47 Funny Elephant Jokes

This collection of funny elephant jokes is big. Perhaps it's only fitting that the biggest land animal - the elephant - should have a grand collection of humorous jokes, riddles, captions, and puns. And, after you've reviewed the jokes,

Songs About UFOs, Aliens

The 11 Best Songs About UFOs and Aliens – A ListCaboodle Playlist The Pentagon recently confirmed the existence of photos and video of “unidentified aerial phenomena” taken in 2019. The mysterious triangle-shaped UFOs blink and move

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These horse captions and quotes are perfect for adding to any social media post to liven up your photos. Give your Instagram photos the finishing touch with one of these great lines! Horse Captions, Quotes for Instagram We've

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Use these graduation advice quotes to impart words of wisdom and life lessons on your favorite graduate. Life lessons and advice for graduates In the coming-of-age film "The Graduate," the main character Ben (played by Dustin

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Be the life of the party with these funny drinking jokes and one-liners. We've assembled a hilarious list of drinking humor to get a laugh or a smile out of the toughest audience. Whether you're heading out on the town or day drinking

Funny Pirate Jokes

Aye, aye, me mateys, are you ready for some funny pirate jokes? Truth be told, pirates weren't very nice people. They committed criminal violence upon others with the goal of stealing cargo and worse. But, for some reason, jokes about

Turtle Quotes About Life

These turtle quotes teach us many life lessons, like determination and perseverance. As children we learned by reading Aesop's fable of "The Tortoise and the Hare" that being the speediest isn't always the most important factor in life.

List Of Emotions And Feelings

An important part of the human experience are the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that comprise a shared set of common feelings, or what we call our list of emotions. Let's take a look at these emotions that co-exist with and shape

Best Dog Captions For Dog Lovers

These dog captions add a creative punch to your social media posts on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Whenever you need a great line to go with your puppy pics, just take a scan through this list, pick out your favorite, then copy and

Pet Peeves, Deal Breakers, Annoyances

This is about things we find a bit annoying, exasperating, frustrating, irritating. But just to a selected few. Some can live with them without thinking twice about it. Others can't. These are pet peeves, and they do bug us each and every