Best Life Hacks for High School Students

Be more effective, save time, and do it with style with these fun tips.

These life hacks for high school students will make living a little easier. You may be a freshman or a senior, you already know that you will be put to the ultimate test. You don’t have to go through the grind the tough way. Be a smart high school student and follow the best life hacks to help you not only get through it but do it in a cool way.

Best Life Hacks to Make Living Easier

There are many cool life hacks that can simplify things and make your life more interesting and productive. Here are the 22 best life hacks for high school students.

1. Fighting Bad Odor

Even the cleanest rooms can smell gross. Sometimes it may be due to your roommate. A simple hack is to tape great-smelling dryer sheets to the fan or AC vent. Your room will start smelling fresh without the need for using any commercial products laden with chemicals.

2. Super Glue on Paper Cuts

Super Glue is not just meant for adhering objects together. If you have paper cuts, using Super Glue can help in stopping the bleeding and the reoccurring opening of the cut. It’s a simple and effective trick to nip it in the bud. If you’ve ever played basketball outside in cold weather, you know those thin cuts on your fingertips can hurt like the dickens. Now, you have a treatment.

3. Quick Breakfast

Students have hectic lifestyles and learning to prepare a quick breakfast can mean a lot. A simple trick is to prepare scrambled eggs in a mug in the microwave. Spray the mug with cooking grease before cracking open two eggs into it. Add any fixings you prefer and some milk. Switch on the microwave and take out the mug after 45 seconds. Your quick breakfast is ready.

4. Feeling Tired in the Morning?

No matter how much you have slept, you will feel tired in the morning. That’s part of student life. The most common reason is that you are dehydrated. So make sure to drink a glass of water when you wake up. Make sure to fill a glass, not the cup you use to put your toothbrush in.

Easy-to-do best life hacks

5. A Reliable Alarm

Most students have a difficult time getting out of bed. Your phone alarm is not always the most reliable way to wake you up. A simple hack is to leave the phone in an empty glass every night. You will no longer miss an alarm in the morning.

6. Short Charging Cord

A short charging cord means that you wouldn’t be able to play your favorite games or chat with friends lying in your bed. You can tape a power strip to your night stand’s side and the problem is solved.

7. A Hot Room

Do you have a hot room, especially because the fan or AC is not working? Whatever the reason, you could hang a wet towel on an open window. Your room will become just cool enough to be comfortable.

8. Best Way to Tie Your Shoes

Every time you have to tie or untie your shoes, it is a time-consuming task. No matter you have been tying it up since your childhood, it’s so easy to forget it and bungle up.

Here is a simple hack to tie your shoes in an instant. There is no need to make complex loops and get confused.

Best Life Hacks for High School

9. Feeling Stressed & Unproductive

It happens to every high school student. You feel stressed out and don’t feel like doing anything. The best way to get around this problem is to take a nap. It’s as simple as that. Sleep is a great hack for a stressed mind and body. Get plenty of sleep, and if you don’t have the time, just take a power nap in between your tasks.

10. Increase Productivity – Use the Pomodoro Technique

Struggling with your studies? Follow the proven Pomodoro Technique. It requires you to study 25 minutes followed by 5 minutes of break. The break comprises of walking around and stretching your legs, and then you return to studying.

11. Paranoid about Being Watched All the Time

Many high school students are paranoid that someone in their class is always watching them. A simple trick is to yawn and then observe what happens. If someone else yawns, it is a sure-shot way to tell that they were staring at you.

Weird best life hacks

12. The relation between Taste/Smell & Memory

You can remember your lessons better by using this simple trick.

Chew an uncommon flavor of gum when studying for a test. Chew the same flavor of gum again when taking the test. The brain works in mysterious ways – it will recall what you studied when chewing the same gum. This is because there is a close relation between taste/smell and memory.

13. Be a Presentation Hero

When giving a presentation in your class, have a friend ask you a specific question. You would already know the answer to the question and will look smarter to everyone.

14. Use Simple Wikipedia

When you want to find information about different topics in a short period of time, use Enter the topic name and the site will provide instant information.

15. Phone Lock Screen as School Schedule

New students should set their lock screen as their school schedule. This means you will not have to take the schedule out of the bag every few minutes.

16. Never be Afraid to Ask for Help

As a high school student, you should never be afraid to ask for help from your family, teachers, and friends. What is the worst that can happen? They could say no. You can never imagine how helpful people can actually be.

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17. Sit in the First Row

The advantage of sitting in the first row in a class is that it will create an impression in your mind that those behind you don’t exist. When you sit in the first few rows, even a class of hundreds can feel like a class of 20 or 30 students.

18. Play Music without Speakers

You want to play loud music but don’t have speakers. A simple hack is to place the phone in a glass bowl. The set up will amplify the sound and you will suddenly have a loudspeaker that can even be used for a dance party.

19. Eco-friendly Life Hacks

You may already have paperless classrooms. All students can take even more steps at a personal level. You can take notes on your laptop, use online schedulers/calendars, and print only double-sided if it is extremely important to print on paper.

Another eco-friendly life hack for high-school students is to walk to school or use public transport. It is best to walk but if it is too cold or hot, you can take the local bus instead of driving. You will not just be reducing air pollution, you will also start enjoying the fresh air.

20. Learn the Coin Vanish Magic Trick

Impress your peers and make new friends with this simple yet amazing coin vanish trick.

Be different and be more interesting and more students will want to learn more about you.

21. Clean the Keyboard

Got dust and crumbs on your computer keyboard? Here is a simple life hack. Take a post-it note and use its sticky end to clean the keys. The keyboard will be squeaky clean in an instant. There will be no need to use a wet cloth.

22. Fold a T-shirt Right

Keep your room neat by ensuring that all the T-shirts are folded and tucked away properly. Here are three innovative and quick ways to fold a T-shirt.

With these fun life hacks for high school students, you’ll be on to college in no time. And, you’ll have done it in style.

— Mike O’Halloran

Mike is a writer, author, and co-founder of Listcaboodle.


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