Geography Jokes For Kids

These geography jokes for kids are a mixture of funny geography jokes, puns, and actual geography facts. Parents and teachers can teach kids about geography while they enjoy these clean jokes!


    Best geography jokes for kids

    Most kids learn the states and capitals of the U.S. in elementary school, but this lesson can be a little more interesting. Here are some of the best geography jokes for kids.

    1.) What do you call the little rivers that flow into the Nile?

    2.) What did the beach say as the tide came in?
    Long time no sea.

    3.) What is round at the ends and high in the middle?

    4.) What’s the best thing about Switzerland?
    I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

    5.) Where does the president send his dirty clothes?

    6.) Who did Mississippi get married to?
    Mr. Sippi.

    7.) What did the sea say to the shore?
    Nothing, it just waved.

    8.) What has a mouth but can’t eat?
    A river.

    9.) What is the fastest country in the world?
    Rush-a (Russia).

    geography jokes for kids

    For students

    10.) What do you call an island populated entirely by cupcakes?

    11.) Did hear the joke about the mountain?
    You won’t get over it.

    12.) How do mountains see?
    They peak.

    13.) What do penguins wear on their heads?
    Ice caps.

    14.) What did the daddy volcano say to his son volcano?
    “I lava you!”

    15.) What did the ground say to the earthquake?
    You crack me up.

    16.) What’s in the middle of the ocean?
    Letter E.

    17.) Where do fish keep their money?
    In riverbanks.

    For teachers

    18.) What’s the worst thing that can happen to a middle school geography teacher?
    Getting lost.

    19.) What do Christopher Columbus and a map key have in common?
    Both are legends.

    20.) What do geographers grow in their gardens?
    Compass roses.

    21.) Why didn’t true north date magnetic north?
    She didn’t like his bearing.

    22.) Why did the map always get into trouble with Christopher Columbus?
    It had a bad latitude.

    23.) Teacher: It’s clear that you haven’t studied your geography. What’s your excuse?
    Student: Well, my dad says the world is changing every day. So, I decided to wait until it settles down.

    24.) Teacher: Where were you born?
    Student: India.
    Teacher: Which part?
    What do you mean, ‘which part’? My whole body was born in India.

    25.) Teacher: What is the shape of the earth?
    Student: Square.
    Teacher: Why?
    Student Because, my father says your fame should spread to all four corners of the world.

    Geography puns

    1.) What’s a penguin’s favorite relative?
    Aunt Arctica.

    2.) What do you call a map guide to Alcatraz?
    A con-tour map.

    3.) Why did Frosty go to the middle of the lake?
    Because snow man’s an island.

    4.) Why did the grumpy cartographer get kicked out of his map-making club?
    He had a bad latitude.

    5.) Why did the geography student tread water?
    His grades were below C-level.

    6.) What’s big, white, furry and always points North?
    A polar bearing.

    7.) What do you call a colorful atmospheric anomaly that appears over Barcelona?
    A Spainbow.

    8.) What do you get if you cross a farm animal with a map maker?
    A cow-tographer.

    A list of geography jokes for kids

    United States geography jokes for kids

    1.) What rock group has four men that don’t sing?
    Mount Rushmore.

    2.) What Great Lake should you avoid on Friday the 13th?
    Lake Erie.

    3.) What are the Great Plains?
    The 747, Concorde and F-16.

    4.) What has four eyes but can’t see?

    5.) What do you call a city without mini apples?

    6.) What city has lots of sand?
    Sand Francisco.

    USA state jokes

    7.) What did Tennessee?
    The same thing Arkansas.

    8.) Where to pencils come from?

    9.) What is the capital of Alaska?
    Come on, Juneau this one.

    10.) What is the capital of Washington?
    The W.

    11.) What is the smartest state?
    Alabama, it has four A’s and one B.

    12.) Where do the pianists go for vacation?
    The Florida Keys.

    13.) Why did Cali phone ya (California)?
    She called to say Hawhi ya (Hawaii).

    14.) Where do athletes go to get a new uniform?
    New Jersey.

    15.) Where do crayons go on vacation?

