Cell Phone Jokes For Kids

Cell phones are a part of everyday life for kids these days, so why not add a little humor to the mix? Here are some cell phone jokes for kids that are sure to get many laughs.

These jokes are more than just silly and fun, they’re also clean and safe for kids of all ages. So use them on a rainy day, a car ride, or any time you need a good laugh!


    Best cell phone jokes for kids

    1.) Why did the smartphone need glasses?
    It lost all it’s contacts.

    2.) Why do dogs like cell phones?
    They have collar ID.

    3.) Why does Mr. Potato need a cell phone?
    Incase Mr. Onion rings.

    4.) What kind of cell phone doesn’t have a lock?

    5.) Did you hear about the couple that got married under a cell phone tower?
    The ceremony wasn’t great, but the reception was perfect.

    6.) What do cell phones order at dinner?

    7.) Why did the girl name her phone “The Titanic”?
    Because it is always syncing.

    8.) Why was the turtle looking at her phone?
    She wanted to take a shellfie.

    9.) How does a banana answer a phone call?

    10.) How does a phone propose?
    With a ring.

    cell phone jokes for kids

    Smartphone jokes for kids

    11.) Why did the smartphone go to prison?
    It was charged with battery.

    12.) What is the fastest cell phone service provider?

    13.) What happens when you cross an iron with a smartphone?
    You get a smooth signal.

    14.) How did the electrician pay for his new smartphone?
    He charged it.

    15.) Why could the skunk not call for pizza?
    His smartphone was out of odor.

    16.) How come the mummy doesn’t want a smartphone?
    Because he always gets too wrapped up on his calls.

    17.) What does a smartphone have in common with a bathtub?
    They both have rings.

    18.) Why did the fox break his smartphone after his team lost?
    He did it in a fit of fur-y.

    19.) What do you get if you cross a smartphone and a lobster?
    Snappy talk.

    iPhone jokes for kids

    20.) What do iPhones eat for breakfast?

    21.) Apple is announcing a new cell phone for children.
    iKid you not.

    22.) What do they put in iPhone batteries?
    Apple juice.

    23.) I asked my friend Sam to sing a song about the iPhone.
    And then Samsung.

    24.) What’s my IPhone without me?

    25.) What sort of phones do Adam and Eve have?

    26.) How does a pirate communicate?
    With his aye phone.

    27.) What do you call a fake iPhone?
    A phone-y.

    funny cell phone jokes for kids

    Silly cell phone jokes for kids

    28.) How does a skeleton call her friends?
    On a telebone.

    29.) What do you get if you cross a phone with a rooster?
    A wake-up call.

    30.) What animals talk on the telephone the most?
    The yakety-yaks.

    31.) How can you tell if a bee is on the phone?
    You get a buzzy signal.

    32.) How can you tell if someone who’s having a temper tantrum is on the phone?
    You get a tizzy signal.

    33.) How can you tell if someone who’s just had a perm is on the phone?
    You get a frizzy signal.

    34.) What did the man say when he got a big phone bill?
    “Who said talk is cheap?”

    35.) How does a cheerleader answer the phone?

    36.) What sort of phones do they have in dungeons?
    Cell phones.

    Corny cell phone jokes for kids

    37.) What phone network do they use in Star Wars?

    38.) Why did the hobbit set his cell phone to vibrate?
    He was afraid the ring would give him away.

    39.) What is a phone’s favorite TV show?
    Game of Phones.

    40.) What do you call a loud conversation?
    A megaphone.

    41.) What was the crow doing up on the telephone pole?
    Making a long distance phone caw.

    42.) Why didn’t the skeleton need a cell phone?
    He had no body to talk with.

    43.) What does a phone do when it wants to sleep?
    It downloads a nap.

    44.) Why do people still have landlines?
    To locate their cell phones when they go missing.

    45.) How does a barber make phone calls?
    He usually cuts them short.

    more cell phone jokes

    Cell phone puns

    46.) What did the cat say on his cell phone?
    Can you hear meow?

    47.) Why was the Italians cell phone bill so high?
    He was always Roman.

    48.) You might be able to use a smuggled cell phone in prison.
    You just have to have cell coverage.

    49.) I use my cell phone as an alarm clock.
    I call it Verizon shine.

    50.) When does a horse talk on the phone?
    Whinny wants to.

    51.) How do clams call their friends?
    On their shell phones.

    52.) What noise does a bird’s phone make?
    Wing wing.

    53.) How did the alien break its phone?
    He Saturn it.

    54.) Why was the cell phone scared to go to the dentist?
    He didn’t want him to remove his Bluetooth.

    55.) What did the cat on the smart phone say?
    “Can you hear meow?”

    56.) How do you make a phone call in a garden?
    You use a cauliflower.

    Cell phone riddles

    57.) What group of people always had the highest cell phone bills?
    The Romans.

    58.) What is Sauron’s favorite brand of cell phone?

    59.) How did the smartphone propose to his girlfriend?
    He gave her a ring.

    60.) Why did the man cut his pizza with a smartphone?
    It’s cutting edge technology.

    61.) What is a tiny cell phone called?
    A microphone.

    62.) Did you hear about the monkeys who shared an Amazon account?
    They were Prime mates.

    63.) What do you get if you cross a gold dog with a telephone?
    A golden receiver.

    64.) Did you hear about the fashion designer who was on the phone while driving and nearly got into a car accident?
    It was a clothes call.

    And finally, we’ll leave you with this funny text message joke:

    65.) Mom: What do IDK, LY & TTYL mean?
    Son: I don’t know, love you, talk to you later.
    Mom: Ok, I will ask your sister.

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 7/13/2023