Koala Jokes For Kids

Get ready for giggles because we’re diving into the cute and cuddly world of koala jokes for kids.

If you’re a fan of the adorable koala, you’ll want to share these jokes, puns, and riddles with all your friends and family.

So get ready to laugh and enjoy the silliness!

    koala jokes for kids

    Best koala jokes for kids

    1. What’s small, furry and slightly purple?
    A koala holding its breath.

    2. Why was the koala so smart?
    She went to koalage.

    3. What is a koala’s favorite drink?

    4. What do you call a lazy koala?
    A pouch potato.

    5. Did the koala finish the marathon?

    6. What do koalas do when they’re facing a tough situation?
    They grin and bear it.

    7. What is a koala’s favorite pop song?
    Koala me maybe.

    8. What is a koala’s favorite car?
    A furrari.

    Silly koala jokes for kids

    9. What do you get if you cross a koala with an alien?

    10. Where do koalas go to settle legal matters?
    A kangaroo court.

    11. Besides eucalyptus leaves, what is a koala’s favorite vegetable?

    12. How does one koala send a letter to another?
    They use bear mail.

    13. What did the koala write in his Valentine’s Day card?
    I love you-calyptus.

    14. Why are koala’s so sleepy?
    Because you just got to be tired being so darn cute all day.

    15. Where do all the famous koalas live?
    In Koalafornia.

    Koala bear jokes

    Koalas are often called ‘koala bears’ because of their bear-like resemblance. But they are actually marsupials, like the kangaroo. This group of mammals carry their young (called a joey) in a pouch on their abdomen. Koalas are plant-eaters native to Australia and can weigh up to 30 pounds at maturity.

    16. Why isn’t the the koala a real bear?
    He doesn’t have the right koalifications.

    17. Why shouldn’t you keep a koala in your house?
    The smell is just unBEARable.

    18. Did you hear about the koala bear in the church choir?
    They say he sings bearitone.

    19. What do you call a koala with a negative attitude?
    The bearer of bad news.

    20. How do you apologize to a koala?
    You bear your heart and soul to them.

    21. What is a koala’s favorite type of fruit?

    22. Why was the koala fired from his job?
    Because he only did the bear minimum.

    23. What do you call a koala with no teeth?
    A gummy bear.

    Joey jokes

    24. How do you know when a baby koala is happy?
    You’ll see them jump for joey.

    25. What’s a popular Christmas song that baby koalas like to sing?
    Joey to the World.

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    Koala puns

    26. Why didn’t the koala get the job?
    He was underkoalafied.

    27. Why are Australian grocery stores the best?
    Because of their koala tea.

    28. Why did the koala bear eat so much eucalyptus?
    He couldn’t leaf it alone.

    29. Why do koalas make such great workers?
    Their work is always high koalaty.

    30. How does a koala get from one place to another?
    On a gondkoala.

    31. What happened when the koala tripped and fell?
    He got embearassed.

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    Corny koala jokes for kids

    32. What is a koala’s favorite Christmas carol?
    Deck the halls with boughs of holly, koala-la-la-la, la-la-la-la…

    33. What is a koalas favorite food?
    A blue beary pie.

    34. What do you call a Koala that can pick up an elephant?

    35. What does a koala do before making any kind of appointment?
    He always checks his koalander.

    36. How do koalas stay in shape?
    They do bearobics.

    37. What would you call a dream where a koala is eating you?
    A bite-mare.

    38. What is a koala’s favorite snack?

    Koala riddles

    39. How did the little koala bear stop the movie?
    She hit the paws button.

    40. Why don’t koalas use maps?
    Because they never lose their bearings.

    41. When does a Koala go “moo”?
    When it is learning a new language.

    42. Why don’t koalas like fast food?
    Because it’s too hard for them to catch.

    43. Why did the Koala cross the road?
    To prove to the possum that it could be done.

    44. Why do you never see koalas wearing shoes?
    Because they love going bearfoot.

    45. Which side of a koala has the most fur?
    The outside.

    Koala knock knock joke

    46. Knock, knock – Who’s there?
    Koala – Koala who?
    Koala you later. I’m outta here!

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    By Greg Johnson | Published 3/22/2024