Pirate Lingo, Words, Sayings

Aye matey, have ye ever wondered how to talk like a pirate? Well, we’ve got the solution for you.

Here are some terms and sayings that will help you sound like Captain Jack Sparrow or at least make your friends think you’re an expert on the subject of pirate lingo.


    How to talk like a pirate

    Before you learn about pirate words and phrases, here are eight simple rules to make it easy for you to learn how to speak pirate.

    1.) A pirate does not pronounce Gs.
    It is advisable not to pronounce the Gs in verbs when speaking like a pirate. For instance, you pronounce “going” as “goin’,” “talking” as “talkin’,” “sailing” as “sailin’,” and so on.

    2.) A pirate does not pronounce Vs.
    As much as pirates tend to not pronounce Gs in verbs, it is also the same with pronouncing Vs in words such as “over,” “never,” and “ever.” These words will then be pronounced as “o’er,” “ne’er,” and “e’er,” respectively.

    3.) Add adjectives in speeches.
    You can do this by adding the word “bloody” or “blasted” to the end of your sentences. This will give your speech a pirate-like feel and make you sound more authentic.

    4.) Keep a serious face.
    Keep in mind that pirates are not comedic people. Make sure you always sound malicious when you laugh. If you want to sound like a pirate, you should grumble a lot.

    More tips on how to speak pirate

    5.) Make your voice a little raspy.
    Get in the habit of using a low, gravelly voice. The low, raspy tones of a pirate’s voice are instantly recognizable. If your voice is naturally too high, consider gradually lowering it in pitch over time.

    6.) Use “Be” to express present tense.
    When trying to sound like a pirate, only the present tense should ever be used in conversation. For instance, a pirate would say “I be” instead of “I am” to communicate. Instead of saying “you are,” say “you be.”

    7.) Use “Arrr” as an expression or part of your sentence.
    You’ll want to get into the habit of starting and ending sentences with “Arrr”. It can be used as an exclamation, like “Arrr! That’s a great idea!” or as a statement: “Arrr, I’d love to go with ye.”

    8.) Use “me” instead of “I” when referring to yourself.
    The word “I” is not in the pirate vocabulary. They always use the pronoun “me” even when it’s not the correct grammatical pronoun. “My” is another word pirates don’t use. Do not make boastful statements like “Look at my ship.” Instead, you may say, “Lookit me ship.”

    pirate lingo dictionary

    Pirate lingo – What do pirates say?

    A pirate’s vocabulary is very different from a modern person’s. They have many words that can mean the same thing as ours, but they also have many unique terms that are specific to their actions, culture, and way of life.

    Here are some examples of pirate slang (words, terms, phrases, and greetings) that you can use to enhance your pirate vocabulary.

    All hands hoay!
    Everyone who is present on the deck.

    Arrr, arrgh, yarr, and gar
    A phrase often used to stress the importance of something.

    Batten down the hatches
    Used when the crew has secured everything on a ship by tying down in preparation for storms and rough weather.

    A statement made by someone while they are in a state of shock.

    Refers to a companion or a pal.

    Heave ho!
    A call to action to do one’s work with conviction and strength.

    A situation where the ship’s crew chooses a new captain and then removes the old one by force.

    Something a seasoned pirate would use to describe a novice.

    A term for idle chatter that also refers to a cask of drinkable water.

    Shiver me timbers!
    An expression of shock or surprise with an exclamation.

    Sink me!
    A sign or expression denoting surprise.

    To wipe something down or clean it, usually the deck of the ship.

    One who works as a janitor or cleaner and earns little respect.

    Thar she blows!
    A sighting of a whale.

    X marks the spot
    Indicates where the treasure is located on a pirate map.

    Check out these famous pirate names.

    Pirate lingo – Pirate words dictionary

    Here’s a list of more words spoken by any authentic pirate who sails the seven seas.

    Relates to treasure or any stolen or illicitly obtained property.

    The prize for apprehending a criminal.

    Cat o’ nine tails
    A type of whip consisting of nine individual strands on its end.

    A hoard of valuables stored in a trunk.

    A pirate sword.

    A gold coin that pirates favored because they could melt it down and turn it into bars.

    Refers to the personal things and the bag they were carried in belonging to a sailor.

    Those individuals who they refer to as their friends and comrades.

    To get something, usually money, by tricking someone.

    Lad, lass, lassie
    A younger person, or a child.

    Jewels or money that has been taken.

    Being left without any means of survival, including food, water, or personal belongings.

    A person who is considered a close friend.

    A word pirates use instead of “my.”

    Peg leg
    Refers to a leg made of wood.

    Pieces of Eight
    Refers to coins made of gold from Spain.

    A question to whether or not one has grasped the meaning being conveyed, or simply to ask “Do you understand?”

    Adjective with a derogatory meaning, such as “low” or “disgusting.”

    A woman.

    A word pirates use instead of “you.”

    pirate terms

    Pirate nautical terms

    A term referring to the rear portion of a ship.

    Abandon ship!
    A command to leave the vessel immediately, usually given when there is some imminent danger.

    Where the ship’s compass is kept.

    Chantey (or sea shanty)
    A work song often sung by sailors while performing a laborious task, such as pulling ropes or scrubbing the deck.

    A ship that is being pursued or the act of following a ship in pursuit.

    A decking that was impermeable to water, preventing it from seeping into lower decks.