    16.) Where do you dance in California?
    San Frandisco.

    17.) Why don’t people want to live in Illinois?
    ‘Cause of too much noise.

    18.) If Mississippi bought Virginia a New Jersey, what would Delaware?
    Idaho, Alaska.

    19.) Which state can you serve at a restaurant?
    Mini Soda (Minnesota).

    20.) What U.S. state is best at producing cheese?

    21.) What’s the happiest state in the union?

    22.) What did Delaware?
    A New Jersey.

    23.) Why is it easy to get into Florida?
    There are so many keys.

    World geography jokes for kids

    1.) Where is it always 90 degrees, but never hot?
    The North and South Poles.

    2.) Teacher: Where is the English Channel?
    Student: I don’t know, my TV doesn’t pick it up.

    3.) What country does a pirate love to sail his ship to?

    4.) Why are bad school grades like a shipwreck in the Arctic Ocean?
    They’re both below C level.

    5.) What is in the center of America?
    The letter “R”.

    6.) What is the biggest mark in the world?

    7.) Which is the biggest rope in the world?

    8.) What is the most polite building in the world?
    The leaning tower of Please-a.

    9.) What city always cheats at exams?

    10.) Which is the biggest cow that doesn’t give milk?

    11.) What is the fastest country?

    12.) What is the biggest pan in the world?

    13.) What’s in the middle of Paris?
    The letter R.

    14.) What is the spiciest country?

    15.) What is the coldest country in the world?

    16.) Why don’t you see penguins in Great Britain?
    Because they are afraid of Wales.

    17.) What tower cannot eat anything?
    The I Full Tower (Eiffel).

    18.) What country in Europe satisfies Hungary?

    19.) What is in the middle of India?
    The letter ‘D’.

    20.) What is the most expensive city to visit in Spain?
    Costa Fortune.

    More funny jokes for kids

    Geography riddles

    1.) What goes thousands of miles and never moves?
    A highway.

    2.) What stays in the corner, but travels around the world?
    A stamp.

    3.) When the Pilgrims landed, where did they stand?
    On their feet.

    4.) Where does Florida come before Utah?
    The dictionary.

    5.) If you drop your white shirt in the Red Sea, what will it become?
    It will become wet.

    6.) Larry’s mother had four children. Three were named North, South and West. What was her other child’s name?

    7.) Where do you find an ocean without water?
    On a map.

    8.) What does a psychic and a cartographer have in common?
    They both specialize in projections.

    9.) What is smarter, longitude or latitude?
    Longitude, because it has 360 degrees.

    Geography one liners

    1.) Mountains aren’t just funny, they’re hill areas. (hilarious)

    2.) A giant destroyed 3 countries the other day. He picked up Turkey dipped it in Greece and then fried it in Japan.

    3.) I planned a journey south east on my map.
    It was some downright good navigation.

    4.) I finally found my book of maps.

    5.) I adore my map, I’d be absolutely lost without it.

    6.) I walked past my friend Sam on his boat scribbling on a map.
    I’m certain he’s plotting something.

    7.) My friend knows how to read maps better than anyone.
    He’s a legend.

    8.) Italy got Hungary. Ate Turkey. Slipped on Greece. Went shopping in Iceland. And then got eaten by Wales.

    9.) Two kids are in geography class together…
    One asks the other,” Which is closer, London or the moon?”
    The other replies, “The moon, obviously, can you see London?”

    Knock knock geography jokes for kids

    1.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Yukon. – Yukon who?
    Yukon never get bored of geography jokes.

    2.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Hawaii. – Hawaii who?
    I’m fine, Hawaii you?

    3.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Alaska. – Alaska who?
    Alaska later, right now I’m busy.

    4.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Jamaica. – Jamaica who?
    Jamaica her do that, or was it her own decision?

    5.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Norway. – Norway who?
    Norway am I telling you any more knock, knock jokes.

    6.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Kenya. – Kenya who?
    Kenya think of anything that’s more fun than geography or geography jokes?

    7.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Francis. – Francis who?
    France is a country in Europe.

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 9/21/2022

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