Birthday Jokes For Kids

These birthday jokes for kids are the perfect way to say “Happy Birthday” with a smile!

Here you’ll find the best kid-friendly and kid-safe jokes for including in birthday cards. Or you can use them to entertain the kiddos at birthday parties.


    Best Birthday Jokes For Kids

    Get ready to laugh! Here is a compilation of funny and silly birthday jokes kids will love.

    Funny birthday jokes

    1.) How do you throw a surprise party together for an astronaut?
    You planet.

    2.) Why couldn’t cavemen send birthday cards?
    The stamps kept falling off the rocks.

    3.) What happens when no one comes to your birthday party?
    You can have your cake and eat it too.

    4.) How can you tell if an elephant’s been to your birthday party?
    He left footprints in the ice cream.

    5.) What did the birthday cake say to the fork?
    “You wanna’ piece of me?”

    6.) What happens when your dad chugs 8 sodas at your birthday party?
    He burps 7-Up.

    7.) What’s common with both cake and baseball teams?
    They both need a good batter.

    8.) What is it that kangaroos don’t like about birthdays?
    They only get to celebrate them in leap years.

    9.) Why did the boy toss his cake across the room?
    Because he wanted to throw a party.

    birthday jokes for kids

    Silly birthday humor

    1.) What is a golfer’s favorite age to celebrate?

    2.) What did the pirate say on his 80th birthday?
    Aye matey (I’m eighty).

    3.) Did you hear about the pine tree’s birthday?
    It was really sappy.

    4.) Why couldn’t the teddy bear finish his piece of birthday cake?
    He was stuffed.

    5.) Why couldn’t the astronaut invite all his friends to his birthday party?
    There wasn’t enough space.

    6.) Did you hear about the birthday candle sale?
    It was a big blowout.

    7.) What did one candle say to the other?
    “Don’t birthdays just burn you up?”

    8.) Why was the boy so hot on his birthday?
    Because people kept toasting him.

    9.) What did the birthday card say to the stamp?
    Stick with me, we’re going places.

    10.) What did the bald man say when he was given a comb for his birthday?
    Thanks, I’ll never part with it.

    11.) Why did the boy get soap for his birthday?
    It was a soaprize party.

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    Short jokes

    1.) What did the snowman want on his cake?
    Extra frosting.

    2.) What does every birthday end with?
    The letter Y.

    3.) What is a tornado’s favorite party game?

    4.) Which year is your birthday?
    Every year.

    5.) What looks like half a birthday cake?
    The other half.

    6.) What did the cake say to the donut?
    You’re looking glazed over.

    Birthday humor

    Birthday puns

    1.) Boy: Mom, why did you get me a bottle of bathroom cleaner as a present?
    Mom: I thought you wanted a “supplies” party!

    2.) What is a monster’s favorite part of a birthday celebration?
    I scream.

    3.) Which birthday song is sung for a dancer on her birthday?
    Tappy birthday to you.

    4.) What has wings, a long colorful tail, and wears a bow?
    A birthday pheasant.

    5.) Why did the birthday girl get soap for her birthday?
    It was a soap-prise birthday party.

    6.) Why did the boy put candles in the bathroom?
    He wanted to have a birthday potty.

    7.) Why did the girl get a pair of bunny ears as a gift?
    So she could have a hoppy birthday.

    8.) Why did friends hide from Sue on her birthday?
    They wanted her to be Sue-prised.

    9.) What song do you sing a Snowman on his birthday?
    “Freeze a jolly good fellow…”

    10.) Why can’t kids remember past birthdays?
    Because they are too focused on the present.

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    Animal birthday jokes for kids

    1.) What’s a mouse’s favorite kind of cake?

    2.) How does the cat celebrate its birthday? It turns up the mew-sic.

    3.) Why does no one wish owls a happy birthday? Because they don’t give a hoot.

    4.) What did the fish say to the birthday girl?
    I hope your party goes swimmingly.

    5.) How do you celebrate Moby Dick’s birthday?
    With a whale of a party.

    6.) How do cats make a birthday cake?
    From scratch.

    7.) What did the elk say to his friend on his birthday?
    So I herd it’s your birthday.

    8.) What do you give a 3600 pound rhino for his birthday?
    I don’t know but you better hope he likes it.

    9.) Which birthday party game do rabbits like most?
    Musical hares.

    10.) What did the tiger say to her cub on his birthday?
    It’s roar birthday.

    11.) What do you sing to a cow on their birthday?
    Happy birthday to moo.

    12.) What do frogs drink at their birthday parties?
    Diet croak.

    Birthday jokes for kids

    13.) What did the coyote do when he found out it was your birthday?
    He howled with delight.

    14.) Where do you get the birthday present for a cat?
    From a cat-alogue.

    15.) What did the cat ask to eat on her birthday?

    16.) What do clams do on their birthdays?
    They shell-a-brate.

    17.) What did the young elephant want for her birthday?
    A trunk full of toys.

    18.) What kind of birthday cakes do birds always pick?
    Chocolate chirp.

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    Food jokes

    1.) What did the cheese say to his friend on his birthday?
    Hope you have a Gouda birthday.

