Taylor Swift Jokes For Kids

These Taylor Swift jokes and riddles focus on the singer-songwriter’s songs, name, and star personality. We’ve kept our selection clean so that Taylor Swift fans of all ages can enjoy these jokes.

Swift has already sold over 200 million records and shows no signs of slowing down. Her current The Eras Tour is playing to packed houses and bringing the same type of energy to cities that Super Bowl events do. Swift, her team, and promoters are said to be making about $9 million per concert.

Born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, Swift was named after popular singer-songwriter James Taylor. She has won 11 Grammys and has broken 58 Guinness World Records, including the most viewed music video online (Shake It Off).

Best Taylor Swift Jokes

1.) What do you call a speedy seamstress?
A. Taylor Swift

2.) How does Taylor Swift dry her umbrella?
A. She shakes it off, she shakes it off.

3.) What do you call a pop singer in an elevator?
A. Taylor Lift.

4.) How do you describe Taylor Swift after she’s put on her necklace and bracelets?
A. Bejeweled.

Best Taylor Swift jokes

5.) What is Taylor Swift’s favorite type of sweater?
A. Cardigan.

6.) What do Fred Flintstone and Romeo (from Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”) have in common?
A. They both toss Pebbles around.

7.) Why don’t mosquitos like Taylor Swift?
A. Because she has bad blood!

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Riddles and Puns About Taylor Swift

8.) Which bird is the best singer?
A. Taylor Swift.

9.) What kind of computer sings like Taylor Swift?
A. A Dell!

10.) Why does corn sing well with Taylor Swift?
A. Because it has hominy!

11.) What’s Taylor Swift’s beverage of choice?
A. Pop!

12.) How do you make Taylor Swift’s bandstand?
A. Take away their chairs!

13.) What makes music in Taylor Swift’s hair?
A. A headband!

14.) Why did her office staff hear music from Taylor Swift’s printer?
A. Because the paper was jamming!

15.) I used to be addicted to quoting Taylor Swift…
A. But I think I’m finally clean!

16.) Did you hear that Taylor Swift stopped singing songs about herself completely?
A. She sings all about it in her new hit song.

17.) How can Taylor Swift wear so many new dresses in concert?
A. Because she has a very swift tailor!

18.) What did Taylor Swift’s bathmat say?
A. I’m finally clean.

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23 funniest Taylor Swift Jokes.

Funny Taylor Swift Jokes

19.) Why did Taylor Swift keep banging her head against the keys?
A. She was playing by ear.

20.) Why did Taylor Swift climb the ladder?
A. She wanted to hit the high notes.

21.) How did the Sun listen to Taylor Swift’s new song?
A. On the ray-dio!

22.) Why couldn’t Taylor Swift’s pony sing a song?
A. She was a little hoarse.

23.) Why does Taylor Swift like watching the action on the field when attending athletic events?
A. Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play.

By MJ and Mike O’Halloran

MJ has been to two Taylor Swift concerts. Mike is the co-founder of ListCaboodle.com.

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