Breakfast Jokes For Kids

Get ready to start your day with a belly full of laughter with this collection of silly breakfast jokes for kids!

These jokes are guaranteed to tickle your kids’ taste buds (and funny bones). So grab your favorite cereal and get ready for a breakfast full of fun!

    breakfast jokes for kids

    Best breakfast jokes for kids

    1. How do you make a pancake smile?
    Butter it up.

    2. What do crows have with their breakfast?

    3. How does Reece eat her cereal?

    4. What do cows have for breakfast?

    5. What does a thesaurus have for breakfast?
    Synonym buns.

    6. What did the jam say to the bagel?
    I’m on a roll!

    7. Why should you never have breakfast in bed?
    Because you should have it on a plate.

    8. Why did the oatmeal refuse to make friends?
    It was too gruel for school!

    9. How many vampires are in this room?
    I dont know, I cant Count Choculas.

    Cereal jokes

    1. What is a cheerleader’s favorite cereal?

    2. What do bees eat for breakfast?

    3. What do snowmen eat for breakfast?
    Frosted Flakes.

    4. What does a pirate eat for breakfast?
    Captain Crunch.

    5. What cereal is worth its weight in gold?
    Golden Grahams.

    6. What is a snowman’s favorite breakfast?
    Ice Crispies.

    7. What’s a leprechaun’s favorite cereal?
    Lucky Charms.

    8. What is an earthquake’s favorite breakfast?
    Quaker Oats.

    9. What does a ghost put on his cereal in the morning?
    Boonanas and Booberries.

    10. What kind of cereal do they have at Hogwarts?
    Huffle Puffs.

    11. What brand of cereal is the strongest?
    Mini Wheats, because they’re shredded.

    Breakfast puns

    1. What does Salvador Dali have for breakfast?
    A bowl of surreal.

    2. What do authors eat for breakfast?
    Synonym buns.

    3. What type of cereal do cats like?
    Mice Krispies.

    4. How do you spot a fake breakfast food?
    It’s just a cereal offender.

    5. Why should you never stay in a haunted French bed & breakfast?
    It will give you the crepes!

    more funny breakfast jokes for kids

    Bacon and eggs breakfast jokes for kids

    1. Why did the bacon laugh?
    Because the egg cracked a yolk.

    2. What do dogs have for breakfast?
    Pooched eggs.

    3. What did the bacon say to the tomato?
    Lettuce be friends.

    4. Why did the egg win an award?
    Because it was eggscellent.

    5. What do you call a musical group made entirely of bacon?
    The Sizzlers.

    6. Why do eggs make terrible joke tellers?
    They’re always cracking up.

    7. I was going to make a joke about eggs,
    but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

    8. Why did the bacon get detention?
    Because he was caught being a ham.

    9. Why did the egg get detention?
    Because he was caught yolking around in class.

    10. Why did the eggs roll off the counter?
    They were egg-static to meet their frying pan.

    11. Why did the bacon go to the doctor?
    Because it was feeling fried.

    12. What do you call an egg who is a comedian?
    A yolkster.

    Breakfast riddles

    1. What two things can you never eat for breakfast?
    Lunch and dinner.

    2. What’s a car’s favorite meal?

    3. How do you make a pancake turn red?
    Add rasp-berry sauce.

    4. What does a tightrope walker have in the mornings?
    A balanced breakfast.

    5. What day of the week do hash browns look forward to the least?

    Silly breakfast jokes for kids

    1. Where do bananas like to go swimming?
    In a cereal bowl.

    2. I burnt my toast this morning…
    now it’s toast-tally ruined!

    3. Why did the donut go to the dentist?
    He had a filling that was causing a cavity.

    4. What do polar bears have for breakfast?

    5. What did the strawberry say to the blueberry?
    You’re looking berry good today.

    6. Why was the coffee upset?
    It got mugged.

    7. What’s for breakfast on really cold January days?

    Milk and orange juice breakfast jokes for kids

    1. Why did the milk cross the road?
    To get to the other cereal bowl.

    2. Why did the orange stop rolling down the hill?
    It ran out of juice.

    3. Why did the milk take a long bath?
    Because it wanted to become curdled.

    4. What orange juice is always on time?
    Minute Maid.

    5. What sound does a milk mustache make?

    6. Why did the orange go to the doctor?
    He wasn’t peeling well.

    Pancake, waffle and French toast jokes

    1. How does a French toast fix its hair?
    With an egg-stention.

    2. What does Peter Pan have for breakfast?
    Pan cakes.

    3. I can never decide between pancakes or waffles for breakfast.
    It’s such a waffle lot of choices.

    4. Did you hear about the famous pancake?
    It was topping the charts.

    5. What’s the difference between a French toast and a waffle?
    One is fancy bread, the other is fancy pancakes.

    6. Why did the restaurant keep firing pancake flippers?
    They had a high turnover rate.

    7. What did one waffle say to the other waffle?
    We are a waffle pair.

    8. Why did the pancake call the waffle selfish?
    Because it always topped itself.

    9. Did you hear about the pancake who got a concussion?
    He flipped.

    Breakfast knock knock jokes

    1. Knock knock – Who’s there?
    Boo – Boo who?
    Don’t cry! We have the best cereal jokes.

    2. Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Canoe – Canoe who?
    Canoe pour some milk on my cereal?

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