Dolphin Jokes For Kids

If your children love dolphins, they are sure to laugh at and enjoy these funny dolphin jokes for kids.

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent and playful creatures on the planet, and they make great subjects for jokes. We’ve collected some of the funniest here for your family to enjoy.


    Best dolphin jokes for kids

    Here are the best dolphin jokes that are sure to make kids laugh.

    1.) How do dolphins make a decision?
    They flipper coin.

    2.) How do poorly dolphins get to the underwater hospital?
    By clam-bulance.

    3.) Why do dolphins always fail their school tests?
    Because they work below C level.

    4.) What does a dolphin ask when he doesn’t understand?
    Can you be more Pacific?

    5.) Why did the dolphin feel grumpy?
    He ate too many crabs.

    6.) Why did the dolphin cross the road?
    To get to the other tide.

    7.) What made the dolphin suddenly blush?
    It saw the ocean’s bottom.

    8.) What did Cinderella Dolphin lose?
    Her glass flipper.

    9.) What do dolphins need to stay healthy?
    Vitamin sea.

    dolphin jokes for kids

    Funny dolphin jokes for kids

    10.) What did the dolphin policeman say to his partner at the crime scene?
    Something smells fishy.

    11.) Why was the dolphin so sad?
    His life had no porpoise.

    12.) What is a dolphin’s favorite holiday?
    Fin-dependence Day.

    13.) What did the dolphin say when the priest tossed him a fish?
    Holy mackerel.

    14.) Where do dolphins go to sleep?
    In their water beds.

    15.) How did the dolphin feel after winning the race?

    16.) Who helps injured dolphins?

    17.) Did you know that dolphins can also squirt ink?
    Just squidding.

    Silly dolphin jokes for kids

    18.) What was the dolphin’s favorite movie?
    A Dolphin Tale.

    19.) What’s a dolphin’s favorite ride at the theme park?
    The Big Dipper.

    20.) What do dolphins say when they hear bad jokes?
    That’s the seal-iest thing I’ve ever heard.

    21.) What did the dolphin say when he avoided going to prison?
    I’m off the hook.

    22.) Why did the dolphins get married?
    Because they were head over fins in love.

    23.) Where do dolphin races end?
    The dolphinish line.

    24.) If dolphins lived on land, which country would they live in?

    25.) What birthday party game do dolphin like to play?
    Salmon says.

    DOLPHIN FUN FACTS: Why are they such lovable creatures?

    • Dolphins are highly intelligent animals. They are able to learn tricks, solve puzzles, and even communicate with each other.
    • Dolphins are social animals. They live in groups called pods, which can range in size from a few individuals to several hundred.
    • Dolphins are playful animals. They enjoy swimming, jumping, and playing games.
    • Dolphins are important members of the ocean ecosystem. They help to keep the water clean by eating fish and other small animals.

    Funny dolphin jokes

    Corny dolphin jokes for kids

    26.) How do did the octopus make the dolphin laugh?
    With ten-tickles.

    27.) What did the mother dolphin say when her little dolphin was late for dinner?
    Nothing, she just flipped.

    28.) Why don’t dolphins play tennis?
    Because they’re afraid of the net.

    29.) How does a mermaid make friends with a dolphin?
    On porpoise.

    30.) What did people say when the dolphin walked on water?
    It was just a fluke. (A dolphin’s tale is called a fluke.)

    31.) What country do dolphins like most?

    32.) Do dolphins ever do things by accident?
    No, they do everything on porpoise.

    Dolphin puns

    33.) What did the man say to the dolphin at the magic show?
    Pick a cod, any cod.

    34.) How do dolphins send all their messages?
    Via sea-mail.

    35.) Where do dolphins keep their money?
    In their octopurse.

    36.) What does a dolphin say when he’s confused?
    Can you please be more Pacific?

    37.) What did the baby dolphin say when he was sad?
    Nothing, he just whale-d.

    38.) What do dolphins use to clean their houses?
    All-porpoise cleaner.

    39.) What is a dolphin’s favorite TV show?
    Whale of Fortune.

    40.) How did the dolphin get to the hospital?
    In a clambulance.

    Dolphin riddles

    41.) What’s the best way to hear what dolphins have to say?
    Listen to their podcast.

    42.) Why do dolphins only live in salt water?
    Pepper water makes them sneeze.

    43.) Why is it better to swim with dolphins than swimming with sharks?
    Swimming with sharks costs you an arm and a leg.

    44.) What do dolphin use for money?
    Sand dollars.

    Dolphin knock knock jokes

    45.) Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Dolphin – Dolphin who?
    Dolphinitely glad to sea you, let’s make a splash together!

    46.) Knock knock – Who’s there?
    June – June who?
    June know any good dolphin knock knock jokes?

    47.) Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Some fin – Some fin who?
    Somefin tells me you’re going to have a fin-tastic time reading these dolphin jokes!

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 6/7/2023