    Come about
    To totally turn the ship around in the wind. Used in battle to indicate a turn toward the enemy.

    Crow’s nest
    The highest point of the mast where the lookout station is installed.

    Davy Jones’ locker
    Used as a metaphor for the depths of the ocean, which are inhabited by drowned sailors.

    Feed the fish
    For the fish, if you lose a fight at sea, your body will be a tasty meal.

    Jacob’s ladder
    Used as a means of ascent on a pirate ship’s mast.

    Anyone who doesn’t know how to sail.

    Basement level of a ship used for cable storage.

    Poop deck
    The uppermost deck of a massive ship.

    Sail ho!
    That’s the signal that another ship has appeared in the horizon.

    Scupper that
    An instruction to toss something overboard.

    An experienced sailor or mariner.

    Sea legs
    Someone who can comfortably and freely move about on a moving ship.

    Walk the plank!
    The event of someone being told to walk off a wooden plank into the ocean, where they will likely drown.

    Pirate greetings



    Aye, aye
    Yes, I understand

    A shortened variant of the word “captain.” An expression of esteem.

    An exclamation signifying a halt in motion.

    It can be used to show surprise or delight, to call attention to something visible, or to encourage further action.

    Yo ho ho
    A merry and upbeat expression.

    pirate phrases

    Pirate lingo – What are some pirate terms and phrases?

    These are some old pirate sayings and jargon that are fun to say and include in conversation with fellow pirates.

    Avast ye
    A command indicating people should pay attention or listen.

    Blow the man down
    Being knocked down or having a life taken away.

    Cleave him to the brisket
    Using a sword to nearly sever the man in half.

    Crack Jenny’s teacup
    Sleeping in a shady hotel.

    Dance with Jack Ketch
    To be hanged from a rope.

    Fiddlers green
    The exclusive paradise that awaits deceased pirates when they pass on.

    Fire in the hole!
    Refers to the firing of a cannon.

    Give no quarter
    No leniency allowed; the red flag of the pirates meant there would be no quarter given.

    Jolly Roger
    This is the classic black pirate flag with a white skull and crossbones.

    A disciplinary measure. It involves being pulled by a rope along the barnacle-covered bottom of a ship as a form of punishment.

    More pirate lingo to make you sound legit

    Letter of Marque
    A document that, when produced to a sailor (privateer), exempts them from pirate rules so long as their ship plunders the ships of an enemy nation. Many infamous sea pirates gain some kind of legitimacy by becoming privateers. Earnings for a privateer are substantially more than those of a naval personnel.

    No prey, no pay
    A standard pirate law held that the crew received no pay but rather a proportional share of any loot.

    Old salt
    An expert seafarer or pirate.

    Run a shot across the bow
    To order a shot fired to serve as a warning.

    Son of a biscuit eater
    Abusive language or insult.

    One who daringly and passionately sets out on an adventure.

    Three sheets to the wind
    Extreme level of inebriation. One sheet is only a little buzzed, while four sheets is the state of being completely out.

    Pirate lingo for party

    These phrases will come in handy at any gathering of scalawags — be it a Halloween, birthday, or costume party. Or you can just use them while out sailing the ocean with your crew!

    Describes an irresponsible, heavy partier.

    Clap of thunder
    A strong, eye-opening drink.

    Literally, it is watered-down rum, but the term is so broad that it can be applied to any strong beverage.

    A derogatory term for someone who acts in a cowardly manner.

    Run a rig
    Make someone the target of a practical joke.

    A pirate dish that consists of anything the cook has on hand, including but not limited to ground meat, eggs, anchovies, onions, and spices.

    Pirate lingo – Funny pirate sayings

    You’ll find these pirate quotes useful on International Talk Like a Pirate Day (which falls on September 19 of each year) or any time throughout the year.

    I may be a pirate, but I bristle at the thought of a woman losing her heart. Unless it’s over me.
    Captain Killian Hook

    Live in the sunshine, swim in the ocean and drink in the wild air.

    The truth is far too much fun.
    Captain Hook

    Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.
    Johnny Depp

    I am sorry to see you here, but if you had fought like a man, you needn’t be hanged like a dog.
    Anne Bonny

    I’ve had it with wobbly-legged, rum-soaked pirates!
    Elizabeth Swann

    May your anchor be tight, your cork be loose, your rum be spiced and your compass be true.
    Danny Taddei

    I feel underdressed without some pirate garb.
    Lisa Kessler

    Fetch me another Cabin Boy…This one be split!

    There is nothing like the smell of cannon fire in the morning.
    Jean Lafitte

    Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

    Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    Did everyone see that? Because I will not be doing it again.
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by.
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    You’re the ones in the need of rescuing and I’m not sure if I’m in the mood.
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    Funny pirate captions and pirate lingo for Instagram

    • To err is human but to arr is pirate.
    • Sailors tell stories. Pirates make legends.
    • If I download a movie in Jamaica… Am I a pirate of the Caribbean?
    • Arrrgh means “I Love You” in pirate.
    • The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail. Ahoy!
    • You arrrrrr my most sought after treasure.
    • Why be a princess when you can be a pirate!
    • Keep calm… and say Arrr!
    • Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate… Then always be a pirate.
    • Even pirates need to take baths.
    • Be who you arrrr…

    There you have it, our guide to pirate lingo and how to talk like a pirate. Here is more pirate-themed fun for you to enjoy:

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 12/1/2022

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