Hamburger Jokes For Kids

Hamburgers are a delicious and popular fast food that most everyone enjoys eating. But did you know that hamburgers can also be funny? That’s why we put together this list of funny hamburger jokes for kids of all ages.


    Best hamburger jokes for kids

    Take a bite of these hamburger jokes for a laugh and a smile. You’ll enjoy them at back-yard barbecues, trips to the drive thru, or your family dinners.

    Silly hamburger jokes for kids

    1.) How do you stop someone from stealing your grill?
    With a burger alarm.

    2.) Who are the hamburgers favorite people?

    3.) If Burger King married Dairy Queen where would they live?
    At White Castle.

    4.) Why aren’t burgers too good at basketball?
    Too many turnovers.

    5.) What do you call a hamburger on a motorcycle?
    Fast food.

    6.) Where were hamburgers first made?
    In Greece.

    7.) How do you make a hamburger dance?
    Just order a burger and a shake!

    8.) What did the hamburger say to the hot dog?
    You’re on a roll.

    9.) What do you call a tasty meal at the North Pole?
    A ham-brrr-grrr.

    hamburger jokes for kids

    Cheeseburger jokes

    10.) What did the Cheeseburgers name their daughter?

    11.) Where can a cheeseburger get a great night’s sleep?
    On a bed of lettuce.

    12.) Is it proper to eat a cheeseburger with your fingers?
    No, you should eat your fingers separately.

    13.) How can you tell if a cheeseburger was grilled in space?
    It’s a little meteor.

    14.) Where does a cheeseburger feel at home?
    On the range.

    15.) When can you count on a cheeseburger in an emergency?
    When the chips are down.

    16.) How does a cheeseburger acquire good taste?
    With a little seasoning.

    Funny hamburger jokes for kids

    17.) How did the french fry propose to the hamburger?
    He gave her an onion ring.

    18.) Can you name two burgers who are royalty?
    Sirloin and Burger King.

    19.) How do you insult a hamburger patty?
    Call it a meatball.

    20.) What day do potatoes hate the most?

    21.) What is a flying cheeseburger called?
    An Unidentified Frying Object.

    22.) Where do cheeseburgers like to dance?
    At a meat ball.

    23.) What did the cheeseburger say when it pleaded not guilty?
    I’ve been flamed!

    Hamburger puns

    24.) What do bees order at McDonalds?

    25.) What do frog princes like to eat with their hamburgers?
    French flies.

    26.) What are hamburgers favorite days of the week?
    Fry-day and Sundae.

    27.) What did the cheeseburger say to the pickle?
    You’re dill-icious!

    28.) How did the cheeseburger introduce his wife?
    Meet patty.

    29.) How did the jury find the hamburger?
    Grill-ty as charred.

    More funny jokes for kids

    Corny hamburger jokes for kids

    30.) What is a snowman’s favorite lunch?
    An Iceberger.

    31.) Why do hamburgers make good baseball players?
    They’re great at the plate.

    32.) What do you call a nice french fry?
    A sweet potato.

    33.) Why was the cheeseburger sad?
    It had blue cheese.

    34.) How do you make a hamburger laugh?
    Pickle it.

    35.) What is the french fry’s motto?
    If at first you don’t succeed, fry, fry again.

    36.) Why were the burgers in the cheeseburger embarrassed?
    They saw the salad dressing.

    37.) Why do hamburgers go to the gym?
    To get better buns.

    Hamburger riddles

    38.) What do you get when you cross a hamburger with a computer?
    A Big Mac.

    39.) Why did the Hobbit get a job at Burger King?
    He wanted to be “Lord of the Onion Rings.”

    40.) What kind of food truck serves cheeseburgers?
    A patty wagon.

    41.) What do you call a pig thief?
    A hamburglar.

    42.) What did one hamburger bun say to the other hamburger bun?
    Nothing, they had beef between them.

    43.) What’s the difference between rain falling from the sky and cheeseburgers falling from the sky?
    One of them is a meatier shower.

    44.) Why do cheeseburgers beat hot dogs at every sport?
    Because hot dogs are the wurst.

    45.) Why did the man climb to the roof of McDonalds?
    The told him the meal was on the house.

    46.) What kind of company is a 24-hour cheeseburger joint?

    Hamburger knock knock jokes

    47.) Knock knock – Who’s there?
    Gorilla – Gorilla who?
    Gorilla me a hamburger, I’m hungry!

    48.) Knock knock – Who’s there?
    Noah – Noah, who?
    Noah good joke about cheeseburgers?

    49.) Knock knock – Who’s there?
    June – June who?
    June know any good cheeseburger knock knock jokes?

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 10/9/2023