Popcorn Jokes For Kids

Popcorn is the perfect treat for watching a movie at home, attending a sporting event, or visiting a carnival, and these popcorn jokes for kids will keep them laughing all day long.

Popcorn is a delicious and popular snack enjoyed by people of all ages, but it’s especially beloved by kids. And these jokes are sure to leave your little ones giggling and popping with joy.

So why not serve them some popcorn and put a smile on their faces too? After all, what’s better than enjoying a bowl of popcorn with a side of laughter!


    Best popcorn jokes for kids

    From silly puns to clever riddles, there’s something for every popcorn lover on this list. So get ready to pop some popcorn and share a laugh with your kids today!

    1.) What comes free with popcorn?

    2.) What do you call one piece of popcorn?

    3.) Who ordered the corn to pop?
    The kernel.

    4.) What does a corn cob call its father?
    Pop corn.

    5.) Why do people not order plain popcorn?
    Because there are butter ones out there.

    6.) Why didn’t the kernel pop?
    It was corn-fused.

    popcorn jokes for kids

    Corny popcorn jokes for kids

    7.) What is a popcorn’s zodiac sign?

    8.) What do you call a bad popcorn joke?

    9.) What do you call a bad cheddar popcorn joke?

    10.) Why did the girl laugh at the popcorn joke?
    Because it was corny.

    11.) What kind of corn do dogs like?

    12.) What did everyone say to the kernel when he finally popped?

    13.) What did the kernel’s friend ask him?
    What’s popping?

    14.) Did you hear about the popcorn that joined the army?
    They made him a kernel.

    Popcorn puns

    15.) What happened to the boy ate expired popcorn?
    He faced the cornsequences.

    16.) Why was the popcorn so happy?
    Because it just won a corntest.

    17.) What kind of music do kernels listen to?
    Pop music.

    18.) Should you eat popcorn that has fallen on the floor?
    Maize well.

    19.) What did the popcorn say to his wife?
    You are a-maize-ing!

    20.) What should you use to make spicy popcorn?

    21.) Why is popcorn way better than a movie?
    Popcorn is so much butter.

    22.) What music gets popcorn to dance?
    Hip pop.

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    Silly popcorn jokes for kids

    23.) Who is popcorn’s favorite fictional character?
    Mary Poppins.

    24.) Why was the popcorn picking a fight with everyone?
    Because it was salty.

    25.) Who is popcorn’s distant relative?

    26.) Whats a popcorn’s favorite pizza topping?

    27.) Why shouldn’t you tell a secret on a farm?
    The corn is all ears.

    28.) What did the popcorn say to the jack in the box?
    Pop goes the weasel.

    29.) How much do pirates charge for corn on the cob?
    A buck-an-ear.

    30.) What do you call a popcorn’s favorite flower?

    Popcorn riddles

    31.) What do kernels do to lose weight?
    They become popcorn.

    32.) What makes a loud noise when changing it’s jacket, becomes larger, but weighs less?

    33.) Want to know the best way to burn 400 calories?
    Leave the popcorn in the microwave for too long.

    34.) Why did the kernel turn into popcorn?
    It was a hot day.

    35.) Why does popcorn grow at such high altitudes?
    Because that’s where the ears start popping.

    36.) Did you know zombies don’t eat popcorn with their fingers?
    They like to eat their fingers separately.

    Popcorn knock knock jokes

    37.) Knock knock – Who’s there?
    Papa – Papa who?
    Papapapapapapapa popcorn!

    38.) Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Corn’s dad – Corn’s dad who?
    Pop corn!

    39.) Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Pop – Pop who?
    Popcorn’s ready. Start the movie!

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 10/5/2023