    2.) How do pickles celebrate their birthdays?
    They relish the moment.

    3.) Why did the birthday cupcake cross the road?
    It had muffin else to do.

    4.) Why does the mushroom always get a birthday party invite?
    He’s a fungi.

    5.) How do tacos wish you a happy birthday?
    They want to taco bout how awesome you are.

    6.) What did the grape say to the guests at his birthday party?
    Eat, drink and be berry.

    Birthday cake jokes

    1.) What kind of birthday cake do elves always ask for?

    2.) What did the cake say to the ice-cream?
    You’re cool.

    3.) What happens when you invite a thief to your birthday party?
    They take the cake.

    4.) Do you know what birthday cakes and dressing for winter have in common?
    They’re both better with lots of layers.

    5.) Why did the birthday cake go to see the doctor?
    Because it was feeling crumby.

    6.) Why did the thieves break into the bakery?
    Because cakes are rich.

    7.) Why did the girl hit her cake with a hammer?
    It was a pound cake.

    8.) Why did the girl put her cake in the freezer?
    She wanted to ice it.

    9.) What’s the only kind of cake left when you’re the last one to arrive at the party?
    Choco-late cake.

    10.) Why did the man get heartburn after eating birthday cake?
    He forgot to take off the candles.

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    More cake jokes

    11.) What kind of birthday cake do you find in the garbage?
    A stomach-cake.

    12.) What kind of birthday cake do they serve in heaven?
    Angel food cake.

    13.) Why do candles always go on the top of birthday cakes?
    Because it’s hard to light them from the bottom.

    14.) Why did the boy stand on his head at the birthday party?
    He thought they were having upside-down cake.

    15.) What is the favorite cake of ghosts?
    I scream cake.

    16.) Why was the birthday cake so hard?
    It was a marble cake.

    17.) When is a golf ball like a birthday cake?
    When it’s being sliced.

    18.) Why did the student eat their homework on their birthday?
    Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake!

    19.) What did the ice-cream say to the grumpy birthday cake?
    What’s eating you?

    Birthday balloon jokes

    1.) What kind of music should you avoid if you have balloons at your party?
    Pop music.

    2.) What did the birthday balloon say to the pin?
    Hi, Buster.

    3.) What kind of birthday treat do balloons like the most?
    A root beer float.

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    Age birthday jokes for kids

    1.) What goes up but never comes down?
    Your age.

    2.) How old was the cave man on his birthday?
    Stone age.

    3.) What are you sure to get every birthday?
    A year older.

    4.) What is the meaning of a true friend?
    Someone who remembers your birthday but not your age.

    5.) When’s your birthday?
    June 15th.
    What year?
    Every year!

    6.) What did the kids say to the elephant on its birthday?
    Don’t worry, age is irr-elephant.

    These birthday jokes will make you think…

    1.) How do you make a candle happy?
    Blow it out, it will be delighted!

    2.) Why are birthday’s good for you?
    People who have the most birthdays live the longest.

    3.) What did the Zen birthday cake say to the party guests?
    Peace to you.

    4.) Which famous men were born on your birthday?
    None – only babies are born.

    5.) If you have a dozen eggs in one hand and 10 cupcakes in the other, what do you have?
    Really big hands.

    6.) Why did the boy wear a tuxedo on his birthday?
    So he would have great presence.

    7.) Why was the math book relieved on its birthday?
    For one day it didn’t think about all of its problems.

    8.) Birthday Riddle: Which type of birthday candle burns longer, a red candle or a blue one?
    Neither, they both only burn shorter.

    9.) What do George Washington, Christopher Columbus and Abraham Lincoln all have in common?
    They were all born on holidays.

    Birthday knock knock jokes

    1.) Knock Knock! – Who’s there?
    Ya. – Ya who?
    Wow. You sure are excited that it’s my Birthday!

    2.) Knock Knock! – Who’s there?
    Wanda. – Wanda who?
    Wanda wish you a happy birthday!

    3.) Knock Knock! – Who’s there?
    Bacon. – Bacon who?
    Bacon a cake for your birthday!

    4.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Orange. – Orange who?
    Orange you glad I came to your party?

    5.) Knock knock! – Who’s there?
    Stopwatch – Stopwatch who?
    Stopwatch you are doing and celebrate, it’s your birthday!

    6.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Barry. – Barry who?
    Barry best wishes on your birthday!

    7.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Gus. – Gus who?
    Gus who’s birthday it is today?

    8.) Knock Knock! – Who’s there?
    Omar. – Omar who?
    Omar gosh, it’s your birthday!

    9.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Bacon. – Bacon who?
    Bacon you your favorite cake!

    10.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Water. – Water who?
    Water you waiting for… Let’s get out the ice cream!

    11.) Knock Knock! – Who’s there?
    Abby. – Abby who?
    Abby birthday to you!

    12.) Knock, knock. – Who’s there?
    Happy birthday 2. – Happy birthday 2 who?
    Happy birthday 2 YOU, silly!

    13.) Knock Knock! – Who’s there?
    Alligator. – Alligator who?
    Alligator for her birthday was a card.

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