Lego Jokes For Kids

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the funniest Lego jokes for kids. Whether you’re looking for a laugh or just want to share a smile with your child, these jokes are sure to please.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of clean, family-friendly Lego jokes for kids. And who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about Lego along the way!


    Best Lego jokes for kids

    1.) What do you get if you cross a snake and a Lego set?
    A boa constructor.

    2.) What do they do every year in the Lego neighborhood?
    They throw a block party.

    3.) Why couldn’t the detective solve the Lego crime?
    He just couldn’t put the pieces together.

    4.) What dance do Lego people like most?
    Square dancing.

    5.) What do Lego’s eat for dinner?
    L’Eggo Waffles.

    6.) What has four wheels and eats Lego bricks?
    The vacuum cleaner.

    7.) What noise did the werewolf make when he stepped on a Lego brick?
    Ow Ow Ow OWWWOOOO!

    8.) Why was the man so happy when he finished the Lego set?
    The box said 5-12 years, but he finished it in 2 weeks.

    Lego jokes for kids

    Funny Lego jokes for kids

    9.) What do you do if someone doesn’t like your Lego jokes?
    Block them.

    10.) Why does everyone know the feeling of stepping on a Lego?
    Time wounds all heels.

    11.) How do Lego minifigures measure distance?
    In square feet.

    12.) What does Disney’s Lego Elsa from Frozen sing?
    LegoOO. LegoOOOO.

    13.) What’s the most common operation in a Lego hospital?
    Plastic surgery.

    14.) When a Lego finds their soulmate, what do they say?
    You’re my missing piece.

    15.) What do most Lego figures have?
    Separation anxiety.

    16.) What does a heartbroken Lego person say?
    I’m falling to pieces.

    17.) My dad wanted to put my brick toys out for the garage sale,
    but I just couldn’t Lego.

    Lego puns

    18.) What did the Lego alien say?
    I come in pieces.

    19.) Where do Lego ninjas buy their food?
    A stealth food shop.

    20.) Why do adults like Lego so much, when they grow old?
    They can’t Lego of their childhood.

    21.) How did the Lego motivate the other toys?
    Dream big and achieve your Le-goals.

    22.) What do two Lego people in love say?
    Never Lego of me.

    23.) How does an Eskimo build a Lego house?
    Igloos it together.

    24.) Did you hear about the Lego truck that crashed on the highway?
    Authorities are still trying to piece it all together.

    25.) What is Clark Kent’s alter Lego?

    26.) What is the best-selling Lego around Halloween?

    27.) Man, some toys are so clingy.
    They never seem to Lego.

    28.) Who is Lego’s favorite artist?

    Funny Lego jokes

    Silly Lego jokes for kids

    29.) What is a Lego pirate’s favorite letter?

    30.) Why was the Lego minifigure sick?
    Because his nose was blocked.

    31.) So what if I have a bunch of Lego?
    Do you want to make something out of it?

    32.) What do you call it when a Lego parent sends the kids to their room?
    A brick separator.

    33.) What did my doctor say to do after I stepped on a Lego?
    Just block out the pain.

    34.) Where do Lego people go on holiday?
    The Czech RepuBRICK.

    35.) What is the opposite of Lego?

    Lego riddles

    36.) How do you find Lego in the dark?
    Walk around.

    37.) What do I have if I have 8 red bricks in one hand and 11 blue bricks in the other hand?
    Really big hands.

    38.) Can a kangaroo jump higher than a tower of Lego bricks?
    Of course! A tower of Lego bricks can’t jump.

    39.) Why was the Lego guy so bad at basketball?
    Because he kept throwing up bricks.

    40.) What time is it when an elephant sits on your Lego city?
    Time to build a new Lego city.

    41.) What’s the best way to keep intruders from entering your home?
    Put Lego bricks all over the floor.

    Corny Lego jokes for kids

    42.) What did the small battery scream out after it stepped on a Lego?

    43.) Did you hear they just opened the worlds largest Lego store in the U.S.?
    People are lining up for blocks.

    44.) What did the angry Lego brick say to his friend?
    Your a blockhead.

    45.) Did you see the new Lego mini figure?
    They’re a real head turner.

    46.) Have you heard about Lego’s 100ft tall castle complete with fire breathing dragon?
    You couldn’t make it up.

    47.) Why do Lego people hate going to the hospital?
    Because plastic surgery costs a fortune.

    48.) What did the Lego guy say when he gave his girlfriend an engagement ring?
    Here let me put this on your… oh, wait… um… would you like a bracelet?

    Lego knock knock jokes

    49.) Knock Knock – Who’s there?
    Icy – Icy who?
    Icy you like Lego.

    50.) Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Lego – Lego who?
    Lego the door knob and let me in!

    51.) Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Bill – Bill who?
    Build me something with Legos!

    52.) Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Ice cream – Ice cream who?
    Ice cream when I step on a Lego!

    53.) Knock Knock – Who’s there?
    Iguana – Iguana who?
    Iguana play with Lego bricks all day long!

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 8/14/2023

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