These wacky, whimsical unicorn jokes for kids are sure to make you laugh out loud!

They include all kinds of magical, pun-tastic humor from the fairy tale land of unicorns — with plenty of glitter and rainbows mixed in.

So get ready to sprinkle your giggles with shimmer and let your snorts shine brighter than a unicorn’s horn at midnight. Enjoy!


    Best unicorn jokes for kids

    1. What did the unicorn say when it fell?
    I’ve fallen and I can’t giddyup.

    2. What is corn oil use for?
    To stop unicorns from squealing.

    3. What is the difference between a unicorn and a carrot?
    One is a funny beast, the other is a bunny feast.

    4. How do unicorns get to the park?
    On a unicycle.

    5. What do unicorns serve at a BBQ?
    Uni-corn on the cob.

    6. What do unicorns eat for breakfast?
    Lucky Charms.

    7. What street do unicorns live on?
    Mane Street.

    8. How do you know that a unicorn has been in your house?
    They leave glitter everywhere.

    unicorn jokes for kids

    Funny unicorn jokes

    9. Which unicorn has a cold?
    The achoo-nicorn.

    10. What do you get when you cross a unicorn with a mermaid?
    A mermicorn.

    11. Why did the little unicorn get sent to bed without any dinner?
    Because she was horsing around.

    12. Why didn’t the unicorn want to join the army?
    She didn’t want to wear a uni-form.

    13. Why did the unicorn cross the road?
    To get to the end of the rainbow.

    14. What did the baby unicorn say to her mommy?
    Where’s pop corn?

    15. Why did the unicorn go to space?
    To visit the uni-verse.

    16. What is a unicorn’s favorite TV show?
    My Little Pony.

    17. Where did the unicorn run to after the rainstorm?
    Somewhere over the rainbow.

    18. What’s the best type of story to tell a runaway unicorn?
    A tale of whoa.

    19. What do you call a group of unicorns?
    A blessing.

    20. What did the unicorn say when he saw himself in the mirror?
    Wow, I really am one of a kind.

    21. What do they call the best student at Unicorn University?
    The A-corn.

    22. Why did the unicorn want to join the school band?
    So he could wear a uni-form.

    Unicorn horn jokes

    23. Why can’t you take unicorns to the library?
    They might use their horn.

    24. How do you get a unicorn to move out of the road?
    Use a unihorn.

    25. What do unicorns hang on their Christmas tree?

    26. What do you get if you cross a unicorn and a cow?
    Horned beef.

    27. What game should you never play with a unicorn?

    28. Unicorns never horse around.
    They get right to the point!

    Funny unicorn jokes

    Unicorn puns

    29. What is the unicorn’s favorite sport?
    Running mare-athons.

    30. Where do unicorns live?
    In neigh-borhoods.

    31. What did the unicorn tell the carrot?
    U no corn.

    32. Why did the unicorn run across the road?
    It was late for horse-story class.

    33. Why was the unicorn arrested?
    She was the mane suspect.

    34. What do you tell a unicorn after it graduates from college?

    35. What would you call a small scoop of ice cream?
    A uni-cone.

    36. Why did the unicorn go to the doctor?
    He was feeling a little horse.

    37. Why did the unicorn cross the road?
    To meet his neigh-bours.

    38. What do unicorns like to ride on?

    39. Where do naughty unicorns go?

    40. Why do unicorns listen to polkas?
    They like to hear unicordians.

    41. What do unicorn moms bake on Sunday?
    Uni-corn muffins.

    42. What do unicorns wear when it’s cold outside?
    Unicorduroy pants.

    Silly unicorn jokes for kids

    43. What do you call a fancy unicorn?
    A glamicorn.

    44. What do unicorns use for money?
    Corn bread.

    45. Did you hear about the unicorn with a negative attitude?
    She always said neigh.

    46. What did the mythical creature serve at his barbecue?
    Unicorn on the cob.

    47. How do unicorns know how popular they are?
    The Gallop poll.

    48. Where do unicorns play singles tennis?
    On the unicourt.

    49. Which state do unicorns like most?

    50. Why can you always trust what a unicorn says?
    They’re no bull.

    51. What do you get if you cross a unicycle and a cob of corn?
    You get a unicorn.

    52. Where do unicorns go to ride the merry go round?
    A unicorn-ival.

    53. How do unicorns greet each other?

    More unicorn jokes for kids

    Unicorn Halloween jokes

    54. What did the unicorn dress up as for Halloween?
    A rhinoceros.

    55. What do you call a scary unicorn?
    A nightmare.

    56. What do you call a baby unicorn?
    A unikernel.

    57. What do you get when you cross a werewolf and a unicorn?
    A corn dog.

    58. What do you call a group of Unicorns enjoying a cupcake party?
    A sprinkle of magic.

    59. What’s black and white and eats like a unicorn?
    A zebra.

    60. What is a unicorn’s favorite kind of a story?
    A fairy tail.

    61. Why did the unicorn cross the road?
    Because it wanted to see its neighbors.

    Unicorn riddles

    62. What do you call a unicorn with no horn?
    A horse.

    63. What’s the difference between a unicorn and an honest politician?
    Nothing. They’re both fictional characters.

    64. Why did the princess prefer her unicorn to her pony?
    Her pony horsed around too much.

    65. What do you call a unicorn with large eyelashes?

    66. Which side of a unicorn has the most hair?
    The outside.

    67. Do they have unicorns at the zoo?
    Yes. They’re just big, grey and called rhinos.

    68. What do you call it when a unicorn wakes up for a midnight snack?
    Star grazing.

    69. Why did the unicorn eat a rainbow?
    To see if it tasted like Skittles.

    70. How long should a unicorns legs be?
    Long enough to touch the ground.

    71. What looks like half a unicorn?
    The other half.

    72. You are riding a unicorn chasing a rainbow tiger and there is a flying lion behind you. What do you do?
    Get off the carousel.

    Corny jokes

    73. What mythical creature likes to croak?
    Unihorn toad.

    74. The other day my friend told me I was delusional.
    I nearly fell off of my unicorn!

    75. Why do unicorns like silly jokes?
    Because they’re uni-corny.

    76. Why was the unicorn able to win all the Pokemon battles?
    It was legendary.

    77. Why didn’t the narwhal invite the unicorn to his party?
    He wanted to keep it real.

    78. Why did the unicorn go to the movies?
    He liked the book.

    79. What card game do unicorns play?

    80. Why was the unicorn afraid of Jimmy?
    Because Jimmy cracks unicorns and he don’t care.

    81. What do unicorn farmers raise?
    UniCornish game hens.

    82. What do you call a unicorn who got a flu vaccination?
    An immunicorn.

    83. Why was the unicorn such a good guitar player?
    He knew all the uni-chords.

    84. What do unicorns use to buy things?
    Unicorn bread.

    Unicorn knock knock jokes

    85. Knock knock – Who’s there?
    You – You who?
    Unicorn, that’s who!

    86. Knock knock – Who’s there?
    Unicorn – Unicorn who?
    Uni cracked corn and I don’t care!

    87. Knock knock – Who’s there?
    Parton – Parton who?
    Parton me, but have you seen my unicorn?

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